Obama’s No Show Is Appropriate

I’m happy he’s not there since his presence would only diminish the moment.

Today represents a moment in history as great as May 8, 1945 when the Nazis surrendered and Victory in Europe was declared.

Today is also no less important than Victory in Japan, when the Imperial Army surrendered on August 15, 1945 bringing the Second World War to an end.

But we don’t celebrate November 9, 1989, which is probably the single greatest victory and insurance of peace in the last 100 years.

Today is the day the Berlin Wall fell. It is the day the Soviet Empire (Russia) began to crumble beyond repair.

November 9, 1989 was the day HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people began their trek along the road to FREEDOM, many of whom were born into Communism never knowing the taste of LIBERTY.

There was no greater threat to humanity than the EVIL EMPIRE (the Soviet Union) that controlled all of Eastern Europe, while constantly threatening the West with nuclear weapons and a vast military always primed and ready to strike.

It took an incredible effort by the bravest of the brave who fought this so-called Cold War in the shadows. These were the covert warriors who did battle in the darkness. There were also the men and women in uniform who faced the enemy day in and day out, always prepared for combat.

The Soviets were also destroyed through the poor performance of their surrogates fighting wars on their behalf. For the Soviets, it was primarily the Arab armies using Russian weapons and strategies. For the West, it was the Israeli Military using American and Israeli technologies.

There was never any real contest.

Even though a great many people contributed to the fall of the Evil Empire, no one man did more to end this tyranny than Ronald Reagan. Yet, here’s a man who created the greatest peace the world has ever known, who was never considered for a Peace Prize from anyone.

Today, Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor will be celebrating the day the Berlin Wall came down. But she won’t be celebrating it with the leader of the Free World, because his Lordship Barack Hussein Obama is kind of too busy.

Funny, Obama wasn’t too busy to journey to Berlin in his meaningless Kennedyesque pilgrimage to speak to the German people during the election campaign, where he was denied the right to speak from the famous Brandenburg Gate.

But, now that he’s the President of the World, being at the Brandenburg Gate on this incredible time in history, to be side by side with the German Chancellor as a leader, opposed to just being a candidate, just doesn’t seem to be important enough for him to show his face.

Make no mistake about this – Without the Herculean efforts of the United States of America, and that most famous of all-time demands from any world leader by President Ronald Reagan on June 12, 1987 where he said from the Brandenburg Gate for all to hear:

“Mr Gorbachev – Tear down this wall.”

What is most distressing about Obama shunning this incredible day is that he refused an invitation to be there with the German Chancellor, in what could have only be seen by the world as a statement of solidarity in the global fight for FREEDOM and Democracy.

Yet, he has no problem touring the world to demean his own country while singing his praises to Islam.

Today represents another historical moment, which was the precursor to the Holocaust. On November 9, 1938, Jews throughout Germany including Austria were beaten, raped and murdered. Their properties were looted and destroyed. Their Synagogues and holy books desecrated and burnt to the ground.

71 years ago today, the world learned a new term for genocide, the likes of which was and continues to be unprecedented. It was Kristallnacht, the night of shattered glass.

It is fitting that the worst of the 20th century began on November 9, 1938 in Germany, that it was also in Germany in an act of incredible contrition and courage, in a different way, that Germany contributed to saving the world on November 9, 1987.

As for Barack Hussein Obama not going to Berlin to stand for FREEDOM with the German Chancellor: THIS IS REALLY A GOOD THING.

Think about this: What did Hussein Obama do to EARN the unbelievable privilege of being a part of this incredible moment?

I’m happy he’s not there since his presence would only diminish the moment.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Would it be asking too much to hope that Obama would finally do one thing right and RESIGN for incompetence and dereliction of duty, not to mention NOT following his oath of office which was and is to obey the Constitution and the sooner the better? Probably not. He doesn’t have the courage or desire to do the right thing. That is for sure given his track record. He will stay in office until he can’t any longer. Then I wouldn’t put it past him to try to figure out some way to STILL stay on!

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