Finally A Hero

The United States of America is a country that NEEDS heroes.

Hers is a GREAT Life Story. She has a FABULOUS Life Story. Her Life Story is an INCREDIBLE American Adventure. She has an AMAZING Life Story.

These are just a few of the Great Life Story accolades that were accorded to Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor while she was being vetted to join the Supreme Court.

At one point, I felt that the next time I heard about here GREAT LIFE STORY I would up-chuck.

The fact that she is a racist by her own statement; that a Female Latina Women would make a better judgment than a White Anglo Male was never a part of her Great Life Story, is quite an omission by her admirers.

Truth be told, every one of us has a Great Life Story in our own way. So, I can’t imagine what it was about this racist Latina women who benefited heavily from Affirmative Action in the Ivy League world, that makes her STORY any more compelling than anyone else’s?

I’m writing this now because of Sarah Palin.

Palin is a woman who was raised in the Alaskan wilderness. She was hunting before she went to school. She fishes in the Deep Blue with her husband. She was an outstanding student and athlete. And she put herself through college the old fashioned way by hard work and merit.

Sarah Palin didn’t benefit from an Ivy League Education. She wasn’t moved to the head of the line because of her color, culture, religion or gender. She fought for everything she got.

She eloped with her high school sweetheart at age 23. She gave birth to 5 children, one of whom is disadvantaged with Down Syndrome. She has a son in uniform, and a teenage daughter who is an unwed mother.


When Palin saw problems with her Wasilla Town Hall, she worked hard and became a very popular and successful Mayor. When she couldn’t stand the Old Boys Network doing a number on her State of Alaska, she worked hard as an outsider and won the Governor’s Office where she did a fabulous job in just two years.

And when Presidential Candidate John McCain asked her to be his running mate, she answered the call.

But nowhere, not on radio, not in print and not on television did you hear, read, or see one report about her LIFE STORY. Not so much as a peep.

The United States of America is a country that NEEDS heroes.

America craves heroes who have the extraordinary courage to stand against the tide by placing themselves in harm’s way, while attempting to accomplish great feats regardless of the risks.

America loves underdogs:

The greatest American stories are of horses that were born from humble stock, or were badly injured, or written off, who’ve won the impossible dreams.

America is about Davy Crockett, born in the Wild Frontier, killed at the Alamo fighting for the American Dream.

America is about George Washington, Paul Revere, Daniel Boone, Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Generals Jeb Stuart, Robert E Lee, Ulysses S Grant, Omar Bradley and George Patton.

America is about Martin Luther King.

America is about heroes – Real heroes who put it all on the line without fear of what the chattering classes would have to say. American heroes aren’t afraid of failure.

America was built on a foundation of guts and glory, Yankee ingenuity, dreamers and schemers. The greatest country that has ever been was not built by the Something-For-Nothing Bunch. Nor was it built with Entitlements, Handouts and Affirmative Action.

And no President before Barack Hussein Obama has ever apologized to the world or anyone else for America being America. NOT EVEN JIMMY CARTER.

The closest America has had to having a real American hero in the White House was Ronald Reagan, and he was despised for it from the LEFT.

But now, after such a long stretch, there is a real bona fide American hero knocking on the door to power, and her name is Sarah Palin; giving the Liberal LEFT and “soft” Republicans reasons to fear.

FINALLY – A real American hero is emerging who is America’s new Davy Crockett and defender of the dream.

Sarah Palin needs no approbation from the elitist media, the LEFT, or anyone else in the Ivory Towers of the Privileged, or amongst the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, least of all from the Hollywood and Entertainer Freakoids.

All she needs to do is to stay on course being Sarah.

I don’t agree with some of her social philosophies. I am not a hunter. But I also eat meat and know that the steak I enjoy so much was not grown on a plastic covered Styrofoam tray.

If Sarah Palin does not allow herself to be corrupted by power or the hunt for power, she will be America’s next great hero. She will turn America around with common sense, courage, and that age-old Yankee Know-How, that too many people have all but forgotten.

She will NEVER apologize to anyone for America being America. She will NEVER bow to a Saudi thug, a Japanese Emperor or anyone else. And she will never go to the World Body for permission to do the right thing.

Sarah Palin will make America energy self-sufficient without sacrificing the environment. She will strike fear into the hearts of those who would do harm to America, Democracy and Modernity.

And she will NEVER sell-out America’s friends.

For those who despise Sarah Palin, here’s the message: I don’t think she cares.

More important than that: Every time she is attacked in the media, more “average” Americans run to give her their support, because in her, they see a hero.

America and the entire world has something to look forward to in Sarah Palin, because during these very troubling times, we all need a hero.

Thank you to all the people who have forwarded my editorials, and to those who have helped out with financial support. This battle to protect our FREEDOMS must be fought on every front imaginable. And like it or not, we’re all in it together.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As I see it we have a serious situation about to erupt. Muslims will use Ebola as a weapon to spread the disease and Hillary is elected and as usual in her gross incompetence finishes the job Obama has started.

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