Who’s The Decider?

At this pace, if he keeps it up, The NOBEL Committee will have to create a whole new category for Quislings, and call it the Barack Obama Prize.

The LEFT used to take great glee in poking fun at the way George W Bush spoke. And why not, since he was such an easy target?

What made President George W Bush such an easy target is that he says things in ways that are very much out the ordinary from what we are used to by polished politicians.

BUT – Everyone understood what President George W Bush meant.

His friends and allies knew and understood what he said. His political opponents knew and understood what he said. And so did his and America’s many enemies.

One of the clearest statements Bush ever made was: I AM THE DECIDER. Which to me, was akin to Truman’s famous: “The Buck Stops Here”.

For this simple statement that was as clear as crystal, George W Bush was ridiculed and pilloried in the press.

How dumb a thing for a President to say; was the LEFTIST mantra. But, dumb or not, EVERYONE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANT.

So, let’s fast-forward to today – Nine months into the Presidency of Lord Obama who is surrounded by everyone who seems to be in charge including the outsiders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, to the insiders Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs and Valerie Jarrett.

Ask anyone of them who’s in charge, and they’ll all tell you that Obama is the President, but in their own minds they believe that each one of them is in charge.

Then there are the 36 or more unaccountable Czars, many of whom are of GREAT ILL REPUTE and self admitted LEFTIST America-haters. They’re also in charge.

In the Bush White House though, there was never any question who was in charge and who was the DECIDER.

As a great administrator, George W Bush delegated to the people he believed could do the job. He trusted Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice to name a few of the few.

But no one ever questioned who the DECIDER was.

He didn’t surround himself with kiss-ass sycophants and lone cowboys making policy in the President’s name. He also didn’t cede national security to the leaders of the Senate or the House of Representatives.


For this, the world hated George W Bush with venom that was so far over the top to make it surreal. They hated George W Bush because he was an unabashed American.

Because he stood for world FREEDOM.

Because he called the bad guys out and named them.

Because he sent the forces of hurt worldwide to hunt down and kill those who were the enemies of America, Modernity, Democracy and FREEDOM.

They hated George W Bush because he stood resolutely beside America’s allies. BUT MOSTLY, BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T THROW ISRAEL UNDER THE BUS!


Now look at the contrast between George W Bush and Barack Obama.

Obama is America’s APOLOGIST-IN-CHIEF, who has gone on world tours to apologize to everyone for EVERYTHING America has ever done while ignoring all of the GREAT things, FAR TOO MANY TO MENTION.

He apologized to the Europeans, the Asians, the South Americans, the Arabs and the Moslems.


How much do they love the idea that Obama is selling out the country that ‘might’ or might not be of his birth? So much so, that they gave him the Nobel PEACE PRIZE.

What’s really interesting about the awarding of this prize to Obama was that it was made within the first 12 days of his Presidency, before he even had an opportunity to figure out where the bathrooms were in his new home.


Why did the world rush to bestow such an honor on this President, even before he had an opportunity to do anything other than apologize in his FIRST-EVER foreign speech as President, where he chose to do it on Al Arabiya Television?

Since taking over the Presidency only 9 months ago, Obama has divided America like it hasn’t been divided since the Civil War.

He is destroying the US dollar. He is trying to bury the secret union membership ballot. He is doing everything he can to cripple the best healthcare system on the planet, instead of simply improving upon it.

Obama has openly attacked the American business community, which he will do everything he can to bury, when he imposes the ridiculous ‘climate change’ Cap And Trade, or more appropriately, the CAP AND TAX program.

Obama wants to reinstate the FDR Fairness Doctrine that will restrict Conservative Radio Broadcasting. In other words shutting them up or shutting them down.

In essence, the harm Obama is doing to the United States of America, and what he has already achieved in just 9 months, is greater than all the damage America’s many enemies have been able to do to the United States of America in America’s Two and a Half Century lifetime.


To give you a perspective on those who win Nobel PEACE PRIZES, they are people who have generally done NOTHING to improve the condition of the world, but are nonetheless honored by a bunch of Euro-Trash Elitists.

Let me start with Jimmy Carter who in 2002 won the Peace Prize for signing an agreement with North Korea during Clinton’s Presidency, essentially to end North Korea’s Nuclear Proliferation.

A couple of days before Carter was to be presented with his Prize, the North Koreans made it public that they had lied, and during the time period Carter the Dufus was diddling around with them, they actually made a nuke.

Carter was given the Peace Prize anyway. The Nobel Committee simply changed the reason why.

Al Gore won the Peace Prize because he produced “An Inconvenient Truth”, his LEFTIST Academy Award Winning America-Bashing Documentary that was predicated upon lies and junk science. But he was enough of a LEFTIST and America basher to qualify.

Mohammed El Baradei, the UN’s Nuclear Watchdog won the Peace Prize for his work in containing non-proliferation. He’s done such a good job of it, that Iran will soon have an arsenal of nukes and probably be at war with Israel. Hopefully at war on the losing end before they build the nukes El Baradei was supposed to have contained.

Yasser Arafat, the father of modern-day TERRORISM whose hands were drenched in the blood of innocent men, women and CHILDREN won the Peace Prize because he stood beside President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for a photo opportunity.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin won it because he sold out his nation’s security for a fake promise of peace with the TERRORIST Arafat. The Nobel Committee loves it when Conservative Democracies, especially the Jewish Democracy of Israel takes steps toward national suicide.

And after all is said and done, even though America’s most beloved International President has yet to make any real decisions to benefit any people, he is honored by the world.

And while he is being honored, Obama is dithering about his own war in Afghanistan, leaving his Generals and Troops to hang out in the wind while he tries to DECIDE what to do by multiple committees.

He has delighted the Russians, the Arabs and the Moslems by selling-out the Czechs, the Poles and the Israelis in the same week.

He is terrifying the Western Europeans with his reckless spending. And he has Russia, China and Saudi Arabia talking about dropping the US Dollar as the World Currency Standard.

At this pace, if he keeps it up, The NOBEL Committee will have to create a whole new category for Quislings, and call it the Barack Obama Prize.

George W Bush made mistakes – Everyone and every President makes mistakes. But no one can ever suggest that George W Bush wasn’t the DECIDER. Nor could anyone question his single greatest loyalty.

Where George W Bush did everything to protect his country and his people, in spite of being DESPISED by elitists of all stripe, and Euro-Trash in particular, Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to do the opposite.

Who would you rather have in the White House? A DECIDER who would walk on red-hot burning coals to protect his country, his people and World FREEDOM?

Or a chronic APOLOGIZER who CAN’T DECIDE whether or not to support his own Generals and Troops, to carry out a strategy of his own making?

In a way, I’m sort of happy that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, simply because it demonstrates to the American people that American Self-Hate is all that it takes to be loved by the rest of the World.

The MORE you can diminish your own country (USA) – The more the world will love you. At that, Barack Obama is without equal.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your latest comment is right on the Bullseye. Obama is a complete asshole and should not even be in charge of a shit house. He is the most Pathetic Politician in the White House the USA has ever seen. Maybe someone will eliminate him soon, I Hope.

    Terry Maloney.

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