The Inmates Are Running The White House Asylum

WHY? - Why is Obama doing all these horrible things to his own country?

Even when I believe the White House has reached a low that can’t get lower, Obama and his cadre seem to be infallible when it comes to pushing that limit beyond the pale.

To bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 Mastermind and throat slitter of American journalist Daniel Pear to New York City, along with 4 other Moslem TERRORISTS to stand trial in a conventional American Court of Law, pushes the meaning of LOW to a whole new subterranean level.

The first question one has to ask of Obama/Holder’s decision to move this human garbage from GITMO to New York City to stand trial is WHY?

How is it in the best interest of the USA and the American people to try these bloodthirsty TERRORISTS in New York City?

Why do Obama and Holder believe that it is somehow a good thing to give these murderous Moslem hate-mongers a massive soapbox from which they can spew their Jihadist crap while demeaning the people and FREEDOMS of the USA?

Only in Obama’s world does it seem reasonable to give TERRORISTS bent on murdering Americans Miranda Rights along with their day in court.

Bill Clinton screwed up BIG TIME when he treated TERRORIST murderers like common criminals. How big? Big enough to invite 9/11 – That’s how big. And now Obama wants to do it all over again.

But this is worse than what Clinton did. MUCH WORSE.

1 – The Islamists will be able to subpoena evidence that could very well undermine the American and international intelligence communities.

2 – They will be able to call upon relevant witnesses INCLUDING their CIA and military interrogators. Maybe even American commanding generals and field officers.

3 – They could press for a judgment for them to be released on the grounds that none of them have been read their Miranda Rights.

And in the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, he can easily prove that whatever information he gave, including admissions of guilt, that all were made under the pain and fear of torture.


Because of this imbecilic decision by Obama/Holder to give these Islamic savages a platform and microphone that is larger than they could have ever dreamt of, it will be America, NOT the TERRORISTS that will be placed on trial.

How’s that for sick irony?

These Islamic bad actors will drag this obscenity out or years, while using their newfound international platform to energize other Islamists all over the world.

At the will of Obama/Holder, Islam can now open a brand new front on their war against America, Democracy, Modernity and FREEDOM, without so much as these characters spending a dime or firing another shot.

I keep writing Obama/Holder because Obama needs his Attorney General (Eric Holder) to implement this insane policy. However, if Obama didn’t want this to happen, it wouldn’t.

So, I will no longer refer to this outrage as Obama/Holder, because, just like all the other unconscionable initiatives of this Presidency, this one also falls squarely upon the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama.

Where I once believed that Obama was simply a Demagogic Narcissist who was akin to a silver-tongued snake-oil salesman, I soon began to believe that in addition, he was so far to the left that he was a socialist.

But also, that he was an incompetent with volumes of poor judgment.

To add to this, I am convinced that Obama is most probably a self-hating American like his Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Remember him? “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

But, with this latest outrage, I truly believe that Barack Hussein Obama is nuts. I REALLY MEAN IT.

I honestly believe that this man’s mental capacity is damaged. What else can possibly explain this type of behavior other than the horrible possibility that Obama’s purpose is to destroy America?

I would rather believe that this President of the United States of America, the Commander In Chief of the greatest military in history, who is also the Leader of the Free World, is a Demagogic, Narcissistic, Incompetent, Loon, rather than being a Traitor to the fabric of America and an Enemy within.

Think about this – In less than one year:

1 – Obama has taken over the American banking industry.

2 – He has taken over 2/3rds of the American domestic auto industry.

3 – He has quadrupled the National Debt sending the USA towards bankruptcy.

4 – He has driven national unemployment to double digits.

5 – He is furthering the destruction of America’s ability to compete and enjoy the highest standard of living the world has know through CAP & TRADE.

6 – He has sent his attack dog (Eric Holder) to emasculate the CIA.

7 – He has personally declared the END OF THE WAR ON TERRORISM, even though TERRORISM hardly ended their war on the USA, modernity and Democracy.

8 – He is attempting to end the SECRET BALLOT used to unionize the workplace.

9 – He wants to end FREEDOM of EXPRESSION in the electronic communication industry vis a vis the Fairness Act targeting Conservative Talk-Radio.

10 – He is working OVERTIME to eliminate FREEDOM of PERSONAL CHOICE in Healthcare.

11 – He has traveled the world diminishing his own country and culture while promoting the so-called virtues of Islam, declaring to the Moslem world that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.

12 – And now he’s giving the worst of the worst a platform from where they can once again attack America, but this time through the courts and world media.

WHY? – Why is Obama doing all these horrible things to his own country?

Is it that he is so full of himself, that all he can see is his own perceived brilliance? Is it unbelievable personal incompetence? Is it an America self-hating misery? Is it insanity? Or is it treachery?

THE GOOD NEWS – With every Obama outrage, all of those Independent voters and Moderate Democrats are realizing just how wrong they were when they put their mark beside Obama’s name just 12 months ago.

In 2010 it will all be over for Obama’s White House and the stranglehold Pelosi and Reid have over Congress. In the meantime, all the USA and the rest of the world needs to do between then and now is hang-on.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m not one to try and sell conspiracy theories. And, this is one I read over and over again. But, imagine a situation where the virus begins to spread uncontrollably. Thousands die. Panic ensues. The only reasonable solution? Martial law. Obama becomes the dictator he’s always wanted to be.

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