Islam – The Religion Of Peace According To Obama

Obama has traveled all over the world to diminish and insult the USA.

Obama has traveled worldwide to diminish and insult the USA.

His FIRST public foreign address as President was to the Arab/Moslem World on Al Arabiya television. What would have the world said if Obama’s first foreign address as President was made via an Israeli media?

He gave a speech in Cairo (June 5, 2009) to the Moslem World stating as FACT, that Islam is a GREAT religion that has made enormous contributions to mankind.

Which contributions he never said – I wonder why?

Obama went on to declare how America prospered because of what American Moslems have given to the fabric of the USA.

How so? That too he has never said.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama made it clear for the entire Moslem world to hear that America is NOT a Christian country.

WHY? Why would he say that in a speech to the Moslem World when America is indeed a Christian country? And what was the relevance?

I believe Barack HUSSEIN Obama would have yelled a Halleluiah during Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s speech when he declared with passion: “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”

From Obama’s White House there is NEVER any talk of Moslem TERRORISTS or Islamo/Fascists. Where did they all go?

As a matter of policy by Barack HUSSEIN Obama, there is NO LONGER A WAR ON TERROR, and there are NO TERRORISTS. Is the war over? Did the TERRORISTS surrender? Or did we?

And in Obama’s White House, Ramadan is a Holy Day all Americans should respect, take notice of, and place on a par to great Christian and Jewish Holidays.

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. At least that’s what the Islamists want us to believe. That’s what Obama wants us to believe.

Funny – I can’t recall hearing Rabbis, Priests and Ministers calling for JIHAD against other religions. Does that mean Jews and Christians are opposed to PEACE? Or is it that the definition of PEACE amongst Moslem apologists is so selective that it can be so loosely interpreted?

So, If Islam is indeed the religion of PEACE, how come 13 American soldiers were murdered in COLD BLOOD on November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood in Texas, with as many as 30 more wounded in the name of Islam as the shooter proclaimed ALLAH AKBAR?

And why are there so many new widows and fatherless children, all at the hands of a Moslem murderer, if Islam is the religion of peace according to Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

When the troops arrived in the theater of the first Iraq War, wasn’t it an American Moslem soldier who killed American soldiers while they slept in their tent?

In recent years, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and others have died by the hundreds of thousands at the hands of Moslems, ALL IN THE NAME OF ISLAM. All in the name of Mohamed. All in the name of ALLAH AKBAR.

What kind of religion celebrates the suicide deaths of their own children while murdering the children of others? One Jewish American journalist (Daniel Pearl) was murdered LIVE ON TAPE for the whole world to see, while the Moslem “LOVERS of PEACE” slit his throat.

Just like everything else Obama says. His opinion on Islam isn’t worth a hill of beans or a mountain of manure. Except for the fact that manure has value.

What can Lord Obama possibly say to the victims of the dead soldiers, their families and friends? What will be more important to Obama? Diminishing the Moslem role in this massacre? Or making it clear to all Moslem Americans that what happens in THEIR name is ON THEM?

What makes this terrible tragedy even worse, is the tragedy that is currently occupying the White House.

In spite of what LORD Obama says, Islam is NOT a religion of PEACE. And Obama is not the person to lead the FREE WORLD.

The day of reckoning just might be around the corner.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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