The Blowback Of Demagoguery Through The Charge Of Racism

It seems to me that the LEFT are virtually the ONLY ones using anti-Black RACISM, this most horrible form of Demagoguery to silence their legitimate critics.

Here’s an OXYMORON for you:

There is a QUIET/RAGING debate going on about racism throughout North America.

I write that it is QUIET because no one except a few want to talk about it. And when they do, it seems to be in whispers.

It is RAGING because it is endemic, and sooner rather than later, it will explode.

What is unique about this racism is that it seems to me to be coming from one political bent. And that political bent is from the LEFT who believe they’ve got the lock and ONLY key on morality.

In Canada, the accusation of racism is centered upon people such as myself, who oppose LINGUISTIC AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, where it is quite acceptable to deny competent people jobs in the public and private sectors because they are NOT French.

It is acceptable, even laudable in Canada amongst LEFTISTS to outlaw the unrestricted use of the English language, and rewrite history to virtually erase Anglo accomplishments and contributions in Quebec, but specifically in and around Greater Montreal, in order to prop-up myths about Canada’s French communities.

To Canadian LEFTISTS, people who stand against these policies are Francophobes and racists of the worst kind. Therefore, it has become very politically unpopular for people to stand against any kind of Franco Activism that either takes away or restricts Anglo RIGHTS.


They also call me a racist because I don’t want to change our Secular way of life that has shaped our country based upon Judeo/Christian values to accommodate Moslems or any other immigrant group.

Or because I detest the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING Bunch who want me to pay for their play.

In the United States of America, it has become fashionable by the LEFT to paint anyone who opposes Obama’s policies as being a racist. Therefore, if the Lord Obama is spending the USA into bankruptcy and you rail against it – You’re a racist.

If you question Obama’s close 20 year relationships with vile men such as the America-hating, White-hating, and Jew-hating Reverend Wright of the Black Liberationist Church in Chicago – You’re a racist.

If you expose Obama’s close ties to William Ayers, America’s domestic 1960’s TERRORIST and Ayer’s jailbird TERRORIST wife Bernardine Dohrn – You’re a racist.

If you oppose his WORLD APOLOGY TOURS – You’re a racist.

If you are upset with Obama’s embrace of Islam, while he denounces Christianity such as: “AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY” – You’re a racist.

If you oppose his position on Israel, such as: “Israeli Settlements are an obstacle to peace” and “Israel must be prepared to make painful concessions” – You’re a racist.

If you’re upset with Obama’s takeover of American Banks and the Auto Industry at taxpayer expense – You’re a racist.

If you oppose the nationalization of Healthcare in America, making it a jailable offense NOT TO BUY HEALTHCARE INSURANCE – You’re a racist.

If you oppose Obama’s desire to remove the secret ballot from the unionization of America – You’re a racist.

If you are against Obama’s wish to silence Conservative Talk-Radio by reintroducing the so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine’ – You’re a racist.

Who’s made these accusations most recently?

Former Presidents Carter and Clinton did. But, when cornered on their proclamations of Conservative racism against Obama, they instantly claim that their comments were taken out of context, WHICH THEY WERE NOT.

It seems to me that the LEFT are virtually the ONLY ones using anti-Black RACISM, this most horrible form of Demagoguery to silence their legitimate critics.

In Canada, if you fight for EQUAL RIGHTS and MERITOCRACY, it means that you are somehow ANTI-FRENCH and UN-CANADIAN, making you a linguistic racist.

In the USA, if you’re against SOCIALIZING the country, as Obama is doing at full pitch, to the LEFTISTS it REALLY means that you’re against Obama because he’s Black, but not because of his policies, and that makes you the WORST kind of racist.

The other night (October 12, 2009) on the Hannity Show on FOX News, Bob Beckel served on Hannity’s political forum of three people.

Beckel is a regular guest on the Hannity Show and a FOX News contributor. His role on Hannity’s panel and as a FOX News Contributor is to give the perspective from the LEFT.

Beckel is a LIBERAL from his head to his toes.

He’s worked on the Robert F Kennedy Presidential run in 1968. He was a Carter insider and the youngest person ever to serve as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. And he was Walter Mondale’s Presidential Campaign Manager in 1984. How’s that for LEFTIST credentials?

But, like MOST LEFTISTS, he’s NEVER had a REAL job, which by no means stopped him or slowed him down from being an expert on how the rest of us who are really productive, make things, and provide needed services should live our lives.

Also on the panel of three people was a television actress, Morgan Brittany who appeared on the old television drama Dallas. She presented a strong and well laid-out Conservative view.

The third panelist was Darrell Issa, a Republican Member of The House of Representatives of the 49th District of California.

Before becoming a Congressman, Issa was an entrepreneur who owned and ran a successful Auto Security business. He was also one of the people who contributed enormously to removing the neer-do-well California Governor Gray Davis from office.

As a California politician, Darrell Issa co-chaired the Committee that implemented California’s Civil Rights Initiative. He is also one of those rare members of Congress to come out before it was fashionable to take on and expose ACORN.

I wanted to set the stage for the following, by establishing the bona fides of the two main players, Beckel and Issa.

During the give and take on the panel, it was brought-up that one couldn’t criticize Obama without being called a racist, to which Beckel immediately weighed in DEMANDING proof, which was instantly given in the statements by Carter and Clinton who both said that opposition to Obama is because of his skin color.

During the heat of the back and forth between Beckel and Issa, Issa said that it was impossible to berate Obama’s policies without being tagged a racist such as:

The way Obama has got in the face of Israel . . .

To which Beckel immediately responded:

Fine – Now that you’ve just SATISFIED your JEWISH constituents . . .

To which Issa said:

I am a proud ARAB AMERICAN who wants to see REAL PEACE . . .


Was I the ONLY one to hear what the ANTI-RACIST LIBERAL Beckel said in his response to racism?

What would Beckel and EVERY other LEFTIST say if Issa had said what Beckel said with one subtle difference?


Fine – Now that you’ve just satisfied your BLACK constituents . . . ?

You know exactly what Beckel and all of the others of his stripe would have said. THEY WOULD BE SCREAMING RACISM till blood spurted from their eyes and ears.

This kind of attitude of the LEFT, and far too many within the Black Community is something that can and will come back to bite them all on their collective ass.

Before closing, I just want to put Norway, the Nobel CONSCIENCE of the world into a different perspective:

During WWII, Vidkun Quisling was Norway’s political leader who served, aided, and abetted the Nazis between 1940 and 1945, to the detriment of his country and all things that were moral and noble.

Quisling has become synonymous to describe any person in authority who sells out his own country while in leadership – I hope Obama enjoys his Norwegian prize. ENOUGH SAID.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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