A Global Fraud Like None Other

Our immediate concern is to limit the damage that is being done and will be done by the LEFTISTS between now and then.

Proving a theory is a very simple thing to do without the need of any real evidence, especially if the proponent of the theory has an array of academic letters behind his or her name with enough sycophant peers to offer their support, if for no other reason than to be on the inside.

No one likes to be an outsider. Well, that’s not entirely true, since people like me relish being on the outside. But it is true for the elitist ass-kissers who live for personal approval.

All that is necessary to put a lock of legitimacy on whatever crapola the EXPERT is pushing, is for the proponent to publish phone book size reports with mountains of meaningless data that no one will ever take the time to read, but will point to for legitimacy.

And, even if an antagonist decides to read the data, how does he or she go about interpreting and refuting volumes of gibberish?

And then there’s INSISTENCE.

The more insistent, the more implacable, and the more strident, the better it is for the purveyor of whatever he or she is trying to sell.

The real ace in the hole however, is having a group of Willing Media Idiots to give unquestioning approbation and defense to something so extraordinarily complicated of which they themselves have no understanding.

If the media says it’s so. So it must be.


To put the final nail into ensuring the sanctity of the unassailable “truth”, any person who has the audacity to challenge the DOGMA must be demeaned and diminished before his or her peers and exposed to be an enemy of mankind.

And it works – Especially amongst the scientific community that relies almost exclusively on the good graces of those who write the research checks, namely government funded institutions.

On March 23, 1989 (20 years ago), two scientists by the names of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons claimed to have created COLD FUSION in a Test Tube.

The relevance of this discovery would have been no less earth shattering and world-changing than the combined discoveries of fire and the wheel.

Had COLD FUSION been achievable, it would have meant that mankind would have an entirely safe, never-ending, non-polluting, cheap source of energy.

So many of the world’s GREAT scientists were so over the top with this ‘discovery’, that not only did they pop the Champagne corks as they hurled head first into euphoria over the breakthrough, but some used the formulas of Fleischmann and Pons to DUPLICATE the COLD FUSION experiment. So they said.

This was GREAT, until enough scientists who would not follow like scatterbrained sheep, proved the whole endeavor to be nothing more and nothing less than a fraud.

No one wanted to be the first to declare this discovery to be a load of crap, because no one wanted to appear to be raining on the parade.

But, raining on the parade until irrefutable evidence proves the parade to be authentic is what science is all about. And then, good scientists will still rain on the parade since nothing in the world of science is cast in steel.

Nothing in the world of science, so it appears is cast in steel with the exception of Global Warming/Climate Change, even when all the real evidence irrefutably shows that the earth is indeed cooling rather than warming.

What we are seeing in this Climate Change scientific hysteria is very much like the COLD FUSION fraud, but magnified a GAZILLION times because this is where science has become politics.

It doesn’t matter if the science has been rigged. Or, if the scientists have an agenda that far exceeds and actually contradicts the reality of their theory, since Climate Change to them has become the new religion of the scientific LEFT.

The difference between challenging the dogma of Islamists who murder in the name of their infallible belief, and the dogma of the Climate Fanatics, is that so far, the Climate Fanatics haven’t yet ascribed to the tactics of Jihad.

But that doesn’t mean the Climate Fanatics don’t use every facet of demagoguery and intimidation to silence legitimate debate through ACADEMIC TERRORISM. They do.

Ask yourself this question about Al Gore:

Besides INVENTING the Internet as he once claimed, what are his scientific credentials to make him the world authority on the intricacies of Climate Science?

Here is a man who gives a whole new definition to the word hypocrite.

Gore flies in his fuel guzzling Private Jet. He travels on the ground in fuel guzzling Limousines. And he owns several huge energy sucking Mansions. Yet, he is the Prince Advocate of Conservation, Global Warming and Climate Change.

And then there’s Lord Obama who can’t wait to get his skinny ass with his Amazon wife onto Air Force One for Date Nights, where the energy used by his plane, the chase planes, and the entourage that accompanies them for just one jaunt is more than a regular family would use in their combined lifetime.

I won’t even try to explain the Hollywood and entertainment schmucks who want everyone to save the entire planet, just as long as they personally don’t have to give anything up to do it. ASK OPRAH with her private jet, limousines and private island.

And then there are the scientists who make their living by selling fear and guilt to the empty-heads who are only too willing to purchase the all-curing snake oil, while they sing Kumbaya in a candle lit room smelling of incense.


Long before Al Gore, Barack Hussein Obama, the Hollywood Elites, the LEFTISTS and the sell-out scientists, the climate has been changing.

Long before man and woman walked on this planet, the climate has been changing.

Long before the dinosaurs existed and the only life form was one-cell amoebas, the climate has been changing.

And probably, long after mankind disappears from planet earth, the climate will still be changing with one major difference:


Al Gore won an Academy Award for his VERY CONVENIENT LIE.

He also won the Nobel Peace Prize from European LEFTISTS who want to use this junk science to take down American Free Enterprise, just like these same LEFTIST numbskulls gave the Peace Prize to Barack Hussein Obama because he MIGHT do something great in his future.

Or, more likely than not, they gave the Peace Prize to Obama, because Obama is doing everything he can to bring America to her knees.

Either way – Crap is Crap regardless to how it is served on any platter, silver or otherwise. And sooner, rather than later, just like COLD FUSION bit the dust, Global Warming/Climate Change will also go down in the annuls of great frauds.

Our immediate concern though, is to limit the damage that is being done and will be done by the LEFTISTS between now and then.

If you want to hear more about what I think Conservatives should do about environmentalism, please tune into my 18-Minute audio editorial by clicking on the Radio Icon at the top of this page.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I do not share your optimism about how the people will vote next month. I am convinced that there simply are too many who want/need and too few who create and make the system work. Hope I am wrong but as I listen to many folks who use main stream media (and comic programs) as their knowledge source I get the impression that there are too many who don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know in our country.

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