It’s OFFICIAL – Obama’s The WORST President EVER

He ended his assessment of Obama’s speech by saying: I have never heard a more narcissistic speech ever delivered by any President ever.

When I’m almost convinced that Barack Obama can’t make things worse, he NEVER disappoints.

Today, Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly where he said a great deal. But three things REALLY stood out the most.

1 – It was Obama’s usual MIA CULPA for America. This time though, he had the whole wide world available to him to grovel on behalf of the USA.

2 – He said: We’ve got to stop living in the past and stop blaming others for what happened yesterday. We must all work for tomorrow. And not play the BLAME-GAME.

3 – The United States of America does not do Israel any favors by supporting them for bad behavior.

In terms of blaming the USA for everything from wars fought, global poverty, climate change, and the collapse of the world economy, none of this was new.

But, I would expect that these remarks would cease being a clarion call by Obama, since they really didn’t sit that well with much of the American people the first, second, third and every other time he made them.

ALSO – He contradicts point 2 when he made clear that we have to stop living in the past and playing the BLAME-GAME as in the same breath he BLAMES America for everything.

I guess it’s OK to live in the past and play the BLAME-GAME if you’re Barak Obama, since 9 months into his Presidency; he’s still BLAMING former President George W Bush for the economy, healthcare, the worldview of the USA and the War in Iraq.

Finally – His comment about not doing Israel any favors for supporting Israeli bad behavior is as condescending and patronizing as it gets.

It is as insulting a statement I have ever heard against any Democratic nation by another Democratic nation, especially one that was REBORN after 2,000 years, out of the ashes of history and the Holocaust, amidst a horribly belligerent anti-Semitic world.

No country on earth based upon population, has ever given MORE on a per capita basis to the human condition than has Israel.

No American soldier has ever been asked to defend Israel, or has died, or has ever been wounded defending the security of Israel.

No country has ever been as steadfast and reliable an ally to the USA and the battle for FREEDOM and Democracy in such a hostile environment than has been Israel.

For Obama to scold Israel, as if he was addressing a school child in front of the student body, is as low as it gets, especially to the cheers of the dictators in the room.

One former Presidential speechmaker whose name I do not know, who was interviewed on FOX News after Obama’s speech, summed it up thus:

Obama lectured the world confessing specific American faults, while pointing out general faults of other nations, giving the distinctive impression that he is the ONLY person who can make everything right.

He ended his assessment of Obama’s speech by saying: I have never heard a more narcissistic speech ever delivered by any President ever.

Barack Obama, along with the sycophants who surround him will lead the whole wide world to perdition. AND HE STILL HAS A CADRE OF IDIOT AMERICANS WHO SUPPORT HIM!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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