Haiti Cannot Become Our Eternal Guilt Industry

The last thing Canada needs are more people wanting to live off the system who will bring with them a Voodoo culture.

The enormity of the disaster that has befallen the people of Haiti is mind numbing. And to ignore it would be unconscionable. SO LET’S NOT IGNORE IT.

But, to ignore that, which is also the TRUTH about Haiti before we make gargantuan commitments would be no less unconscionable.

Haiti is a 200-year-old failed country ruled by thugs, gangs and Voodoo Freaks. And even now, in their greatest moment of need, instead of coalescing as a nation for the benefit of everyone, they are pillaging one another.

Countless TENS of BILLIONS of dollars in cash, goods and manpower has been pumped into Haiti by nations of good-faith, too often by crooked Western Politicians to buy votes, give themselves stature, and enjoy kick-backs.

The Haitian truth is simple:

Haiti is a corrupt, immoral and horrible State that will NEVER be redeemed, no matter how much good money is thrown in after bad.

President Barack Hussein Obama loves the camera, loves the attention, and loves to give away other people’s money.

So, this disaster, which he could not blame on George W Bush, is the PERFECT platform for Obama to be Presidential and generous with a pledge to the Haitian people of $100 MILLION dollars, which to him, is not much more than pocket change.

Most disconcerting for the American people though, was Obama’s statement that the $100 MILLION is just the beginning in the LONG TERM INVESTMENT he intends to make in Haiti.

No one will ever accuse me of being an economist, but even I know that an INVESTMENT is something one makes with the mind of earning a profit on risk.

Where does Hussein Obama see any possibility for a profitable return on his “INVESTMENT” into a 200-year-old horror show?

In my case for Canada, it is worse than that.

Our government is thinking about plans to immigrate a huge number of Haitians onto our soil partly because the politicians who are making this lame brain decision believe that it is the right thing to do, and because they want MORE French speakers throughout our land.

Canada has already accommodated many Haitian immigrants, especially in the Province of Quebec where French is the ONLY official language. How productive and assimilated do you think they are?

The last thing Canada needs are more people wanting to live off the system who will bring with them a Voodoo culture, with a history of lawlessness and violence.


Helping Haiti will be nothing more for Obama than an opportunity to further squander American wealth, once again putting himself out there as THE Savior on the International scene, while avoiding the REAL issues OF HIS OWN MAKING facing his own country.

Remember the words of his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: A CRISIS IS TOO GOOD A THING TO WASTE.

I’m all for doing whatever we can to help stabilize the situation in Haiti. I think we should provide food, water, medical treatment and shelter, but no more than that.

Haiti is a full-time job for CAREER Do-Gooders, who do it with everyone else’s money. I’m not interested in my country becoming engaged in the Haiti Rescue Industry.

NEITHER at their home – NOR at mine.

To listen to more about my feelings on helping to redeem the unredeemable in Haiti and other places, click onto the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 19-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Forget Washington politics. Even if the presidency and a majority of the two houses in congress are Republican, there will still be big government. The only movement now that holds promise for dismantling big government is the Article 5 Constitutional Convention movement which relies on the never-before-used provision in the Constitution to amend it, using the states…and returning power to the states.

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