The Cesspool Runneth-Over

Crap For Brains doesn’t even begin to explain it.

If CRAP for brains is a criterion to be a North American politician, we have so many candidates who can qualify, that if they line-up, the line would circle the continent.

This Copenhagen climate nonsense is the single largest meeting of IDIOTS and make-believers ever assembled, rivaling even the United Nations General Assembly.

I was reading in Canada’s National Post Newspaper (December 14/09) that the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario are working AGAINST the interests of their sister Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

If you’re an American – PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.

If you’re a Canadian – PAY CLOSER ATTENTION.

Quebec is a French speaking Ethnocentric Province that has been “THREATENING” to separate from Canada since the 1970’s, where the law of the land literally makes the unrestricted use of the English language ILLEGAL.

Because of Quebec’s ethnocentricity, as many as a half million English speakers left the Province since the mid 70’s, Anne and I being amongst them. But we stuck it out till the year 2000.

With these English speakers who have left the Province, so did their businesses, their investments, their innovations, their purchases and their children.

I’m certain you can imagine how this exodus has effected the fiscal well being of Quebec, whose population numbers about 7 million, of which 6 million are French speakers, about 600,000 are ethnics who claim neither French nor English as their ‘mother-tongue’, and about 400,000 mostly elderly people who speak English.

As a matter of record, MORE people speak Arabic in Quebec than any other language other than French. I can’t think of a new Church or Synagogue that has been built in Quebec in more than a generation.

But to the contrary, many Churches and Synagogues have been sold off while Mosques are being built at an impressive rate.


Because the province of Quebec is vote-rich with 25% of Parliament’s 308 Seats, Quebec is vital to the two main political parties (Liberals and Conservatives) who both have a chance of forming a majority government only with a majority of Quebec votes.

And because Quebec’s politicians are very much aware of their electoral significance, Quebec is always threatening to either leave Confederation or vote for the “other” Party if the Party in power doesn’t give Quebec what it wants.

The result has cost the rest of Canada as much as, and probably MORE than a TRILLION dollars since the mid 70’s. To the American economy, a TRILLION dollars is very serious money, unless you’re Obama or a LEFTIST jerk who thinks money is grown on the apple trees in Washington.

However, when you consider that Canada’s entire population is just 10% of America’s population, one TRILLION dollars becomes extremely SERIOUS money. It is even MORE incredible knowing that the TRILLION dollars was spent on a population of ONLY 7 million. Six actually, once you subtract the Ethnics and Anglos.

But that’s what happens when politicians buy votes.

Just ask Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu who was PAID-OFF with $300 MILLION for her State of Louisiana in exchange for her healthcare vote. Surprise – Surprise.

Ontario WAS Canada’s economic engine with a population of about 12 million people. The Province is home to Canada’s HUGE Banking and Insurance Industries, Tourism Industry, Arts and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Auto Industry, Steel Industry, Mining, Forestry, Construction etc.


Today, instead of being the national engine that helped subsidize all of Canada’s have-not Provinces, Ontario has instead fallen on very hard times.

The reason?

Instead of keeping all taxes low and making the work environment enticing for businesses, Ontario has gone 180 degrees in the other direction. So, opposite to paying for Canada’s shortfall, Ontario with its LEFTIST governments now finds itself operating in the DEEP RED.

And how does Ontario plan to make things better? MORE taxes. MORE bureaucracy. MORE regulations. MORE workers’ rights. MORE mandatory paid days off AND CAP & TRADE.

As for Quebec, which is the MOST socialized government, controlling and intrusive jurisdiction in North America, without their obscene taxes and the bribe money they receive from the rest of Canada, they wouldn’t be able keep the lights burning, even though Hydro Powered Electricity is Quebec’s single largest export.

So, now that we know that Canada’s two largest and most LEFT LEANING Provinces, which together account for about two thirds of Canada’s entire population are DOWN, BUSTED AND BROKE, from where are they getting the money to keep their wheels turning?

ALBERTA & SASKATCHEWAN are two Prairie Provinces that are honest to goodness Conservative in the real sense. Their wealth comes from cattle, wheat, potash and OIL.

Lots and lots of OIL.

So much oil and natural gas, that North America would have no need whatsoever to purchase oil for at least a generation or more from Arabs, Asians or South Americans, just with the proven reserves of these two Provinces.

But here’s where it gets particularly weird.

A great deal of this oil is found in what is known as the Tar Sands, where the actual oil is mixed in the earth like ooze. Until not that many years ago, before the technology was created to extract the oil from the sand, this ocean of energy was left untapped.

However, once the value of oil hit above $36 per barrel, there were no shortages of oil companies, many of them American who took great financial risks to develop the technologies needed to make the extraction viable.

And now that it is extremely viable, the IDIOT LEFTISTS in the East (Quebec and Ontario), both of which don’t have a pot to piss in, who have prospered enormously from Alberta and Saskatchewan’s risk and hard work, want Alberta and Saskatchewan to be PUNISHED at Copenhagen for what these two IDIOT Provinces consider to be DIRTY energy.

You tell me – HOW STUPID DOES IT GET? Because I can’t figure it out.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how two impoverished Provinces with no great immediate prospects, can be so stupid to screw-over their golden goose in favor of a bunch of European Schmucks who couldn’t hold a candle to the USA and Canada before our LEFTISTS took us over.

More than that – Quebec and Ontario with two thirds of Canada’s driving population, three quarters of Canada’s manufacturing industries, and probably 90% of Canada’s trucking industry, which two Provinces do you think contribute the MOST to this supposed Global Warming Crap?

Crap For Brains doesn’t even begin to explain it.

If you want to listen to what REAL frustration sounds like, click on the Radio Icon at the top of this page to hear a 19-minute audio editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m only cautiously optimistic. Too many people (especially the younger voters) in our country are absolutely ignorant of the state of our country. Even supposedly “smart” people. That said, I’m doing my “bit” & actively supporting various Senatorial candidates around the country to help them in their efforts. MORE people have to do similarly. It’s time to put our $$$’s where our mouths are! If we don’t, we have no one to thank for the “status quo” other than ourselves.

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