Under The Obama Bus

And now they’ve been betrayed. But, to put it into a far clearer Barack Obama parlance – The Poles along with the Czechs have just been thrown under the bus.

Today – September 17, 2009 is the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Russia, in accordance to the Pact Stalin made with Hitler prior to the Stalin/Hitler double-cross, which eventually saw Germany and Russia go at each other throughout the Second World War.

It wasn’t until Republican President Ronald Regan took down the EVIL EMPIRE culminating with his famous demand:


What makes this anniversary exceedingly significant is that it has taken incredible courage for the East Europeans, especially Poland to win back their FREEDOM in good measure by TRUSTING the integrity and the word of the United States of America.

And now they’ve been betrayed. But, to put it into a far clearer Barack Obama parlance – The Poles along with the Czechs have just been thrown under the bus.

It took ENORMOUS courage for the Czech Republic and Poland to come on-board over the last few years to participate in an anti-ballistic missile shield that protects Europe and North America from the very real threat of Iranian missiles.

The bonus, was that this shield also protected Europe and North America from Russian missiles, which pissed-off the Russians more than just somewhat.

To me – that’s a very big bonus, since Russia has proven over the centuries that they are capable of anything. And incapable of being trusted.

Russia held half of Europe prisoner from the days of the Second World War, until Regan really did end the Evil Soviet Empire, liberating HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

The Russians made no shortage of veiled, and not so veiled threats if Poland and the Czech Republic dared participate in this anti-missile defense shield.

And as a reminder to Poland and the Czech Republic of what the Russians are capable of, Putin launched a massive military invasion against Russia’s sovereign neighbor Georgia, resulting in what has become a permanent occupation amongst the devastation of a country that is friendly to the West.

Yet, even with this malevolent message, the Poles and the Czechs held firm in their trust that the USA will stand by them through thick and thin. But, what they NEVER counted on was Barack Obama whose idea of standing firm in support of his friends and allies is measured in minutes opposed to years.

When things went bad for Obama’s pre-election relationships, he threw his former Egyptian-born indicted fraudster fundraiser Tony Rezko under the bus.

He then threw his domestic 60’s TERRORIST pal Bill Ayers and Ayers jailbird TERRORIST wife Bernadette Dohrn under the bus.

Then it was his 20-year spiritual advisor and mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama named his best selling autobiography, THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, after a sermon his Race-Baiting, Jew-Hating, White-Hating and America-Hating Pastor once gave.

It didn’t take seconds for Obama to throw Wright under the bus, even after saying he could no sooner distance himself from Reverend Wright, then he could a member of his own family, until it appeared obvious that his relationship with the Pastor could harm his election chances.


In a speech given by Obama without the teleprompter, the One Who Can Walk On Water described Granny as a “TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN” who would cross the street if there was a Black man on the side she was walking on.


What’s fascinating is how Obama ran to Hawaii during the Presidential Campaign to be with his ailing Grandmother, since it showed his soft and compassionate family side.

But, no sooner had he won the White House, Granny died, and all of a sudden the American Idol President who can’t help but being on television non-stop, couldn’t find the time to attend his TYPICAL WHITE GRANDMOTHER’S FUNERAL.

It is even more remarkable to know this: It wasn’t his hippy-dippy loosey-goosey mother who raised him. IT WAS HIS WHITE GRANNY.

Strange isn’t it, how Obama had time to attend the memorial for Ted Kennedy during the height of great legislation that is turning the USA and the world on its ear, including TARP, the Stimulus Package, the Takeover of the Car Industry, the Banks and his Healthcare battle to the death for this misogynist drunk who left a young woman to drown in his car.

But, in spite of having more than enough time on his hands within his very busy schedule to pay his respects to TEDDY, Lord Obama didn’t have enough time to pay his final respects to his “TYPICAL WHITE GRANDMOTHER” who raised him.

And that’s before HE WHO CAN WALK ON WATER had any of these huge issues on his plate.

Obama’s latest “friend” to be thrown under the bus was his Green Czar Van Jones, the White-Hating Self-Confessed Communist who spent time in the Big House for organizing and participating in violent LEFTIST protests AGAINST the USA.

But, Back To Serious International Business:

Obama’s excuse for this unbelievable decision to renege on a vital agreement his country made with two very vulnerable and trusting allies is that the USA could protect Europe and North America with more efficient Sea-Based missiles.

OK – Let’s assume that’s true.

Why then can’t Obama leave the Missile Defense System in place in Poland and the Czech Republic in ADDITION to a Sea-Based deterrent?

There are more things I can write of that are really bad about Barack Obama than I can list off the top of my head, but none would be more damaging and dangerous than his propensity to shift the blame from himself, renege on contracts, and throw his friends, allies and family under his speeding bus.

Here’s something REALLY SERIOUS that will spin-off from HIS decision to screw-over Poland and the Czech Republic.

Israel WILL ATTACK IRAN because Israel knows that they could very well be the next to be thrown under the Obama Bus. Obama has just confirmed Israel’s greatest fears about Obama’s loyalty and reliability.


Obama is marking the 70th anniversary of the pounding of Poland by the Nazis and Russians by exposing them to a serious vulnerability again. This is a message that will NOT BE LOST on anyone in the world – friend or foe.

As for Russia – What did they give-up to gain this ABSOLUTE victory?


I hope the Schmucks who supported and voted for this piece of work are happy, especially the Jewish and Hollywood elites. Because, however bad it gets with HIM in the White House, and it will get worse, IT IS ALL ON THEM!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s Sad that obama got his way, like everything he does the USA will suffer for it . pretty much what he wants /

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