Murder By Suicide – Coming To Your Community Soon

Whether we want to imagine it or not, this is the enemy we are facing in our worst nightmare.

During the murderous Palestinian Intifada of 2002/03, where the whole world saw daily attacks on Jews in Israel at the hands of Moslem Arabs that targeted groups and individuals regardless of age, gender, or position in life, the common refrain from the UN was silence.

According to the Palestinian murderers and their apologists, every Jew in Israel was fair game, since every Jew would either become, or was a member of Israel’s citizen army.

And since this form of TERRORISM was focused almost exclusively on Jews in Israel, the world reaction was more than just muted.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon made it very clear to the entire world, that what was happening to Israel at the hands of Islam will not just happen in Israel.

That this assault on humanity at the hands of Islamists who worshipped and celebrated death more than they did life would sooner rather than later spread to other nations.


We are seeing this Murder by Suicide tactic used throughout the Moslem world. Human bombs explode near-daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So, anyone who thinks it won’t happen here in North America is deluded. It certainly happened with a vengeance in Spain (Madrid Train Bombings) and England (London Subway & Bus Bombers).

It hasn’t happened in Israel since the Israelis decided to respond in force to Suicide Murders and other forms of TERRORIST attacks. Not to say that it can’t or won’t happen there again. But, Israel is constantly on guard for the attack, so much so that whole military and paramilitary units are committed ONLY to their prevention.

Also, Israel has made it abundantly clear that the consequences of Suicide Murders and TERRORIST murders by other means will be answered with a swift, lethal and DISPROPORTIONATE response. The wars on Gaza and Hezbollah are perfect examples of massive retribution.

It seems that the Islamists got the message – At least for the time being.


It seems to me that we in the USA and Canada are walking along a path in a fog oblivious to the cliff we’re about to step over.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT – Islam is on the ascendancy, and Islamists are bound and determined to do whatever it takes to make the world bow before Allah in sheer obedience of his prophet Mohamed.

Of the many problems with us in the West, is that we’ve become conditioned through our LEFTIST philosophies to accept the legitimacy of what is the LEAST legitimate. Many within our society celebrate, tolerate or are amused by the desecration of Christian symbols, who at the same time urge tolerance of others who are the most intolerant themselves, who wish us the worst.

But, perhaps the biggest problem of all is our naiveté.

Since the founding of our nations, we on the North American Continent, with the exception of the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and the second attack on 9/11, have NEVER been assaulted by a foreign enemy.

We don’t know what it means to have people murder our family and friends for no reason other than ideological.

We have never seen, nor can most of us ever imagine what it would be like to witness our cities being bombed, our infrastructures destroyed, our mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends raped and tortured as a weapon of fear and loathing.

We can’t imagine what it would be like to be hunted down in the streets and cellars while we scrambled for shelter, food and water.

We also can’t imagine an enemy so devoid of passion, that he and/or she would look upon us as UNTERMENSCHEN (lower than life), whose life is of little worth.

But, whether we want to imagine it or not, this is the enemy we are facing in our worst nightmare.

It was just 70 years ago this past September when Nazi hordes invaded Poland causing the greatest World Conflict ever, where SIX MILLION people were murdered in the vilest way just for being Jews.

What made this crime even more unfathomable is that citizens of the most sophisticated nations on earth carried it out.

Imagine what people who are amongst the LEAST sophisticated people on earth are capable of, especially people who are mired in an intense messianic belief that encourages them to celebrate when their own children are slaughtered (martyred) for their cause?

To those amongst us who rail against people such as myself who are ringing the warning bell, I must ask if the evidence before us all is not sufficiently overwhelming for them to be as alarmed as me?

If the LEFTISTS think that humanity is less capable of genocide today than it was yesterday, it’s not as if the Holocaust is a distant memory, or Rwanda, or Darfur, or the Congo, or Somalia, or Ethiopia, or the Syrian city of Hama, or the gassing of Iraqi Kurds, or the Iraqi/Iranian war, or Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or vicious TERRORIST attacks in Indonesia.

But, even closer to home was the war that is still simmering in the Balkans, where Islam and Christianity led to massive slaughters on both sides. And don’t forget which side the West took as Clinton ordered the NATO bombing of the Balkan Christians.

When the real attack comes to our shores, led by the Islamic enemy within, MOST of the continent will stand there bug-eyed wondering how did this happen, just like Neville Chamberlain is reported to have said on his deathbed: “But Mr Hitler gave me his word.”

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t know what we should fear the most “Ebola” or the “friendly” Muslins of the world. There you go, I said it!!!

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