The War On Small Business

Where was it carved in stone along the way that I am my Brother’s Keeper?


Barack Hussein Obama is speaking to all the jerks in BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG BUSINESS AND BIG LABOR for information and inspiration on how to create jobs.


What has organized labor ever contributed to creating jobs?

Aren’t all these BIG GUYS (government, business and labor) the same bad actors that got all of us into this mess in the first place?

No one in North America creates jobs like SMALL BUSINESSES. And I’m not writing about rinky-dink short-term temporary jobs the likes of which HUGE companies create.

I’m talking about REAL sustainable jobs.

And when the government claims to “create” jobs, in reality, all government is creating are debts, since ONLY taxpayers pay for these jobs.

So, all of those new jobs Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper claim to create or ridiculously SAVE in additional government jobs, are in truth nothing less than new national liabilities.



Where was it carved in stone along the way that I am my Brother’s Keeper, and the government I pay for has the RIGHT to strip me from the fruits of my hard labor and risk?

Where in our FREE society is it a condition of my FREEDOM that I have to be responsible for those who won’t take responsibility for themselves?

Under what codicil is my success through hard work dependent upon how much I have to carry those who will not carry themselves?

If I am to be obligated to make sacrifices for others, do I also have the right to dictate terms to those for whom my sacrifices are made?

How did we ever come to this “NORMALCY” in business, where a business owner of any size enterprise is automatically deemed to be accountable for the well being of those he or she employs?


These massive corporate bandits Obama and Harper have bailed-out were bailed out with the tax dollars created by SMALL BUSINESS.

Think About What It Takes To Start-Up And Maintain A Small Business:

One day you might wake up with an idea that you think can provide a better service or product that can make money for you and your family. But, every new idea for a product and service requires several incontrovertible obligations and risks.

1 – As an entrepreneur, you’d have to refine your idea to the point that you have a real strategy. And while doing that, it becomes your entire focus ahead of personal and family life. Even ahead of the job that you are doing that pays the bills and puts food on the table.

2 – After doing the research and development, you have to find the money to get into the next step of setting-up shop. So how do you find the money?

You can go to a bank. But, with little to nothing more than an idea, it’s not likely a bank would give you the time of day let alone money. You can go to relatives. But do you really want to put family members on the hook for something that very well might NOT work out?

There’s always friends, and friends of friends. But, they won’t put up a dime into your dream without getting some ownership in exchange for their investment. Do you really want partners? Especially partners you might not even know? And how much ownership should you give up?

There’s always the house, which is very often the ONLY means available to entrepreneurs to raise money through 2nd and perhaps 3rd mortgages.

3 – Once the start-up financing is in place, which is usually less than what you would really need, then the real hard part begins.

Life in the business world is not for the faint of heart. Just like you want to carve out your market-share by taking it away from someone else with the same products or services, others are doing the same to you.

Because you’re so under-funded, you probably can’t afford staff. So it’s all on you as the chief cook and bottle washer. But, when you finally come to the point when you really need to hire people, chances are better than not that you will forgo taking a pay so you can meet your payroll.

4 – While you’re scrambling to stay alive while building and managing the new business, there’s little to no money coming into the house. If you have children, you have to explain to them why they can’t have the new Play Station. And forget about adult toys, meals out, and vacations.

After all of this, MOST start-ups NEVER survive, leaving crashed hopes, deflated dreams, and very often broken marriages.

What I’ve just written is not anecdotal. This is the way it is. In business, especially amongst most startups, ONLY the toughest survive.

And even at that, very few entrepreneurs get rich. More often than not, the owner of an average small to medium size business earns not much more than just a living. Many who have made it do very well. But many also live from paycheck to paycheck just like their employees.

Being an entrepreneur is more about the FREEDOM of being your own boss than just the dream of riches.

With all of that said; it is the small to medium size business that is the NUMBER ONE creator of jobs and tax revenue. It is also the entrepreneur who carries our North American Society upon his or her shoulders.

It is NOT, and has NEVER been GM, GE, Exxon, the Big Banks and Insurance Companies, or any of the other so-called Blue Chip Companies that have carried our societies. It is, and has always been the small to medium size company owners who are not just the carriers of society, but also the innovators of products and services.

More than being the engine that employs North America and pays the insatiable tax appetite of all forms of government and special interests, the small to medium size independent business owner has also been FORCED to become His and/or Her Brother’s Keeper.

Since Obama and Harper have NEVER experienced any of the above. And have never so much as run a lemonade stand, here’s a list of advice on how they can help create REAL long lasting jobs in North America.

A – CUT corporate and personal taxes.

B – GUT the bureaucracy.

C – Get rid of all NON-necessary regulations.

D – STOP bailing out loser corporations like GM.

E – Pay DOWN the debt.

F – Stop spending like drunkards on a binge.

G – And just get government the hell out of the way.

If you want to know more about Obama and Harper’s Joke on the North American people concerning their expertise in Job Creation, please click on the Radio ICON at the top of the page to hear a 4-Minute editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I hate to say it, but the stupid voters who gave Obama 8 years, ( because it made them feel good, because he is black.) and who are now a majority, will elect Hillary Clinton in 2016, just because she is a woman. I don’t see a way out unless we come up with a super candidate. Oh how I wish Condoliza Rice wanted the job! A very smart woman AND black.

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