A Worthless Speech From A Worthless President

I guess it’s a different story when the talking ends and the walking begins.

I will preface this editorial by saying that I REALLY don’t like Barack Hussein Obama. No secret there.

I didn’t like him when he was running for the leadership of the Democratic Party. I liked him even LESS when he was running for the Presidency. And now that he’s the President, I thought it would be near impossible for me to like him even LESS THAN THAT.


This insult to the Presidency of the United States of America and pretender to the title of Commander In Chief and World Leader has REALLY pissed-me-off.

Let me tell you something about the country of my birth (Canada), which many Americans might not know. Canada has been fighting in Afghanistan literally from DAY ONE.

We are a small country in population with only 33 million people, about 10% of the American population. But, on a per-capita basis, we have a significant number of troops in-theatre at slightly less than 3000.

But this number of Canadian troops is actually irrelevant to what our soldiers are doing, since we could have ten times that number of troops and be useless if we never ventured off base like the rest of NATO.

Unlike the French, Germans and others who REFUSE to have their soldiers engaged in combat, Canadians have been at the forefront of just about every serious battle in every dangerous part of Afghanistan.

When we hear about Kandahar, Helman, and other horrific places where the Taliban and Al Qaeda are king, that’s where you’ll find Canadian troops.

On the Trans Canada Highway (401) from CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Trenton, which is Canada’s largest air force base, there is a 167-kilometer (about 100 miles) distance from Toronto.

The significance of this strip of highway is that when our dead heroes come home in flag-draped coffins, they are flown into CFB Trenton by military transport, from where they are driven in convoy along that strip of highway that has officially been renamed Canada’s Highway Of Heroes.

More than 135 of our brave young soldiers have been convoyed to Toronto along this route, where EVERY overpass is filled to capacity with everyday Canadians, police and fire-fighters who wave their Maple Leaf flags, cheer, WEEP, and applaud.

No other country with the exception of the USA, NOT even England has committed as much on a per-capita basis to the fight against TERRORISM in Afghanistan than has CANADA.

In a White House release, it was made public that Obama will communicate one on one with the leaders of America’s Afghanistan allies to personally explain his Afghan strategy.


For Canada, Obama has decided that his Court Jester, Vice President Biden should speak one on one with our Prime Minister who has laid much of his political career on the line by sticking it out with our best friend.

With friends like Barack Hussein Obama, who one needs enemies?

In Obama’s disgraceful speech from West Point Tuesday night (December 1, 2009), he found the occasion right at the beginning and near the end to once again extol the virtues of Islam. What for? What has Islam done for anyone other than to cause global grief?

Someone should tell Obama, that it is with Islam whom the Secular world is at war.

He spoke of the cooperation he has established between the USA and Moslem countries. OH YEAH? How many Moslem countries have committed troops to fight in Afghanistan? Or even offered nothing more than moral support? NOT EVEN LIP SERVICE.

It took Obama more than 3 months of dithering to come up with a plan that could have been formulated in 30 minutes. Instead of giving his Generals what they really wanted, he gave them three quarters of the manpower and an eighteen-month end-date (July 2011) to begin leaving Afghanistan.

Who but an IDIOT telegraphs to his enemies when he is going to be throwing in the towel?

What can only be described as an incredible display of Chutzpah and no self-respect, Obama spoke about the great accomplishments made by US troops in Iraq. He spoke about the FREEDOMS American troops have given to the Iraqi people.

But, what he forgot to say, was that had it not been for George W Bush, there would have been no victory in Iraq, and no Democratic FREEDOM for the Iraqi people.

It also must have slipped Obama’s mind that he campaigned HARD against Bush’s war in Iraq. And when it came time to support the winning war surge, OBAMA VOTED AGAINST IT IN THE SENATE.

But, now that the shoe is on the other foot, Obama is all about a surge.

I came away from Obama’s lackluster speech understanding the following:

1 – It took Obama 3 months to ignore the troop request of his top Generals.

2 – OBAMA spoke for 35 minutes about platitudes he didn’t believe in.

3 – He expects NATO to pick up the troop slack, when NATO troops with the exception of England and CANADA outright refuse to engage the enemy.

4 – He already told Al Qaeda and the Taliban that by July 2011, the USA will begin the process of clearing out of Dodge. So, courtesy of Obama’s declaration of leaving, all the enemy has to do between now and July 2011 is wait.

5 – The West Point Cadets seemed to be doing all they could to stay awake during his speech.

6 – And finally – Where was that oratorical passion that got the snake-oil salesman elected to the highest office in the world? I guess it’s a different story when the talking ends and the walking begins.

I have given-up believing that Obama cannot reach any new lows. For him, there seems to be no bottom.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. And to scare people even more, ISIS has talked about intentionally infecting individuals and bringing them into the U.S.
    They have a plan afoot to literally overwhelm our medical system. Yet, as you have told us, Howard, the White House Regime will not stop flights from Africa, nor close our southern borders. Well, one way to get rid of people is to sponsor an epidemic! We need to get on our knees and pray to the Eternal Father of us all. God speed…..

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