Present Is Not An Option For The President

When I wrote about how bad Obama would be for the USA and the world BEFORE Lord Obama got elected, I had no inkling that I was being conservative in my worst-case estimate.

As a State Illinois Senator, Barack Obama voted PRESENT 130 times, instead of voting for or against a proposed law he found contentious.


This is not leadership. It isn’t even representative of the will of the people. If anything, it is downright political cowardice.

But, in a state legislature, it isn’t all that important, since there are more than enough serious representatives who will make the hard decisions.

And besides, a State Senator doesn’t hold the power of life and death in his own hands.

BUT – When you’re the President of the United States of America and the leader of the FREE WORLD, a vote of present is not acceptable.

One would hope and think that the President of the USA has his finger on the pulse of all issues. Certainly the BIG ones. And if he isn’t up to snuff on everything, there is an army of advisors whose job it is to give the President whatever information needed for him to make measured decisions.

You would also imagine that the President appoints people who will be his very best experts who can really get the jobs done that need to get done. The people of whom I’m writing about in this instance are the sharp end of the spear in the military.

So, what does it say about Lord Obama, who makes a ‘definitive’ decision concerning HIS Afghan strategy (the GOOD WAR as he stated during the Presidential campaign), who names a REAL honest to goodness combat General to be in charge (Stanley McChrystal), and then discounts his own General’s request for more troops as a maybe yes – maybe no proposition, while reevaluating a critical strategy he (Obama) just made?

It says that he thinks he can still vote PRESENT and get away with it.

Let me tell you what I think it means:

I think it means that he has no idea what he’s doing. That he is about to throw not just his General, his soldiers and the Afghans under the bus, just like everyone else he’s tossed under the Obama Express, BUT WHATEVER IS LEFT OF AMERICAN CREDIBILITY AMONGST AMERICA’S ALLIES.

Obama wants Canada (my country) to stay-the-course in Afghanistan, even after so many of our very brave Canadian Warriors have already come home in coffins. How can Canada ever stay the course, not knowing if we can depend on Obama to stay the course?

How can we trust a leader – No, I stand corrected, the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the most powerful country on the planet who cannot make a decision to support his own troops and his own strategy?

As far as I’m concerned, based on this latest outrage by Obama, I want our Canadian soldiers home NOW!

The other thing HE Who Can Walk On Water has done in his amateur hour foreign policy is to convince the Intelligence gatherers of other nations, including and especially the very covert types, not to share intelligence with the USA, since Obama has thrown the CIA under the bus.

And then there’s Israel:

In Obama’s extreme belief in his own almost magical talents to bring people together, and make things happen, just by the sheer force of his character, he has all but buried Abbas, the Palestinian President, while forcing Israel to more or less go-it on its own.

Any one of the aforementioned Obama screw-ups is really serious. But, when combined, the message to the world is simple:


Just as he has divided America, like it has not been divided since the War Between the States, he is dividing the world.

When I wrote about how bad Obama would be for the USA and the world BEFORE Lord Obama got elected, I had no inkling that I was being conservative in my worst-case estimate.

And folks – Take this to the bank:

How bad it already is – Is nothing compared to how bad it will become.

As I write on most of my Obama editorials: Those who worked hard to support this narcissist and get him elected are no less culpable than he is.

In spite of everything we all knew about the history of Barack Obama and his repugnant pre President associations, people who are smart enough to know better, voted for him nonetheless.

What he does to the USA and the WORLD is as much on them, as it is on him.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is amazing news!!! Not only for Canada, but, Europe, as well. Europe needs relief, from Russia’s stronghold on them. This is also, great news for India! I am really happy for Canada. It will take the USA decades, to undo the harm to this country that, has been done by the Obama Administration, the US Senate and ALL of the idiotic Environmental groups. In all honesty, a lot of the USA’s issues, were started way back in the 1970’s, mainly with the Carter Administration.

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