Much To Remember – Much to Think About

On Remembrance Day, I wear a Poppy to show my respect for all those who have served and continue to serve.

During Obama’s November 10, 2009 passive address at the Fort Hood Memorial, Barack Hussein Obama called the murder of 13 Americans an act of extremism.

He also called this horror a tragedy.

What is most remarkable about Obama’s speech was the absolute lack of conviction coming from someone who is a firebrand speaker, who during the Presidential campaign was good enough to make people swoon.

What was also missing from his speech was the word TERRORISM. Even more succinctly, Islamo TERRORISM.

I wonder what Obama meant in his Cairo speech when he spoke about the incredible contributions Moslems have made to the fabric of America, because when he free wheels his words on Islam, they are beyond generous.

But, when 13 people are murdered in cold blood, with 30 others wounded in an attack on an American Military base by a Moslem officer (major) yelling ALLAH AKBAR (Allah is great), there is all of a sudden silence about the man who pulled the trigger and why he did it.

My opinion of Barack Hussein Obama was as low as I thought it could get until this incident. But, because of the way he has dealt with home grown Islamic TERRORISM in the Heartland of America, he has earned a whole new level of low.

Anne (my wife) and I stood in silence this morning (November 11th) facing the downtown Cenotaph at Place du Canada (Montreal), where our Remembrance ceremonies were held until this year.

We stood in silence as we always do on November 11th to pay tribute to those incredibly brave men and women who during the life of our country have served to keep the world safe and FREE.

I think about Canada’s soldiers and America’s soldiers who have done so much for Freedom worldwide, while asking for nothing in return.

I think about what this world would be like had America not paid so much in treasure and blood to keep the world FREE during that past century.

On Father’s Day, Anne and I visit the cemetery where my dad is buried alongside my mom, both of whom served in the Canadian military during World War Two.

My dad was fighting his way through Sicily long before D-Day. He was wounded at Monte Casino, and was amongst the first of the Allied Soldiers to step foot into The Hague.

He was proud of what he had done in the name of FREEDOM. And why shouldn’t he have been?

My Dad died 15 years ago.

During his funeral, he was eulogized by a Rabbi while he laid in his Canadian Flag draped coffin before the standing room only crowd, while the Rabbi read a few of his WWII exploits from a book about Canadian War Heroes.

On Father’s Day when we visit the cemetery, we place a Canadian flag at the base of the headstone he shares with my mom. I know he would be proud to be receiving this well-earned honor.

On Remembrance Day, I wear a Poppy to show my respect for all those who have served and continue to serve.

And as the ceremony concludes with the Marching of the Veterans of WWII, of which there are very few left, I try to imagine my dad marching with pride as he did every Remembrance Day for as long as I can recollect.

I don’t even try to hold back or disguise my tears as the troops march by.

My dad bled on the battlefield fighting for the FREEDOMS most people take for granted. And that’s a terrible pity.

From the Remembrance Day Memorial, I drive to the cemetery where I pin the Poppy I wore in my dad’s honor, to the flag I planted for him on Father’s Day.

In this single gesture, he is still at the parade.

When the Twin Towers were destroyed by TERRORISTS, George W Bush went to Ground Zero where he said the following:

“We hear you, the world can hear you, and soon the people who brought down these Towers will be hearing from all of us.”

Think of that in comparison to the words spoken by Barack Hussein Obama just yesterday, while refusing to acknowledge that America was once again attacked. Let alone by Islamo TERRORISM.

I cannot, nor will I ever succumb to the belief that my dad fought across the continent of Europe with a MILLION others, so a man like Obama could ruin everything MILLIONS of men and women sacrificed so much for, in the name of FREEDOM.

Before dismissing the seriousness of any attack on LIBERTY, and how we should respond, please think of all of those men and women who gave so much, including their limbs and lives, so Obama can travel the world telling all who are ONLY TOO HAPPY to listen from America’s Commander In Chief, just how guilty America is of International bad behavior.

On Remembrance Day and Every Day, I am one who will NEVER forget, and will NEVER forgive.

My eternal gratitude to all of those who keep us safe and keep us FREE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Why it is that I think that the strategy of the Middle East is to get all of us riled up, in order to achieve depopulation of their overpopulated, undereducated, impoverished countries and have the US mainly to pay for it.

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