This Obama White House has to be the MOST racist White House in my lifetime.

Imagine this: What would happen if John Boehner, Minority House Leader (Republican) is caught saying this candidate is a magnificent speaker who can win for the Republicans because he’s Black, but not TOO Black. And he speaks like a White guy, even though he can speak like a Black guy when he has to?

Can anyone reading this editorial NOT imagine the political quake this would cause throughout the land?

Not only would there be an outrage demanding Boehner’s IMMEDIATE dismissal from his job as Minority Leader, but there would be howls for his ejection from the House and the Republican Party itself, including demands for him to leave by Republicans.


So – Not only is . . . WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE from the Democrats about what Reid said in mealy mouthed words, which is exactly what I just wrote as a hypothetical to John Boehner who would NEVER say anything like it.

But, where’s the OUTRAGE from the Liberal media?

Obama was quick to throw his WHITE Granny under the bus during the Presidential campaign when he described her as “A TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN”.

He was also quick to condemn the WHITE cops who arrested the Black Scummy Harvard Professor for verbal abuse, even though Obama didn’t have a clue as to why the WHITE cop arrested the BLACK professor.

And now, in regard to Harry Reid’s comment that implied that Obama was an OREO cookie, it took Obama seconds to accept Reid’s apology.


What Reid said about Obama’s BLACKNESS, wasn’t just an insult and racist dig at Obama. It was a SLANDER against ALL Black people who aspire to get out of the Ghetto and shuck the Ghetto jibe.

I’m certain that most of you who are reading this editorial can clearly remember the OUTRAGE and BLOOD LUST for the Don Imus “Nappy-Headed Hos” comment (which was more or less taken off a Black Rap song) about the Rutgers Female Basketball Team.

Imus was WRONG to say what he did, and deserved to get what he got. But, Imus is JUST a sarcastic Talk-Show Host who shot his mouth off. He is NOT the leader of the US Senate. He doesn’t make national policies. Nor does he speak on behalf of the entire country.


It didn’t take the very IRREVERENT Black huckster and Jew-Hating Al Sharpton even a nanosecond to start the boycotts against Imus, with demands that got Imus fired from his Television and Radio shows.

But, now that there is a REAL racist attack on ALL successful Black Americans coming from one of the highest offices in the land, Sharpton’s voice has mysteriously gone silent.

In fact, not only has this horrid RACE-BAITER become a pussycat for the horrific Reid statement, he gave Reid his forgiveness.


This Obama White House has to be the MOST racist White House in my lifetime. This White House can’t for the life of itself distinguish between right and wrong. Good and bad. Or what is moral and immoral.

It’s like they make it up as they go along without any rhyme or reason.

I have to wonder how long it is going to take until the so-called Liberal Moderates finally come to the conclusion that they’ve hitched themselves not only to a broken wagon, but a broken wagon being pulled by a sick horse?

One of the things Obama likes to say MOST in addition to: “Let me be absolutely clear about this”, is that everything he screws-up becomes a “LEARNING EXPERIENCE”.

In this case, it is indeed a LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

From how Obama, Reid and the Media is dealing with this appalling slander, a great many people who normally defend Obama might have just learned what kind of HYPOCRITE Obama, Sharpton, the Media and so many other Black race-baiters are, who are quick to let this UGLY Reid SLUR simply slide.

In my mind, since the death of the Jim Crow Laws in 1965 with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 until Obama in 2009, there was just ONE AMERICA FOR EVERYONE.

But now, under the Obama White House, it seems that America can be defined by the LEFTISTS who see America through a revolving prism of morality, instead of a fixed concept of equal justice and morality for all.

Not only is Obama dividing America along social and economic lines, his White House is dividing America back to the bad old days of Jim Crow.

If there becomes a racial backlash, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1950’s and ’60’s, it will all be on Obama and the useful LEFTIST Idiots who put a snake-oil salesman with a horrific past into the most important office on the planet.

I wonder what the HUGE number of Liberal Jewish supporters of the Democrat Party would say if Reid had said: This guy is a great speaker, and even though he’s a Jew, he doesn’t look too Jewish. And he doesn’t have that Jewish whining voice unless he’s speaking to his own kind?

Do you see any difference?

If you want to hear more about my feelings on this OBOMANATION, click on the Radio Icon at the top of this page to hear a 16-minute audio editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If the Election takes place, I have no doubt that you are correct. However, it is not the Voting that concerns me it is HOW THE VOTES ARE COUNTED. I will always remember St. Lucie County in Florida and what happened to Allen West in 2012.

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