11-3-09 A Referendum On Obama And The Republican Party

For the Democrats and the Republicans, the message couldn’t be clearer. JUST DO THE JOB.

Anyone who says the stunning losses the Democrats endured at the hands of the Conservatives (Republicans) wasn’t a referendum on Barack Hussein Obama on November 3, 2009 is either legitimately misinformed, deluded, or a liar.

I heard several of the Democrat Spin Masters just after the dust settled in Virginia and New Jersey. Their spin was an embarrassment.

Here are some of the GREAT BIG realities that came out of the election results:

People are sick and tired of the snake-oil pitch. They don’t like their politicians. They’re fed-up with social engineering. And all they want from the people who they put in office, are for them to do the job they were elected to do.

For the Democrats and the Republicans, the message couldn’t be clearer. JUST DO THE JOB. Don’t get into my life. And stay out of my pocket. And create the conditions necessary for job growth and wealth retention.


The American people who carry the weight of the nation upon their shoulders are amongst the minority.

They are NOT the tax-paid civil servants. Nor are they the academics and intellectuals. They are NOT the lawyers and accountants. And certainly, they are NOT the Hollywood, showbiz and entertainment types.

The carrier’s of America’s many burdens are also NOT the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch with hands outstretched for every FREEBIE within their grasp.

And they are NOT the UNIONISTS who have neither the courage, the ability, nor the commitment to create wealth by owning and operating their own businesses.

The folk who are NOT amongst the above-mentioned are the majority of people who spoke with a very LOUD and CLEAR voice on November 3, 2009.

The people who sent the message through their votes are the Tea Baggers. They are working people who mind their own business, live by their values, believe in those RIGHTS guaranteed by the BEST Constitution on the planet, AND GIVE MORE THAN WHAT THEY TAKE.

Look who didn’t vote on November 3, 2009 – The Democrats are blaming the poor turnout by the Black Community compared to the number of Blacks who turned out to vote-in Barack Hussein Obama Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm.

If they had a brain in their collective heads, the LEFTISTS would keep their mouths shut instead of proving with remarks such as this, that when there’s nothing in it for the MOST VOCIFEROUS community in America, they couldn’t be bothered.

I know, even though it is the absolute truth, just saying it makes me a racist. But then again, the people are fed-up with that too.

This enormous message left at the polls should not be lost on the Republicans, because not all that deep down inside, many of them in Congress are really no better than their counterparts.

What the people want is truth and simplicity. They want jobs, affordable housing not buried in taxes, affordable energy with which to either warm or cool their homes and offices, and affordable fuel for their cars and trucks.

They want to earn their money and not watch most of it disappear into a government septic tank through their taxes.

They want police and court security for themselves, their children and their properties where the criminals are treated like criminals and the victims like victims.

The people want to know that they are protected from foreign enemies, and from enemies within. They want to be assured that the people they trust for security are not the people who are going to take that security away.

They want legislation that is printed on a few pages rather than on thousands of pages no one really reads or can really understand. And they don’t want legislators to make dirty deals behind closed doors.

And for the Republicans, there is the Sarah Palin message that better resonate with them. The people are fed-up with representatives who do not reflect their values or wishes, but nonetheless carry the Republican banner.

Only cowards sit on the fence. The people said on November 3, 2009 that they’ve had it with cowards. If you’re going to be Republican, then be a Republican, not like the trash the Party insiders chose (Dede Scozzafava) to represent them in the 23rd District of New York.

The people have had more than their belly-fill with the likes of Maine Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. They despise the turncoat Arlen Specter. And the level of respect and trust for John McCain who couldn’t say enough NICE THINGS about Obama during the campaign is all but gone.

Sarah Palin dropped the gauntlet when she endorsed a Conservative candidate over the walking/talking disaster chosen by the Republican Elitists behind closed doors.

If the Republican Party ever wants to win the House and the Presidency, they better take a long hard look at what happened on November 3, 2009 and understand why it went down the way that it did.

It’s too bad that the Conservative candidate Hoffman lost in District 23. But his loss can be fully laid at the feet of the Republican Party Insiders.

November 3, 2009 was a referendum on Obama and on the policies of the Republican Party. In all, it was GREAT night.

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So we all have to play our part. North America, your country (USA) and mine (Canada) both have a great deal to lose if we simply stand by as mere spectators allowing the BASTARDS to do us in.

So let’s keep at it.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard…Hope you read this…..Panetta’s book is a screening ploy to make Hillary look better. He is a lot closer to Bill and Hillary than he ever is or was to Obama! Poor Hillary was stifled by an inept boss. Hillary was disadvantaged. Panetta is a shrewed politician.

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