He EMPHASIZED the need to connect the dots.

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It bothered me somewhat to use the headline BULL-SHITTER-IN-CHIEF, only because BULL-SHITTER is a pretty crass choice of words. So, instead, I considered the following alternative descriptions:

Platitudener-In-Chief. Liar-In-Chief. Crapola Artist-In Chief. Flimflam Man-In-Chief. Apologizer-In-Chief. Self-Hating American-In-Chief. Socialist-In-Chief. Moslem Ass-Kisser-In-Chief. And on and on ad-infinitum.

But, when weighing the multitude of choices, nothing came close to defining this White House Horror Show-In-Chief as clearly as BULL-SHITTER-IN-CHIEF.

There is nothing about Obama’s youth, his education, his working career (community organizer), his associations, his religious affiliations, or even where he was really born that isn’t a load of BULL-SHIT, since there doesn’t seem to be a real paper trail to substantiate anything about him.

The myth of Obama includes him being a Professor of Law. What? Where is his doctorate in law or anything else that would make him a genuine professor of anything?

The same BULL-SHIT claims that he is a Constitutional Expert. Oh Yeah, by what standard?


I heard his so-called CRITICAL speech on Thursday (January 7, 2010) that was delayed twice while he and the rest of his gang tried to figure out how to explain to the people of America how absolutely screwed-up and incompetent they are without actually saying so.

It’s like watching a reality show called Amateur Hour At The White House 24/7.

This was supposed to be the speech that once and for all established Obama’s policies on National Security. It was supposed to name names and PUNISH the person or people who were in charge and/or responsible for the Christmas Day Airline Crotch/Bomber Attack.

During this speech, like all of his other teleprompter speeches, he constantly says I – I – I, such as I will not tolerate this. I will not permit that. I will get to the bottom of whatever. I will hold people responsible. I – I – I.

Does the Bull-Shitter-In-Chief understand that America’s leadership is built upon WE opposed to I? Does he confuse his Presidential powers with those of other Presidents like Hugo Chavez or Castro?

He spoke VERY briefly of a WAR ON AL QAEDA, but NEVER once tying Al Qaeda or any of the other sick Bastards who want to smash the USA as being Moslems.

He mentioned the word TERRORIST just once. But invested a lot of time and emphasis on HIS knowledge that MOST Moslems DO NOT SUPPORT Al Qaeda.


Then how can he explain why Moslems in EVERY Moslem and Arab country danced for joy in the streets throughout the Moslem World while singing and throwing candies in celebration of 9/11 as the Towers fell?

Besides – Did the Bull-Shitter-In-Chief take a poll to see how many Moslems hate TERROR attacks on America, opposed to those who relish in the news of American blood being spilled?

So, where does this Bull-Shitter-In-Chief come off making statements that take the pressure and responsibility off the shoulders of Moslems?

His logic about NEVER blaming Islam for TERRORIST attacks against the West, is akin to NEVER blaming men for the rape of women.

He also speaks repeatedly about cooperating and coordinating with his partners.

Who are these partners he’s teaming America up with? Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Now that’s something to make every American feel safe and secure don’t you think?

And finally – He EMPHASIZED the need to connect the dots.

To the Bull-Shitter-In-Chief, connecting the dots will be his greatest nightmare and ultimate undoing when enough Americans who voted for him a little over a year ago begin to connect the dots about him.

And if anyone thinks for a second that that’s not going to happen BIG TIME, and isn’t already happening now, just ask the Democrat RATS like Chris Dodd who are already deserting the sinking ship.

In a totally unrelated subject:

I receive a great many emails applauding the editorial I published on July 23, 2009 titled: I TOLD YOU SO – YES I DID. But I also receive a great deal of criticism for writing that Obama might have been a naturalized citizen, or something like that.

The truth; is that I never wrote anything about Obama being a naturalized citizen or anything of the-such. Someone took my editorial and added his or her comments, and sent it off as if it was the original. IT WAS NOT.

To read the original editorial as it was written, just copy and paste the link.


If you want to hear a 24-minute audio editorial of what else I think of the Bull-Shitter-In-Chief, and why he’s the best thing for the long-term future of Freedom in the USA and around the world, click on the Radio Icon at the Top Right Hand Side of this Page.

And once again – THANK YOU to all the people who contributed towards our battle against the LEFT, especially knowing one of the very big differences between Conservatives and Liberals, is that Conservatives fight out of OUR pockets – while Liberals fight out of OUR pockets.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I hope you are right. I felt this way about the last Presidential election. Popped my balloon when Obama got it again.

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