The Islamist APOLOGIST Spin Has Begun

Hasan uttered ALLAH AKBAR as he shot-up and murdered his co-Americans.

On April 19, 1995, 168 people lost their lives at the hands of Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City at the federal Alfred P Murrah Building.

The media and officialdom INSTANTLY declared the attack to be an act of TERRORISM.

Upon discovering who was responsible for this deadly attack, EVERYONE within the establishment branded McVey to be a Right-Wing Extremist, a member of some kind of vast conspiracy, and a CHRISTIAN Religious Fanatic.

Truth be told, McVey was not a very religious person. He wasn’t part of any vast Right-Wing conspiracy, and his fundamental political and social views were not anywhere near Conservative beliefs and doctrines.

In essence, Timothy James McVey was a bitter nut-job involved with several other bitter nut-jobs who did a terrible thing in the name of NOTHING.

But, from that one attack, America’s LEFT were IMMEDIATELY able to cobble together a huge Right-Wing Conspiracy whose sole purpose was to take down the fundamentals of the United States Government.

Two other incidents happened before the McVey attack that was of considerable influence on him. There was the assault on the Waco Texas Branch Davidian Compound that began on February 28, 1993 that ended in an enormous fiery loss of life.

The other was the assault on Ruby Ridge on August 21, 1992 that also saw a tragic ending.

Both of these assaults by federal agencies were preemptive strikes against people who didn’t pose any imminent threat against the United States of America.

The people at Ruby Ridge and Waco might have been very different, and in opposition to government policies, but in America, civil opposition to government and being different is what the USA is all about.

I won’t argue either of these two events on their merit. Nor will I call the slaughtered victims Right Wing Conspirators. But I will say that most of the USA either agreed with what the government did. Or held their tongues in silence.

Now, let’s fast forward to Fort Hood November 5, 2009.

The response of officials who are speaking about the Moslem born American (Nidal Malik Hasan) serving as a Major in the US military, who has a history of defending Moslem/Arab suicide bombers and killers of US troops, proclaims ALLAH AKBAR as he murders 13 (mostly) military people, while wounding 30 others at Fort Hood in Texas was: WHY DID HE DO IT?


Hasan uttered ALLAH AKBAR as he shot-up and murdered his co-Americans.

And what the establishment types seem most interested in, is WHAT MADE HIM DO IT?

If the Moslem Major was a Christian like McVey, no one would be saying why did he do this? Instead, EVERYONE on the LEFT, to the moderate center would be calling him a Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalist home-grown TERRORIST who was part of a MASSIVE Right-Wing Conspiracy.

But Hasan is a Moslem, not a Christian. Therefore, according to the LEFTISTS and government apologists, America has to find out what it was that AMERICA DID TO HIM to create this situation that put Hasan over the top.

13 people dead – As many as 30 wounded, and the establishment won’t call this a MOSLEM TERRORIST attack, even though the man cried ALLAH AKBAR while he massacred unarmed Americans.

I NEVER thought I would see the day when America would be so TERRIFIED of offending anyone, that the people American’s rely upon most for all of their information, represented by the media and politicians, would be such cowards as to wear blinders rather than see the truth for what it is.

The fact that Obama has already sent a clear message to America’s allies and Islamists worldwide, that he has neither the courage nor the leadership to make a decision on whether or not to fight the enemy of modernity and Secular Freedom, has placed the world at great risk.

That this American born Moslem TERRORIST could murder 13 and wound 30 and NOT be labeled a TERRORIST, and a Moslem TERRORIST at that, also sends a clear message that AMERICA DOES NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO TAKE ON ISLAMO/FASCISM.

President George W Bush and his beautiful First Lady Laura quietly visited the wounded the day after the shooting. They paid their respects and mourned the dead.

Bush, the whipping boy for the LEFT kept America safe. He declared war on TERRORISTS and TERRORISM. He made it clear: “Either you’re with us or you’re with the TERRORISTS”.

So, where were Lord Obama and his Amazon wife the day after the Fort Hood massacre? And what’s Obama’s clear message to those who would murder the INFIDELS in the name of Mohamed and Allah?

Remember this:






Does anyone know where America stands under Obama?

Let me use one of Lord Obama’s favorite phrases: LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR ON THIS:

On November 5, 2009, a MOSLEM TERRORIST on American soil murdered 13 people while wounding 30 others in the name of ALLAH.

That he was American born and an officer in the US military is relevant only to what America will do in the future.

End of story – End of discussion – End of debate: This was a Moslem attack on America!


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. And those of us who never voted for Obama are in this sinking ship with the rats who betrayed us and our nation. I was interested in him for about two minutes. I listened to Obama and realized he is a Socialist, whatever, and voted against him. Color is not important, what’s in a person’s mind and heart is. Three of my four brothers and their family did and do support Obama; some don’t want to hear from or talk to me because I don’t support him. Sad, but that’s life.

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