A Victory For Sarah


Today’s elections (Tuesday, November 3/09) in Virginia, New Jersey and Northern New York State are extremely important to the United States of America, FAR MORE SO than most people understand.

The biggest indication of their importance comes directly from the White House where everyone from Axelrod to Gibbs are preempting the NON importance of the results.

In Shakespeare’s famous line from Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks” sums it all up, if you change the word Lady for White House.

If these elections weren’t of critical importance to the White House and LORD Barack Hussein Obama, they wouldn’t so much as utter a word about them, let alone send so many of their heavy guns including Obama to the shoot-outs.

But, in spite of, and because of White House protestations, these elections are CRITICAL.


If Obama loses Virginia as it is looking – this is big.

If Obama loses New Jersey as it looks like he might, this will be catastrophic for the Democrats and all of their LEFTIST pals.

And even if the Democrats pull New Jersey out of the fire as they might, a razor thin victory in one of the most Liberal States in the Union would be a major loss.

But – To my mind, the biggest victory of all for the Conservative Republicans and the Nation will be a victory for Sarah Palin in North Eastern New York District 23, where a simple My Space comment by Palin turned the entire campaign and the Republican Party on its ear.

Palin’s star attraction is so powerful, that her support for a real Conservative over the phony Republican Scozzafava sent a shot across the bow of the listing ship Republican, while simultaneously creating a whole new political reality in America.

I listened to a Kerry strategist on FOX News this morning, as he referred to Sarah Palin as someone the Democrats LOVE as much as they do Beck and Limbaugh. He clearly intimated that she was stupid and incapable of understanding important issues.



The soft Conservatives in the Republican Party are now on notice, especially if Hoffman the Independent wins.

But, far more important than that, for the first time since Ronald Reagan, the Democrats have an opponent who won’t play nice by their LEFTIST rules of political engagement, as did John McCain. Who won’t ask for mercy. Who won’t take prisoners. And who won’t speak in ‘politicalese’.

Like George W Bush, Sarah Palin says what she means and means what she says. But, unlike George W Bush, she will say it eloquently.

Here is my prediction for tonight:

The Republicans will sweep it all including the Lieutenant Governor’s office, and the office of Attorney General in Virginia.

After this crushing victory by Conservative Republicans tonight, I can’t imagine that the so-called Blue Dogs are so stupid as to not see what’s in store for them if they vote for the disasters presented to the American people by Obama. Pelosi and Reid.

MORE – I think that a GRAND-SLAM victory in all of these elections will make non Blue Dog Democrats think long and hard about getting into the Obama, Pelosi and Reid meat grinder.

I will be spending this evening in front of the television (FOX News) watching the results as they come in, in anticipation of great results worth celebrating.

But make no mistake about this:

Even before the votes are counted, Sarah Palin has already won the single largest victory. And by extension, so has the Republican Party and the American people.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You always amaze me! Your passion for the ‘correct’, (note I didn’t say ‘Right’) issues, that SHOULD be the common sensical viewpoint, (which I firmly believe are shared by more folks than those saying they support it). It’s telling me perhaps we need to outlaw both the Democratic and Republican parties, forget a “Third” party, and just become a country called America, and kill the “big money” that in fact is consistently and viciously fighting to control both the vote , the legislators.

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