Yet Another Slap In The Face Courtesy Of The Supreme Court

This isn’t the first time Canada’s Supreme Court has shown it’s true yellow-belly when defending Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To the many Americans who read, this is what is in store for your country once the LEFT sits in the majority of your Supreme Court. Just think Spanish.

When I finally figured it out, I understood why I, and no one else should be a fan of Canada’s judicial system, since it actually excludes justice from the general population, while employing far too many judges who are so far removed from everyday society, that their world is nothing like the world occupied by those in whom they sit in judgment.

On Thursday, October 22, 2009, my GOOD FRIEND Brent Tyler won a HUGE decision for RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS in Canada, those FREEDOMS that are supposedly GUARANTEED by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But, as usual, instead of simply ruling on behalf of TRUTH & JUSTICE, the entire Supreme Court showed its utter contempt for the people and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms they have been appointed to protect.


Quebec’s RACIST and XENOPHOBIC language law, BILL 101, makes the UNRESTRICTED use of the English language in the “NATION” of Quebec ILLEGAL.

Bill 101 is an all-encompassing JIM CROW type law against all languages and cultures that are not FRENCH QUEBECOIS.

BUT MOSTLY, it’s an outright attack on everything English in Quebec, including the long and extraordinarily successful history of contributions and accomplishments of Quebec’s former English speaking population.

Bill 101’s PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to eradicate the face and voice of English in Quebec. It is nothing less than ETHNIC-CLEANSING without the blood.

The proud, wealthy and productive English population that once upon a time numbered close to one million people in Quebec, has been reduced to several hundred thousand. And of the several hundred thousand Anglos who are left within Quebec, a huge number are well past the age of retirement.

These older folk will die and take Quebec’s Anglo history with them to their graves. And if that isn’t enough, to make certain there will be no Anglo resurgence in Quebec, successive Quebec governments and their useful idiot Anglo appeasers have virtually choked off any growth in the English PUBLIC educational system which is paid in whole through English tax dollars.

Quebec’s language law FORBIDS any student from attending an English public school, even if that student is coming from an English speaking country such as the USA or England – OR EVEN FROM WITHIN CANADA.

The law states that in order to qualify for publicly paid English education in Quebec, at least one of the child’s parents must have been educated in English within Canada.

The exception to this draconian rule is totally private education, where no government money is involved. But, after attending just one year in a private English school, students used to be eligible to attend a public English school within Quebec.

In 2002, the Quebec government passed another language law, BILL 104 that outlawed this practice. Constitutional Lawyer Brent Tyler took it to court. And after a seven-year battle, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Quebec’s Bill 104 with a proviso.

The elitist Supreme Court of Canada said that Bill 104 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and struck it down.

BUT . . .

In their infinite cowardice and proclivity not to rock the political boat, they gave Quebec one year to come up with another way to block children wanting an English Public Education in Quebec.

WORSE – The children who were the subject of the court challenge from 7 years earlier are still PROHIBITED from attending public English schools even though the law that prevented them from doing so was overturned.


But, this isn’t the first time Canada’s Supreme Court has shown it’s true yellow-belly when defending Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In it’s FIRST ruling on Quebec’s sign law that effectively prohibited all English on commercial signs from 1977 on, the Supreme Court said that it is contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a government to make the use of any language illegal, but then went on to rule that Quebec has the RIGHT to make the French language MORE prominent than all other languages.

This ruling by the Supreme Court accepted the premise and established the legitimacy that all other languages, and by extension all other cultures other than French in the NATION of Quebec were inferior to French.

There is a litany of jurisprudence from the Supreme Court that repeats this travesty when Quebec is concerned, so much so as to literally render Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms IRRELEVANT.

It is impossible to hold any amount of respect for a body that does not have the courage of conviction to rule according to the clear principles established in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It is additionally impossible to hold any trust that a fair judgment will be rendered when Canada’s Supreme Court establishes double standards of JUSTICE and RIGHTS based upon ones language and culture.

What makes all of this even more sickening is how our courts throughout the land are playing politics with THEIR Charter interpretations, rather than adhering to the clear meaning of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


When the inherent Rights and Freedoms of any society become negotiable or pliable in the hands of ideologues or self-fancied philosopher kings, it signals that the end is near for the progress and development of society.

If there is no trust in the sound and unbiased judgment of our courts, then what do we have to depend upon to maintain balance, security and order?

And where do we turn to for JUSTICE?

In the debate over language and culture where the French language and Quebec are concerned, this is how xenophobes fight:

1 – If you can’t beat them with an honest debate – Vilify them.

In THEIR strategy, if you stand against THEIR efforts to promote THEIR language and culture on the backs of others – YOU’RE A RACIST AND FRANCOPHOBE!

2 – If you can’t vilify them – Depend upon compliant judges appointed by crooked vote buying politicians who care more for their own careers than they do for the betterment of Canada.

And if none of that works – INTIMIDATION.

A rank ethnocentric Quebecois nationalist group, which has a history of violence and intimidation are planning to pay Brent Tyler’s Montreal office a visit this October 28 just to let him know that they know who he is and where he works.

And what will the Quebec authorities do about it? NOTHING.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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