Brit Hume Of FOX News Joins The BUSYBODIES

Getting under the personal skin of others has somehow become acceptable even with Conservatives

I am sick and tired of Politicians, Bureaucrats and Pundits telling everyone how they should live. And that goes for Conservative Pundits like Brit Hume.

The other day, Hume of FOX News said that the ONLY way Tiger Woods can be redeemed for cheating on his wife with all those women is if he gives up on his Buddhist faith and becomes a Christian.

In that one statement, my esteem for Brit Hume fell to ZERO.

Who the hell is he to tell another person what to believe in, or to diminish the beliefs of Tiger Woods?

Where does Brit Hume figure he is in any way different from some Moslem jerk who KNOWS that Allah is the ONLY God, and that Mohamed is his PROPHET, and we should PROSTRATE ourselves to Islam?

America’s FOUNDING FATHERS went out of their way to guarantee FREEDOM of religion and FREEDOM from religion, in as much as no single religion would be a State religion. And no person would be compelled to believe in anything they did not want to.

America is in such trouble because of the ARMY of BUSYBODIES who are focused on how to control the lives of others, that the country could do well without a prominent television news personality like Brit Hume telling them in what God to believe.


Getting under the personal skin of others has somehow become acceptable even with Conservatives.

It is so much MORE than enough, that the people in modern Western Societies such as ours in Canada and the USA are drowning in bureaucracy and government rules and regulations.


My fight, and this Web Site are NOT about finding NEW bureaucrats to control our lives, even if they have a Conservative bent.

It is all about getting all of them OUT of our faces, OUT of our pockets, and AWAY from how we want to live our lives WITHOUT THEM!

The last thing I need or expected was for someone in whom I USED to have respect (Brit Hume) to join the ranks of people who want to tell others how to live.

WORSE – How to believe.

What ever happened to RESPECT for individual rights, privacy, limited governments and responsibility for one’s own actions?

If anyone should have known better, it should have been Brit Hume.

I am so sick and tired of some government piece of crap who wouldn’t have a job if I didn’t put money in his or her pocket with my taxes, telling me how to eat, drive, walk and talk, that I’ve dedicated much of my life to doing my part to stop them and WIN BACK MY COUNTRY to the way it used to be.

If I’m over the age of consent, it should be no one’s business but my own if I want to drive in a car without a seatbelt, or ride my motorcycle or horse without a helmet, or to eat saturated fats and consume a mountain of salt.


What part of that does the government NOT understand? I PAY THEIR SALARIES. They do not pay mine. They are my employees. I am not theirs.

I am not a Libertarian. I believe that we need rules that govern all of society where our rights collide, such as speed limits, drunk driving rules, no smoking in public places, child and spouse protection – etcetera.

But, we’ve gone way over the top.

In Canada, we’ve been heading inextricably towards a NANNY STATE for so long, that most of us don’t even see it any longer. But some of us do and are beginning to stir.

In the USA, this government philosophy of I’M YOUR KEEPER is relatively new, but is coming-on like a Class-5 hurricane. And if not stopped, it will wound all of America the way Katrina wounded New Orleans.

So, at a time when we should be fighting to WIN BACK our FREEDOMS and INDEPENDENCE, not only are most of us sleepwalking, we now have a Conservative Media Star joining the ranks of the BUSYBODIES.

To hear more about what I think about the tragedy of the mindset of Brit Hume’s remarks, and how the BUSYBODIES are drowning us, click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page to hear a 10-Minute audio editorial.


One of the Democrat apologists said yesterday about Republican Trent Lott being forced out of the incoming Majority Leader’s Chair (December 2002), and out of the Senate because of Lott’s birthday wishes to the 100 year old Strom Thurmond; “that it was Republicans who forced him out, NOT Democrats.”

That is true.

So what does it say about the difference between Republicans doing the right thing when it counted, and the Democrats (White and Black) who ran to the defense of their guy (Harry Reid) who made a much more egregious and direct comment concerning race?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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