Give Me A Reason Besides BECAUSE

Do the people want the usual suspects in office to continue the politics of incompetence and cronyism?

Some of the editorials I write get a much greater response than others. I rarely know which will elicit a positive comment, or the one’s that question which is bigger, my shoe size or my IQ?

I like to read when people agree with me, but I get a much bigger charge out of the people who would like to punch my lights out. Because, in those people, I know that I’ve touched a real raw nerve.

Usually, the screw-you emails come for the LEFT. But in the case of my last editorial about Sarah Palin (Thursday, November 19, 2009), Some of the most egregious comments came from those who almost always agree with what I write.

Before going-on, I have to say that the VAST MAJORITY of letters I received agreed with my editorial. But, there were enough from the Conservative side which did not.

Just about EVERY ONE of us does not question the FACT that public service is a family business, a business that is relegated to professionals, to lawyers and intellectuals.

Think about how many people from the Kennedy’s on down, who seem to believe that they have a right to a political dynasty, the last of which belongs to the Bush family. WHY?

What made Hillary Clinton the Senate shoe-in for New York State? Or the number one candidate to win the Democratic Party leadership until it was taken away from her by Lord Obama? WHY?

Why is it assumed and more ort less accepted that Joe Biden’s son should automatically INHERIT his father’s business the Delaware Senate Seat?

This is a standard and unquestioned mindset that permeates North American politics. Not only should it be unacceptable. IT‘S HARMFUL.

Then there’s another ‘reality’ we’ve bought into, that lawyers should have some kind of leg-up on politics because of their professional expertise.

If anything, MOST lawyers should be banned from public-service, since the words public-service used in the same sentence with lawyer is generally always an oxymoron.

The other members of the accepted political class are those who can speak politicalese. You know, speak for an hour or so using $50 words and $100 phrases while saying nothing worth hearing.

Something like: “YES WE CAN” or “HOPE AND CHANGE”.

These are the folks we have accepted as our political leaders. Not because they’re worth having in office, but because we’ve become CONDITIONED to believing these are the people who SHOULD be in office.

And then, out of the clear blue comes a Sarah Palin that shatters the mold.

She doesn’t speak like a politician. Her personal life is worn on her sleeve, warts and all whether she wants it out there or not. She hunts, fishes and shops at discount stores. Not too sophisticated huh?


One of the anti-Palin letters I received from a friend, who is a very good journalist and excellent Radio Talk Show Host, told me to stop thinking with my dick.


Being a gorgeous woman is only an advantage if you want to be a beauty queen, an entertainer, television news anchor, model, hostess or call girl.

Anyone who says we don’t live in a sexist world has no idea in which world they are living.

It is considerably harder for a beautiful woman to make it in the public forum, than it is for a plain-Jane. AND THAT’S A FACT!

When I write sexist, I’m not just writing about men being gender biased. There are no shortage of women who DESPISE Sarah Palin, many of whom are Conservatives.

When I ask these Conservative women who I personally know, why they can’t stand Palin, the answer is always because she’s either and idiot, stupid or dumb.

REALLY? – How has a woman who is deemed to be so stupid accomplished so much in a man’s world? So, when I persist as I always do, and ask why is Sarah Palin an idiot, stupid or dumb? The answer is always personal and NEVER ON POLICY.

I can’t think of one woman who has endured a more disgusting campaign of personal destruction than has Sarah Palin. Come to think of it. I can’t even think of one man who has been more vilified, including George W Bush.

To read, hear and see the horrific comments coming from the LEFT and media about Sarah Palin from the get-go, you’d have to believe she is the worst woman to be walking on planet earth.

From there LEFT – I get that.

What I don’t get though, is the same vitriol coming from Conservatives and Centrists, especially from Conservative women who should care more about where Palin stands on vital issues like energy self-sufficiency, the debt and deficit, runaway government spending and expansion, healthcare, and the FREEDOMS we all take for granted.

And then there’s this little thing called character. Is she honest? Does she believe in what she says? Or does she say what she thinks you believe in? Is she a crook? Is she loyal to her family and friends?

Will she sell-out her principles and her country for votes and power?

Is she TOUGH enough to stand up to ALL the bullies, domestic and international, and make hard decisions without dithering?

I look at it this way: Sarah Palin is taking a beating like none other, even though she’s not a candidate for anything. Not yet anyways.

But. if she can weather this storm and come out stronger for it, there will be very little left to be said about whether or not she has what it takes to handle the storm of being Commander In Chief.

And before the I HATE PALIN BUNCH write her-off just because. They would do well in asking themselves how much they really know about her? And whether they want the usual-suspects in office to continue the politics of incompetence and cronyism?

Or do they want someone at the helm who is a REAL person with a REAL agenda for the benefit of the country and the world?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy that you 2 unload your big farm & have some time to yourselves + even if you have time to enjoy life, thank you for keeping your blogs current to the people that understand the real world!!
    Mary Curren, Aberdeen, WA

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