Jerks Vote For Jerks Who Sign What They Don’t Read

It is said that people get the government they deserve. But I say that not all people deserve the government they get.

Neither of my parents were businesspeople. My mom was a high school graduate, which was in her day a big thing, since most girls in the 1940’s didn’t graduate by today’s definition. Instead, they ‘graduated in “practical” classes.

My dad never finished public school, let alone high school, since at the age of 12 he had to work full time to help support his huge (9 children) and growing family of siblings.

But, regardless of my folk’s lack of business skills, they both new THREE THINGS they drilled into their three children (myself and two sisters).

1 – Always wear clean underwear, just in case you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital.

2 – NEVER speak to strange men or women.


ON POINT 1 – I can ONLY speak for myself. I always wear clean underwear.

ON POINT 2 – I love speaking. So I didn’t pay as much attention to not speaking to strangers, especially strange women (as a young single man that is) as I should have. Nonetheless, I was always aware of people I did not know.

ON POINT 3 – I have owned and managed businesses since I was a teenager, AND I HAVE NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING without reading it, with the exception of those million page disclaimers you have to agree to before you can download any program onto your computer.

Everyone with a half decent brain knows NOT to sign anything without reading and understanding what they’re signing. And when the agreement to be signed is really important, that’s what lawyers are for.

So, why haven’t the parents of America’s Members of Congress taught their children the THREE GOLDEN RULES?

I actually assume they haven’t taught them the THREE BIG RULES because these government pieces of work seem to sign everything without reading what they’re signing.

As for RULE number 1, I figure anyone who is so stupid as to not follow RULE number 3 doesn’t have the brains to change his or her underwear. Maybe that explains some of it.

As for RULE number 2, it is obvious to me that LEFTISTS have paid attention to what their parents said about speaking to strangers, since it clearly explains their aversion to speaking to their constituents at Town Hall Meetings.

But, after writing al of this, it isn’t the politicians who are STUPID. It is the electorate who are STUPID for constantly REELECTING them to be their representatives.

As a business owner, I wouldn’t hire anyone to handle my money, company and future without being as certain about his or her commitment, character, experience and expertise as I could be.

But, mistakes in judgment are made all the time. I’ve made more than I want to remember. BUT I NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE.

So, how come just about every one of these HORRIBLE politicians gets to be REELECTED?

Do I blame the REELECTED politicians who think his or hers doesn’t stink?

Or those who serve their own interests instead of the interests of their Constituents?

Or those who spend the money of the taxpayers as if they’ve won it in a lottery?

Or those who make dirty little deals behind closed doors as if they have some kind of amnesty for doing what is immoral and unethical?

I DON’T BLAME ANY ONE OF THEM – WHY SHOULD I? They couldn’t do what they do without being ELECTED.

As a businessperson, I have fired people who have been dishonest, unethical, immoral and incompetent so fast, that for them, it seemed as though time stood still.

What would it say about me if I kept an employee, especially a manager on staff who was an arrogant, incompetent, dishonest piece of work who treated me like crap?

It would say that I had everything he did to me coming.

So, don’t the people who keep REELECTING these bad actors have it coming to them too?


I can’t imagine how people who have the GREATEST national gift of FREE CHOICE, are so willing as to throw it all away by voting for people who are either too ARROGANT or too STUPID to read a BILL, especially a BILL with the magnitude of healthcare WITHOUT FIRST READING AND UNDERSTANDING IT.

Would most people sign a lease or purchase for a car, apartment or home without really reading the agreement? Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would NEVER sign any commitment without first reading and understanding it.

So, why are these same people REELECTING politicians who are so willing to sign a document that will FOREVER change the nature of their country in ways they can NEVER comprehend or predict?

It is said that people get the government they deserve. But I say that not all people deserve the government they get.

In a couple of days, the vast majority of the population will focus on Christmas and the Spirit of the Season, including the VERY BAD ACTORS who are destroying the USA.

Let’s all make sure that this Christmas; these politicians can expect a lump of coal in their stockings dated November 2010.

They should have paid attention to the THREE THINGS their folks should have drummed into them, especially the part about reading before signing.

There is a 15-minute Audio editorial that gives a different perspective to this written editorial. To hear what I have to say, please click on the Radio Icon at the top of this page.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. HOPE AND CHANGE has evolved into CHANGE AND HOPE. America now needs a complete top to bottom CHANGE and then HOPE it is not too late.

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