The Public Healthcare Entitlement

Some people in Canada were so upset with me, that they could hardly contain their vitriol.

I couldn’t believe the volume of letters I received yesterday, concerning my editorial on Healthcare titled: What You Really Should Know About Obama’s US Healthcare (Monday, October 05, 2009).

Some people in Canada were so upset with me, that they could hardly contain their vitriol. One writer wrote: I’ll keep my healthcare any day over what they have in the States.

Several Canadian writers suggested that I move to the USA.


In today’s National Post Newspaper (October 6, 2009) on page A10, there is a significant article about Canada’s Healthcare policies with a focus on the Province of Ontario where Anne and I live.

Healthcare consumes 43% of our budget. What that means is this:

When we take into account all services provided by the government, including everything from education, to policing, to firefighting to the military, forty-three cents of every dollar goes towards just one service.

The author of this article (Nadeem Esmail) also ranks the efficiency of our healthcare second to last in comparison to other similar international and regional healthcare services.

Healthcare costs are also just a tickle away from $43 BILLION dollars annually. That’s very serious money when looking at a nation the size of Canada with a total population base of just 33,000,000 people.

As it is, Canada is one of the most taxed countries amongst the world’s more successful Democracies. So, where is there financial room for Ontario to keep a failing system from getting worse, let alone improving upon it?

The truth is that there is no room for our Ontario Healthcare Services to maintain itself or improve without drastic changes, in spite of how angered some people were with my editorial.

The other truth is how we in Canada have come to accept entitlements as part of our national due, whether it is Healthcare, Daycare, Welfare – etc.

But, what’s really incredible is how MOST Canadians don’t even consider where the money comes from to pay for all of these government services.

I am watching this SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING attitude developing in the USA, especially around the debate for better Healthcare. And it’s frightening.

I’ll use Obama’s favorite expression:


There are no free rides. Governments do not have money. Governments do not EARN money. Governments do not create wealth. Governments are the worst administrators anywhere. They are wasteful, incompetent and in MOST cases corrupt.

The other thing everyone should NEVER forget about government is this:

Entitlements are created specifically for politicians to buy the votes of the majority of people who generally tend not to be entrepreneurs, employers, and/or creators of jobs and wealth.

The people in government who make vital decisions that affect everyone, are virtually always incapable of making those decisions as entrepreneurs in the private sector, because if they were, they wouldn’t be in government.

Now think about Healthcare.

We have a gigantic entitlement most people want increased. But, they don’t think about the actual costs of maintaining this fiscal giant. Nor do they consider where the people who do the real work (doctors, nurses, radiologists, technicians, etc) come from. Nor do they ponder who’s going to pay for all of this.

Here is a stark reality without any gray areas.


And here is yet another truth (according to me) that will really piss-off my detractors:

Where is it written that I have to suffer inadequate Healthcare to benefit someone else – especially since I’m prepared to work for what I get?

The accompanying audio editorial deals with entitlements including publicly funded Healthcare. At one point it will all collapse upon it’s own weight.

To my American readers and listeners: You still have a chance to keep from falling off this abyss. Don’t let Obama, Pelosi and Reed push you over.

There is an 18-minute Internet Radio Broadcast associated with this editorial. To listen to it, simply click on the speaker ICON at the Top Right of this page that says PLAY.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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