Alberta Can Save Canada By Leaving

If anything can BEST define Canada, it is the TYRANNY of the impoverished and underachieving minority.

Before you read this editorial, I want to point out that Barack Hussein Obama moved at the speed of light to condemn the WHITE police officer who was abused by the BLACK Harvard professor BEFORE he had any understanding or knowledge of the FACTS.

Yet, as of this writing, Obama has still not said a PEEP about the Nigerian Moslem who did his best to murder people in the sky over Detroit Michigan.

AMERICA – READ WHAT’S IN STORE FOR YOU when politicians do what they do to win votes instead of standing for principles and country.

When you read this, think Something-For-Nothing Bunch, Affirmative Action, Democrats, and Spanish.

Canada has become a country not worth keeping together.


A REAL country is a nation that recognizes the inalienable RIGHTS of ALL its citizens wherever they live within the national borders. No exceptions.

A REAL country does NOT include a NOTWITHSTANDING clause within its Charter of Rights and Freedoms that allows individual RIGHTS, such as legitimate FREEDOM OF SPEECH to be abrogated at the whim of a court on behalf of an activist minority.

A REAL country does not give one of its parts special RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES unavailable to any of the other parts.


Over the years, Canada has become a country that at best floats in the wind making it up as it goes along, simply to appease an ethnocentric Province.

If anything can BEST define Canada, it is the TYRANNY of the impoverished and underachieving minority of Quebec that DOMINATES the wealthy productive majority in the Rest of Canada, specifically Western Canada.

Because of the ethnocentric bankrupt French speaking Province of Quebec, Canada has abolished the inalienable principles of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Mobility by all forms of government, INCLUDING Canada’s Supreme Court, which has repeatedly ruled against INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS concerning the use of the English language in Quebec and the REST of Canada.

Because of Quebec’s linguistic racism, it has become accepted by Canada’s Federal Government, that the majority of Canadians, of which 97% are English speaking (excluding the Province of Quebec), are PERSONA-NON-GRATA at virtually all levels of the Federal Civil Service.

In other words, ONLY French Speakers need apply for Federal jobs. Especially the good ones: This is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ON STEROIDS.

But worse – This policy has now spread to municipal governments outside of Quebec where English-speaking people are being fired or NOT hired, only because of their inability to speak French, even where there is no need to speak French.

On the Federal level – The Post Mistress in the village of Packenham Ontario, near the city of Ottawa, who has worked at that Post Office for seven years, has just been fired because she can’t speak French, even though EVERY person who lives in Pakenham is English speaking.

It has caused such an uproar amongst the people of Pakenham, that the Post Office has rehired her, then re-fired her, and now has rehired her again, conditionally until they can figure out how to crawl out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves because of their anti-English linguistic racism.

Because of the TYRANNY of the French-speaking minority, even in English speaking Ontario, whose French-speaking minority numbers at BEST 4% of the total population, there are FRENCH-ONLY publicly funded healthcare clinics, SEGREGATED school busses that REFUSE to carry English children, and commercial sign laws that make it ILLEGAL to have ONLY the English language on signs.

Because of this government sanctioned Linguistic Racism, as many as a half MILLION English speakers left Quebec to get away from this deplorable policy of Ethnic Cleansing, Anne and I being amongst them.

But, before leaving Quebec in the year 2000, I fought this Ethnocentric Nationalism with tooth and nail.

In 1996 I was named as one of Canada’s Newsmakers of the Year. I’ve been featured in Time Magazine, the Economist and more International Newspapers and Magazines than I can count.


My wife and I spent hundreds of thousand of dollars fighting against government inspired linguistic racism on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people who had nowhere else to turn.

Because of the time I devoted to fighting for all of our FREEDOMS to be treated equally in Quebec (Canada), discriminated against ONLY because we were English speakers, the cost to our National Advertising Agency was close to Bankruptcy.

(As a point of interest – Both my wife and I speak sufficient French)

Because I wouldn’t surrender an inch of my RIGHTS or the RIGHTS of others, my wife couldn’t venture off the property without armed bodyguards.

Even our property had fulltime-armed bodyguards just to protect the horses, our home, and barn.

I was constantly under physical threat from thugs who had already spent time in prison for domestic TERRORISM and murder in the name of FRENCH Quebec.

I even had one public meeting in Washington DC with a member of Congress (September 1996 – Tom Campbell) to discuss the future of Canada/US relations if Quebec were to leave Canada. All to the enormous chagrin of Quebec and Ottawa.


How did Canada ever go from being a stand-up kind of country to a country that stands for nothing?

Politicians want two things ONLY – They want to be elected and reelected. And in Canada’s Parliamentary system, it has become nearly impossible for any Party to form a majority government without the support of Ethnocentric Quebec, where the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST THE LAW.


Canada’s Parliament recognized Quebec as a NATION within a nation.

Quebec has the RIGHT to set its own immigration quota, and the RIGHT to negotiate as a sovereign nation with other French countries, including the RIGHT to sit as a sovereign nation at UNESCO

Through TYRANNY of the Minority, Quebec has won the RIGHT to opt out of Canada’s NATIONAL Healthcare Plan in lieu of its own, to opt out of Canada’s tax collection system in lieu of its own, and the RIGHT to opt out of Canada’s Pension Plan in lieu of its own.

To show how far TYRANNY of the minority has gone; Quebec has even chosen to opt out of Canada’s Blood Supply Service in lieu of their own.

But, even though Quebec has chosen to SEPARATE itself so completely from the REST of Canada, it is ENGLISH Canada that nonetheless pays virtually EVERYTHING for Quebec.

With all this appeasement, what has this policy won for English Canada?

Because of Quebec’s enormous power in Ottawa, much of Canada has become a LEFTIST, US-hating country. We have become a country where people expect their government to do everything. Where unions rule supreme. And businesses, especially small businesses are penalized at every turn.

Because of Quebec’s infiltration throughout the Federal Civil Service, national policies are more or less decided in Quebec with less than 25% of the total population, opposed to the rest of the country that actually pays the bills.

Because of the gutlessness of Canada’s politicians and business leaders, Quebec has become an albatross that is taking the REST of Canada for a ride over a cliff.


The last vestige of Conservatism in Canada is in the Wild Rose Country of Alberta, where people expect to work for what they get, and still understand that government is in place to serve the people instead of the people serving the government.

During the Copenhagen Climate-Change Con Job Convention, Quebec’s leader (Premier) Jean Charest belittled Alberta before the entire world for being a major contributor to so-called ‘planet warming’ Carbon Gasses.

Strange isn’t it, how a beggar Premier can’t wait to travel abroad to humiliate the Province that pays for that Province’s everything? I Guess Charest took a page out of Obama’s book on how to screw-over your own.

Alberta is an extraordinarily wealthy and generous Province that is on a resurgence to true Conservative values, where there will be little to no ‘truck’ with an ethnocentric bankrupt Province whose minority position in Canada calls the shots.

Because of Quebec’s constant threat to leave Canada, Canada’s Parliament in conjunction with Canada’s Supreme Court drew a roadmap for the conditions a Province would have to meet in order to leave the country.

In Quebec’s BEST day, Quebec could NEVER afford to leave the gravy train, BUT ALBERTA CAN.

If Eastern Canada (LEFTIST Ontario Included) led by Quebec pushes Alberta far enough, Alberta has everything it takes to leave Canada and stand on its own.

To me, Alberta’s leaving is the ONLY salvation for Canada. It is either that or the outright separation of Quebec from the rest of us.

To hear more about what happens when the majority allows itself to be succumbed by the TYRANNY of the minority, please listen to my 20-Minute audio editorial by clicking on the Microphone Icon at the top of this Page.

Also – If you want to know how Quebec went from being a GREAT and open Province where Montreal was the CITY-ENGINE that drove Canada, to a POVERTY City and Province, copy and paste the following link to a Web Site produced by Tony Kondaks who is a former Montrealer now living in Mesa Arizona.

Tony tells it as it is.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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