An Endorsement By Obama Equals The Kiss Of Death


Obama spoke and nobody listened.

Actually, that isn’t true. He spoke, and perhaps for the first time people actually did listen, but this time they paid attention to what he said opposed to how he said it.


Sunday, January 17, 2010 was a particularly big speaking day, even for him.

I watched and listened to Obama’s very lackluster speech at a Black Baptist Church in Washington DC to commemorate Martin Luther King. Not only was it without passion.


But, what made it really bad, was that Barack Hussein Obama continuously inserted HIS STORY with HIS current hardships and challenges into the story of Martin Luther King, who by all measure WALKED THE WALK, which is something Obama seems to have never done.

It’s interesting how during the Presidential election a little more than a year ago, Obama tried to insert himself into the greatness of past Presidents like Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Reagan.

To paraphrase what Senator Lloyd Benson said during his debate with Dan Quayle:

I saw martin Luther King in life. I heard his speeches moments after he made them. I saw his bravery on the streets in spite of the intimidation:


In addition, what made Obama’s speech particularly disconnected is that Barack Hussein Obama NEVER lived the Black American EXPERIENCE.

So, how could he possibly know what Martin Luther King and all the people who walked with him in deed and in spirit had to live with?

The truth is that Obama is so far removed from the American experience, Black, White and Other, that his own story is of no positive consequence to the people he pretends to represent. AND IT SHOWS.

Later in the day, Barack Hussein Obama cost the American people as much as a hundred thousand dollars by flying into Boston on Air Force One to speak and campaign in support of Martha Coakley.

So much for bipartisanship.

I took notes of what Obama said during his speech and the reaction of the people who were there.


1 – He spoke about INHERITING the worst economy ever. I don’t think people want to hear that anymore.

2 – He spoke about the promises he made, and said that they weren’t yet FULLY FULFILLED. Who does he think he’s kidding? They aren’t even a teensy-weensy bit fulfilled.

How stupid do you think he thinks the average American is?

3 – He talked about rebuilding America from its foundation. But America wasn’t broken to the point that it had to be rebuilt at all. Well, it wasn’t until he had a shot at it.

4 – He assured the people of Massachusetts that Coakley is an independent thinker who will show courage and vote as per her conscience.

How would Obama know anything about courage of conviction when voting for or against a BILL, when as a State Senator for Illinois, he voted PRESENT about 130 times, rather than vote for or against something that could be controversial or contentious?

5 – And then were the slams and insults he delivered against Republican Candidate SCOTT BROWN who looks and sounds very much like a WINNER.

Obama mentioned too many times for me to count, that Brown drives a pickup truck, or likes to drive a pick-up truck, as if that is somehow something to be ridiculed.

I DRIVE A PICK-UP TRUCK. I LOVE my pick-up truck. So what’s he saying about me and every other person who drives a pick-up truck, or would LOVE to drive a pick-up if they could?

Even though he admitted at the outset of his speech that he knew very little about Scott Brown, that neither stopped nor slowed down Obama from doing whatever he could to demean him.

Kind of reminds you how Obama admitted that he knew NOTHING about what happened between the Black Harvard professor and the White Cop in Connecticut, but called the White Cop stupid nonetheless.

He later tried to SPIN it into a “LEARNING EXPERIENCE” with his White House Beer Summit.

Funny thing: The American people are starting to see the result of their elected choice for President as a “LEARNING EXPERIENCE”.

I suspect that Scott Brown isn’t just going to win. He will win BIG.

And if this happens as I predict it will, it won’t be just because of the dreadful Healthcare issue, but MORE as an indictment against EVERYTHING Obama and the Democrats have done in Obama’s first term.

A Scott Brown victory will mean an end to all of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s horrific attempts to remake the greatest nation on earth into their own LEFTIST vision.

Even if Brown doesn’t win in the BLUEST of BLUE States, but makes it really close, it will have the same devastating effect on the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid Troika, including the future of the Democrat Party going into November 2010 and beyond.

But, here’s the BIGGEST problem whether Brown wins BIG or loses by a whisker. Who will lead America and provide world stability?

It won’t be a FAILED President who has FAILED spectacularly within his first year anniversary.

Because of the utter incompetence of Obama the Snake-Oil Salesman, there is plenty of trouble waiting for America and the world down the road.

Words have MEANING. And how you vote has HUGE consequences. We’re seeing that now.

If you want to know more about what I think the consequences of this election will be, click-on the radio Icon at the Top of this Page to listen to a 15-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “It’s not even close”, “a ROUT”? You are buying the party line. Five seats gain in the senate, at most. The dems start with a near-majority of diehard dependent low-information voters.
    Lee Geronime, Clyde, N.C.

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