A PLEDGE Trumps A Resolution

Let us PLEDGE to fight against the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch with every fiber in our being.

Here are several of my NEW YEAR PLEDGES. They are not resolutions, because, as you and I both know, resolutions barely make it beyond the first temptation.

But, pledges are exactly what the word indicates. Pledges are PROMISES that can’t be broken without losing one’s ethical compass. And I have no intention of ever losing mine.

Therefore – Here are some of my PLEDGES:

1 – I will NEVER sell out my principles.

2 – I will NEVER surrender to the LEFTISTS.

3 – I will NEVER be co-opted by promises of prestige and influence.

4 – I will NEVER hold back on my opinions.

5 – I will NEVER accept mediocrity in government.

6 – I will NEVER be intimidated to inaction.


The entire world is at the mercy of Barack Hussein Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Academics, the Elitists, the Entertainers, other assorted LEFTISTS and Communist Billionaires in the likes of George Soros.

If ever there was a need for people to take a PLEDGE to fight the LEFT right to the wall, the need is upon us NOW.

The Moslem TERRORISTS smell weakness, disorganization, American and Israeli blood.

They see victory for Islam throughout Europe and much of Africa and Asia. And there’s no one to stop them.

The America-haters are licking their chops in the knowledge that a self-hating American is sitting in the Oval Office. And why shouldn’t they, since with Obama at the helm, they no longer have to diminish the USA, since Obama does it so well for them, especially within his many global apology tours?

The economy is in free-fall in spite of White House Propaganda, and sooner rather than later, the economy might very well collapse under the unbearable weight of Obama’s spending and the reluctance of lenders to buy Greenbacks.

American homes are currently worth 30% less than they were not just two years ago. And many, if not most of those homeowners who were bailed-out courtesy of Obama need to be bailed-out again.

According to Obama’s spinners, GM (Government Motors) is on the comeback trail, yet, it just needed an additional 3 BILLION dollars in MORE government money just to make it to the New Year.

Nearly a TRILLION dollars was set aside in the STIMULUS package that has spent less than one quarter of the money, even though Obama INSISTED the BILL MUST be passed WITHOUT delay, or America will collapse.

THE TRUTH – This gargantuan con-job has yet to stimulate anything but MORE government paid jobs, graft and pork.

Even though there is a GREAT DEAL of voters’ REMORSE out there, there are still enough LEFTIST fools and Conservative haters who will NEVER admit to the blunder they’ve made in voting for this disaster, who will probably vote for him all over again simply because that’s who they are.

In this New Year and New Decade, let us not make resolutions we will probably not keep. Instead, let us make PLEDGES that we will keep no matter what.

Let us PLEDGE to fight against the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch with every fiber in our being.

Let us PLEDGE to get government out of our private lives.

Let us PLEDGE to elect governments that will work for us, instead of us working for them.

Let us PLEDGE to reduce the size of governments, how much government employees are paid, and the generosity of the perks they receive.

Let us PLEDGE to once and for all rid ourselves from all aspects of AFFIRMATIVE Action.

Let us PLEDGE to hold every elected and appointed member of government responsible for his or her actions.

Let us PLEDGE to fight the war on TERROR the way a REAL war should be fought.

And finally – Let us PLEDGE to accept nothing less for the rule of law, than those rights that are prescribed in our Bill and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

These PLEDGES are not just something we should look forward to in the hopes of the best. MORE THAN THAT – These PLEDGES must be the call to arms of all people in defense of FREEDOM from TYRANNY.

Even though we speak of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our REAL WAR is right here at home where we live and breathe.

I very rarely if EVER make a request for funding. But, I’m in the middle of fighting a RIGHTS case that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. And I am asked daily for help from people in the USA and Canada.

And I can’t do it all alone.

There is no cost to anyone who reads and listens to this Web Site. There is no cost whatsoever to anyone who signs-on for Editorial Email Advisories. And there will not be any costs to anyone to do either.

But, if you want more from this site than words alone, I cannot do more without your help.

There are several generous people who help in the legal challenges. Just as there are several Canadian Conservative groups who do what they can to carry the fight to the enemy.

I truly believe that we can do better. I believe that our war on EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS and the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch is a war we must win. Can win. And will win.

But it won’t be won without an enormous effort coming from every possible direction.

If you feel that you can help, you can do so by clicking on the FREEDOM ICON directly to the Top Right of this Editorial Page.

You can help us finance our challenges with as little as $5. It all counts. And please understand this:

Galganov Dot Com Inc is a Federally Chartered Non Profit Corporation that pays no salaries. Offers no perks. And covers ONLY those costs that go directly into this Web Site and the FIGHT.

Whether you can help or not, I very much appreciate that you read and listen to this Site, and for spreading the word.

With my very best hopes for a successful battle in this New Year against all of those who have declared war on FREEDOM . . . TOGETHER – Let’s get the job done.

If you want to hear a 24-Minute audio editorial about my PLEDGE, click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this Page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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