We Owe Obama A HUGE Debt Of Gratitude – Yes We Do.

Not ONLY will Obama go down in history as the WORST President ever. Obama will go down as the MOST HATED PRESIDENT EVER.

I wish I was able to be in Copenhagen, since I understand from friends who have been there that it is a gorgeous city.

Also, I love Denmark for various reasons, including how they stood up to the Nazis by not turning over their Jewish population, and I like their cheese.

But, how could I possibly go to Copenhagen for the Climate Summit when I have to remain here in North America hard at work to pay for the Something-For-Nothing Bunch for them to be there negotiating on how much harder I have to work to continue covering their FREE RIDE?


Now, I don’t want to appear to be ungrateful to those MILLIONS of people who are willing to work as hard as they can to take away as much from me and mine as they can, in their quest to save me and mine from ourselves.

Does that make any sense to you?

It sure makes sense to me, especially when you start to list the regulations those who can’t or won’t, will impose upon those of us who can and will.

It makes sense when you consider that the taxes we pay go to support people who think protesting and welfare are real jobs.

It makes even more sense when you understand that government workers are receiving on average as much as 30% more in salaries than the people who actually pay their salaries through hard earned taxes.

It continues to make sense when you know that government employees and employees from powerful unions will earn MORE in retirement when they don’t work, than the vast majority of hard working stiffs will ever earn while they do work.

And it makes the most sense when politicians try to convince people that government jobs created are somehow a good thing, when in fact, government jobs are nothing more and nothing less than LONG-TERM liabilities.

Does it make any sense to you now, especially knowing that according to the LEFT that our place in North America is to work, risk, and sacrifice for everyone who feels ENTITLED?

I guess we owe them a thank you for all they do, don’t you think?

I was listening to Hillary Clinton speaking at Copenhagen, PROMISING the so-called developing world that they should expect to receive ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS every year from developed countries in order to combat Climate Change.


Where does this idiot think she is going to get that kind of money, since the USA can only raise money if they borrow it, mostly from China?

I don’t even have to wonder what EVERY working American would say, that is real working Americans who don’t take their money from the public service, that at least an additional 2% of their gross income must be taxed to help some schmuck in the THIRD WORLD because of Climate Change?

And while I’m on the subject:

What the hell is the Third World? Where is the Third World? What ever happened to the Second World? And why should I give a damn about people in this mysterious World?

Or the Developing World – Is that the same as the Third World? Or do we have to pay them separately?

And how long are they going to be DEVELOPING anyway, since I remember them being the Developing World when I was in Grade School singing Kumbaya? And that’s when there were still streetcars in Montreal.

At what point will they actually be developed? Anyone know?

The governments which we are commanded to serve, opposed to them serving us, are so disconnected from the real world, that there can be no other explanation for their behavior than absolute arrogance caused by severe Mental Sickness.

Can they really believe that we the people are all so stupid, that this can go on forever? Or that we will all be willing to work for the sole purpose of serving our government masters and those who believe that they are entitled to TAKE what we earn?


No politician has ever done America and the Free World a greater SERVICE, than has Barack Hussein Obama and the FOOLS who elected him.


For more than a couple of generations, North America has been sliding slowly but surely towards creeping socialism, where even our ‘pretend’ Conservatives have been playing the game.

Two perfect examples include President George W Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Prime Minister Stephen Harper, both of whom increased spending, their respective debts, and the size of their respective governments.

Even ‘pretend’ Conservative leaders have been chipping away at INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, while imposing more and more regulations and bureaucracy.

Had Barack Hussein Obama not come along when he did, this trend to the LEFT, especially to the FAR LEFT would have continued without any REAL abatement, option, or alternative in sight.

But, because of Obama and the extraordinarily horrible people he is aligned with inside and outside of government, the shift to the LEFT that would have taken much longer has in fact EXPLODED overnight.

Had the move to the LEFT continued unabated, I sincerely believe that not only would our economies have crashed, but also, we would have lost our individual RIGHTS, which would have been irretrievable without some form of serious conflict.

Perhaps even a civil war between the RIGHT and the LEFT.

But, this SHOCK THERAPY courtesy of Obama has been a clarion wake-up call. And because of it, strong Conservative leaders have emerged before it became too late.

Even MODERATE LIBERALS are having serious sober second thoughts about the direction in which the LEFT are dragging the USA. So much so, that even they can see the edge of the precipice Obama and his coterie of co-conspirators are running hell bent to jump off of.

Here is a prediction that takes very little prognosticative skills:

Not ONLY will Obama go down in history as the WORST President ever. Even making Carter look less horrible than he actually was. Obama will go down as the MOST HATED PRESIDENT EVER.

Because of Obama, who has managed to screw everything up in less than one full year, making his LEFT base upset, losing all of his moderate and independent supporters, taking a Nobel Peace Prize while making war, and bringing America and the entire world to the brink of bankruptcy, THE AMERICAN LEFT WILL BE CRUSHED for a long time to come.

Sometimes we just don’t know how good we have it until something REALLY BAD happens to take it all away. Obama is that something REALLY BAD that has happened.

So, to all of you folk who write to me in tones of DESPAIR – Despair not.


To hear why I’m rolling down my shirtsleeves to cover my writs, and putting down the razor blade, please listen to my 19-Minute audio editorial by clicking on the Radio Icon at the top of this page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I clearly remember a commentator (I think it was Sean Hannity) talking about the find of chemical weapons in Iraq within months of commencement of war. It was never picked up on by the press (real surprise there) and I never heard any more about the discovery. Still don’t understand why it was dropped like a hot potato. The coming mid-term elections will spell the future of the world. For sure the future is down with a Dem win and maybe, just maybe, up with the Repubs.

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