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It was NOT an attack on Brit Hume. Nor was it an attack on Christianity.

My last editorial (Brit Hume Of FOX News Joins The BUSYBODIES January 12, 2010), which criticized Brit Hume’s suggestion on FOX News that Tiger Woods should DUMP Buddhism in FAVOR of Christianity, in order to be redeemed for cheating on his wife, created a bit of a firestorm.

Some people removed themselves from my Editorial Broadcast Email Directory, while some asked me to do it for them, while letting me know how upset they were with me.

Some people just let me know how upset they were with me, but chose to continue being advised when there is a new editorial.

And then there were a bunch of people who signed-on to the Galganov Dot Com Directory because they were as miffed at what Hume said as I was.

Before you read-on, please understand that I have no objection to Christianity. I believe that the core message of Christianity is something every decent person can accept and should practice.



“I have unsubscribed from your website after your comments regarding Brit Hume. I agree with your political viewpoints wholeheartedly. However your attack on Mr. Hume, who is a Christian as I am, is unjustified.“


Don: I fully respect your decision to have unsubscribed yourself from my directory. But, just ask yourself this:

What would your reaction have been if a significant American Moslem or Jewish Pundit had said about a Christian what Hume said about Woods the Buddhist?

Actually, a Jewish Pundit would have never said what Brit Hume said because we don’t believe in imposing our faith upon anyone, since there are no Proselytizers in our religion.

As a matter of fact – The Jewish community, especially at the Conservative and Orthodox level make it very difficult for people to convert to Judaism. We do not need the approbation of anyone to be comfortable in our belief.

There are as many, or MORE Moslems than Christians on this planet. So what makes their belief inferior to yours or mine?

Moslems believe that they have the obligation to kill and die for their beliefs, ESPECIALLY Proselytizing, perhaps making them that much more devoted to their religion compared to anyone else.

In fact, in spite of what they say for public consumption, Moslems believe that Christianity is not only ILLEGITIMATE, but the enemy.

What makes their thinking wrong and your thinking right? I know why the Moslems are WRONG and to be feared. But do you?

I support your absolute right to believe and practice in the religion of your choice. I recognize, as I have said and written ad infinitum that the USA is indeed a Christian country, if for no other reason, then the percentage of people who are Christians (85%) compared to the rest of the population.

But, what I don’t understand, is what makes you think that your beliefs should trump others or mine, especially since the Constitution clearly separates Church from State and State from Church?

The Constitution does indeed speak of the CREATOR. But whose CREATOR?

It does NOT make reference to the God of Jews, Christians or Moslems. Perhaps it includes the God’s of the Hindus or North American Natives? I don’t know. So how could you know?

It bothers me that you somehow believe that you have the right to impose your beliefs, even BENIGNLY upon others.

If your belief is as strong in Christianity as you say it is, then shouldn’t you be secure in your beliefs without trying to impose them upon anyone else?

If imposing your religion is as important to you as you seem to believe it is, where does that make you any different from the Moslems without the Jihad?

And if you say no, you will be ignoring the history of Christianity including the Crusades, Inquisitions, Pogroms, the Holocaust, and recent restrictions up till the 1950’s and ‘60’s on Jewish rights in America.

Is that where you want to see inter-religious relations going, back to a time when one religion fought for supremacy over others in your country?

As for what I wrote about what Brit Hume said:

It was NOT an attack on Brit Hume. Nor was it an attack on Christianity.

It was a criticism of him imposing his beliefs upon others, while demeaning another religion, which is as far as I understand it to be, very much opposite to the Conservative American spirit of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

You criticized me, and removed yourself from reading my opinions, even though you agreed with all of them with the exception of this one concerning Brit Hume’s comment.

That is your right. But, that is also why Middle America, including Moderates and Independents are not all that excited about voting for people representing the Far Right Wing of the Republican Party.

As a matter of FACT, if the Democrats weren’t in such a holy mess with the worst disaster ever occupying the White House, and if times weren’t this tough and scary, it is doubtful that the Republicans would win another election taking the White House, the Senate and the House.

If the Republicans lose the next election, or don’t do nearly as well as they should, all you have to do is remember this letter to know why.

It would be much better for everyone, if Conservatives stuck to the issues that are of major concern to ALL thinking Americans, such as:

1 – Defense against Islamic TERROR attacks.

2 – The Economy – National Debt – Value of the Dollar . . . etc.

3 – Jobs – Jobs – Jobs.

4 – Freedom of Choice in Healthcare.

5 – Freedom of Association in voting or not voting for Unions vis a vis defeating Card Check by keeping the SECRET BALLOT SECRET.

6 – Freedom of Expression in fighting the Fairness Doctrine designed to kill Conservative Talk Radio and Conservative Television.

7 – Stopping the insanity of Cap and Trade.

8 – Making politicians Accountable (perhaps Term Limits) to the people.

9 – Reducing the Size of Government.

10 – Reducing the BLOATED salary Cost of Government.

11 – Reducing the generous public employee Pensions and Benefits.

12 – And doing whatever is necessary to produce domestic energy of all kinds.

These are just SOME of the pressing issues Conservatives should be worried about, without getting into the PRIVATE religious lives of others.

I thank you for having taken the time to write to me.

PS – I will be including this response to your letter (without identifying you) in my next editorial.


If you want to know more about what I think about keeping religious thoughts private, click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 20—Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The fact that the military withheld the information should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the right news outlets. Fact is that since the Clinton era it has well been known that there are subversives in All government agencies. The FBI, CIA, Presidential cabinets, military, homeland security etc. etc. Remember when one security agency could not share info. with another? This is the result. They are perfectly willing and able to destroy the country. Just dig a little deeper.

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