Letters: The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, because if I were, I would theorize that Obama is a Moslem sleeper who has been groomed from birth to win the Presidency of the USA.

I get many letters, most of which I read if they are relatively short and to the point. NONE of which I read if they are too long, stupid, and/or insulting.

Generally, I respond to your letters simply by replying with my signature as confirmation that I have received and read what you wrote.

Sometimes though, the volume of letters I receive is overwhelming, which makes it very difficult for me to read them all or to even respond. So please do not feel offended if you don’t hear back from me.

From time to time I respond to letters with some comments of my own if I find your letters particularly interesting, out of the ordinary, and/or uniquely relevant.

I REALLY appreciate those emails that ‘tell’ me things I do not know. Or which correct my grammar, spelling or facts. Everyone needs an editor. In my case I’ve got thousands.

Also – I receive MANY duplicate emails with attachments from individuals who want me to read, hear or watch something specific. But that’s OK, since it keeps me informed. I simply delete the redundant letters.

But, what I really don’t appreciate, are those letters, which deny the Holocaust, and/or lay blame (even a hint of blame) for 9/11 on George W Bush, the CIA, the Pentagon, the Israelis, the Right Wing Conspiracy, etc.

People who send me letters in this regard are immediately taken off my Broadcast Editorial Email Directory, as well as having their email addresses directed to my JUNK file. I have no time for these IDIOTS.


As all of you know who read my editorials, I am as critical of his LORDSHIP Barack Hussein Obama as anyone. I am not a conspiracy theorist, because if I were, I would theorize that Obama is a Moslem sleeper who has been groomed from birth to win the Presidency of the USA.

I would continue to theorize that Obama’s ONLY goal would be to weaken the fabric of the USA to its very core. To delegitimize the US Constitution and the Capitalist structure that has made America the GREATEST nation on earth.

I would further theorize that his other significant goal is to create a second Holocaust, this time in the Middle East, by weakening the Israeli position, while at the same time emboldening the Arabs.

But – I CANNOT bring myself to believe these things.

Even though that is the direction in which Obama is taking the USA and the world at large, it’s just too ugly to contemplate.

What I do believe however, is that Obama is the MOST INCOMPETENT person ever to occupy the White House. WORSE THAN JIMMY CARTER. And it doesn’t get much lower than that.

While Obama is all over the board on Healthcare, squandering TRILLIONS of dollars on fiscal boondoggles, nationalizing banks, insurance companies and the auto industry, trying to take away the secret ballot from workers, and scheming towards the censorship of Conservative Talk-Radio with the nefarious ‘Fairness Doctrine’, he is NOT taking care of HIS “GOOD WAR” in Afghanistan.

Not only is he NOT taking care of business in Afghanistan, he doesn’t have the time to meet with his OWN handpicked General-In-Command (McChrystal).

In fact, the ONLY time LORD Obama has had to speak with this incredible General was 70 days ago.

BUT – As we just learned, LORD Obama has announced that he will soon join his Amazon wife in Copenhagen (he just loves jet-setting all over the world in Air Force One) to push the Olympic Organizing Committee to choose his hometown of Chicago as their next Olympic City.

I wonder if anyone has really impressed upon Obama just how urgent the Iranian nuclear threat really is, since getting the Olympics for Chicago seems to be MORE important to the LORD, than dealing with what is very possibly the worst nuclear threat EVER?

The following is an unedited letter I received from one of those Obama lovers who reads Galganov.com, followed by my response.

Letter By Rick Mohr:

“Get real, compared to Bush, he’s a Saint. No Incoming Head of State has ever inherited as much Obama did, and hopefully none will ever have to again.”


Not even close to true.

When Carter was done with his FIRST and ONLY term, the interest rates were OVER 20%. Unemployment was in the DOUBLE digits. Inflation was going through the roof. Vietnam Vets were being spat upon. And 52 American Embassy workers were held in captivity in Iran for 444 days.

Funny how everyone from the LEFT, especially your LORD Obama (Hmm-Hmm-Hmm) said how bad Bush’s Iraq war was, while the Afghan war was the GOOD war.

Strange isn’t it, how the “bad” war is all but done for the US military, while Obama (Hmm-Hmm-Hmm) is dithering about fighting HIS GOOD war in Afghanistan, in spite of pleas from his THREE TOP MILITARY hand-picked experts for additional troops.

Just like all the rest of Obama’s (Hmm-Hmm-Hmm) closest friends, he will throw the Afghans, America’s NATO allies, and his own commanders and troops under the bus because he doesn’t have a clue.

But, what else can you expect from someone whose ONLY life experience before becoming America’s President (beside getting elected), was being a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER for ACORN no less?

Hmm-Hmm-Hmm Barack Hussein Obama.

Keep those letters coming. They make great fodder for future editorials.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wonderful news! And I do appreciate all you great Americans who are on Canada’s side in the production of North American energy. Hurray for the good guys in both our countries!

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