Suck And Blow Equality In Canada

Canada is neither a French country, nor is it a bilingual country regardless of what the politicians and Justices of the Supreme Court say. But Quebec is indeed a French NATION.

In Canada, there are so many interpretations of Constitutional Rights that one needs a scorecard just to keep track. If you’re an American, pay close attention to this editorial, because with Obama, Reid and Pelosi on the loose, your country is not that far behind.

West of Ontario, starting at Manitoba going all the way to British Columbia, it is ILLEGAL and a jailable offence to sell wheat and other grains on the open market. All grain sales must go through the government managed Wheat Board to be sold at a price determined not by the grower, but rather by government bureaucrats.

But East of Manitoba, starting with Ontario right through to the Maritimes, anyone can sell wheat and other grains to whomever they wish at any price they wish.

In the ethnocentric province of Quebec, which has within the last couple of years been recognized by Canada’s Parliament as a “NATION” within a nation, the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language is AGAINST the law.

Yet, in other parts of Canada, notably in the English speaking province of Ontario, where about 4% of the ENTIRE population describe themselves to be French speakers, there are communities with significant French speaking populations near Ottawa that have passed laws making the sole use of English on commercial signs AGAINST THE LAW.

More to the point: ONCE Quebec is removed from the Canadian mix, since Quebec sees itself as a NATION instead of a province, LESS THAN 3% of the ENTIRE Canadian population considers themselves to be French speakers.

That noted, MORE than 35% of Canada’s senior civil servants are French speakers, most of whom come from Quebec, since Ottawa has determined that Canada is a bilingual country and must reflect this bilingualism throughout its ENTIRE federal bureaucracy.

So, how does Canada describe itself as a bilingual country when 97% of its French speakers live in the xenophobic NATION of Quebec that makes the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language ILLEGAL?

The Olympics are coming to British Columbia this winter (2010). British Columbia’s French speaking community is hard-pressed to number 1% of the total BC population. And of the 1%, 100% must speak English if they hope to function in this Pacific province.

But, in order for Ottawa to carry on the pretense that Canada is a bilingual country, these British Columbian Olympics are deemed to be bilingual and a reflection of the myth Ottawa is force-feeding upon the Canadian people and the rest of the world.

To do this, the Federal Government is smothering British Columbia in French language signs wherever they can be posted. BUT MORE: Canada is paying a small fortune to ship-in French speakers, mostly from Quebec who will work the grounds at these Olympics.

This subterfuge is in itself a mockery to truth. But, where it has real effect, is that a huge number of Western Canadians who hunger for these Olympic jobs are being turned away because they can’t speak French.

When all the dust settles, I imagine these Olympics will be a huge money-loser for British Columbia. So just think of the insult on injury to the people who will be paying for this folly for a generation or more with their tax dollars, who were not allowed to profit with jobs at their own Olympics because they weren’t French.


What do you think the chances would be for Canada’s Supreme Court Justices to rule in favor of the following?

1 – A language law in the Rest of Canada that would make the UNRESTRICTED use of the French language AGAINST the law?

2 – A Canadian civil service hiring policy where ONLY English speakers are considered for a job, with less than 1% (3/4 of 1%) of the total civil service being French?

3 – An educational policy that bans all children from receiving a publicly funded French education anywhere in the Rest of Canada, except for those who can PROVE their French-Canadian bona fides, where at least one of the parents of the child was educated somewhere within Greater Canada in the French language?

4 – All commercial signs in Canada MUST be in the English language, with French permitted as long as it is half the size, or half as many. But, French is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances on moving vehicles or on off-premises signs such as billboards?

5 – All government signs in the Rest of Canada, including highway instructions and safety notices are mandated to be ONLY in the English language?

6 – That the Rest of Canada passes a law mandating that Quebec stands entirely upon its own without equalization payments, grants and special funding for Quebec-based industries?

7 – That federally chartered corporations such as banks and insurance companies MUST have their head offices located in the Rest of Canada, where English is the ONLY ‘legitimate’ language?

8 – That Quebecers in the construction industry cannot work anywhere in the Rest of Canada, while Canadians from the Rest of Canada can work in Quebec?

9 – That all French names associated with municipalities, street signs, landmarks etc, be obliterated in preference to English names throughout the Rest of Canada?

10 – That English is the ONLY official language of the Rest of Canada?

Our current Supreme Court Justices would have NONE of the preceding, yet, these are the laws and practices of the NATION of Quebec, which the Court continuously defends.

Make no mistake about where I stand on INDIVIDUAL & GROUP RIGHTS. I believe that everyone in a true democracy should be able to follow his or her dream without government impositions as long as those dreams do not invade or impose themselves upon the dreams and rights of others.

I never had any problem with Quebec being as French as it wants to be, but NOT by imposing their language, culture and values upon others. But regardless of what I think or thought, that ship has already sailed.

Canada is neither a French country, nor is it a bilingual country regardless of what the politicians and Justices of the Supreme Court say. But Quebec is indeed a French NATION.

With willing political sell-outs in Ottawa, and compliant English speaking Quislings in Quebec, Quebec has managed to literally wipe the English presence out of their ethnocentric NATION.

And maybe they were right to do so, since history has proven that two cultures cannot adequately govern one society – At least not effectively.

That said: It’s time to stop trying to suck and blow simultaneously.

I fully acknowledge that Quebec is a FRENCH NATION. Now let’s stop pretending that Canada is somehow bilingual with a prominent French history, and let our two cultures separate themselves from each other so we can both find our own level.

In the meantime, I will continue to challenge all government legislation in the Rest of Canada, especially in Ontario where English RIGHTS are being diminished in favor of French RIGHTS.

I do this, simply because unlike our politicians, judges and Anglo Quislings, I have not yet discovered HOW TO SIMULTANEOUSLY SUCK AND BLOW.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Shirley Friedman
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    There is no one like Howard his insights is that of a master mind reader and he is correct every time. This post will effect everyone reading it, no one will be left out. We are getting deeper and deeper in a hole and this presidency is only making it increase in crisis in just about every aspect of our lives. No one can be more explicit than Howard, take a look it effects all of us in one way or another!

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