How We Are Being Buried With Our Own Money

If I was the government, I wouldn’t be so cavalier. I wouldn’t be so dismissive. I’d be very concerned.

General Motors, or as I prefer to refer to this North American car company – GOVERNMENT MOTORS, is promoting an incredible offer:

Buy a GM product, and if you don’t like it in the first 60 days – RETURN IT.

Imagine that – Buy a GM car of your choice, and give it back penalty free for whatever reason if you don’t like it.


So what’s wrong with it?

The vehicles that will be sold (sort of) in this program are being paid for in their ENTIRETY by you and me – That’s what’s wrong with it.

We the people are the ones financing this incredibly stupid promotion that no private manufacturer or supplier of services of just about anything could ever make.

Imagine being able to buy a $50,000 RV, and if you don’t like it after 60 days and a nice getaway with the family, just give it back? Or buy any giant screen TV with all the bells and whistles, and after 60 days of Playoff Football, just give it back?

But why stop there?

What about homes and condos? How long do you think building developers would stay in business if they sold their properties on a basis of move-in, and after a while if you don’t like it, just give back the keys or stop paying?

Oh – Isn’t that what the US government did with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack?

So, how’s Ford and others in the private NON-TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED Auto-Sector supposed to compete with this TAXPAYER incentive?


In essence – Our federal governments (USA and Canada) are using our tax dollars, including the tax dollars of private autoworkers and their companies they work for to effectively PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

The cherry atop the whipped cream of this corporate aberration is how it is being promoted. Government Motors (GM) is flooding the media with ads.

GM is on television and radio, as well as being in magazines and newspapers in every North American market, in effect; they are promoting the death of their competition.

Not only is this unfair, and the height of corporate lunacy, the ads are being BOUGHT AND PAID FOR WITH TAX DOLLARS – Yours and mine.

So, even if the competition wants to fight back, they can’t.

They can’t giveaway cars and trucks. And neither can they afford to launch a massive ad campaign with which to counter the PUBLICLY PAID campaign being run by Government Motors.

We’ve just witnessed America’s Cash For Clunkers program that best illustrated why the politicians who conceived this moronic auto-promotion are in fact the biggest clunkers of all.

Not only did the bureaucrats underestimate the true cost of the program, they didn’t even have a mechanism in place to manage and pay for it.

WORSE – Thousands of dealers and tens of thousands of people who took advantage of this program have been screwed by the incompetence of their own government by not being reimbursed as promised.

Many haven’t been reimbursed at all. And never will be.

If the two federal governments (USA and Canada) are at all interested in promoting and protecting a viable auto industry in North America, the first thing they have to do is walk away from GM and let the private industry compete on a level playing field.

But, this will not happen, since neither government will ever admit to a commercial blunder like none other.

Instead, not only will they stick with this loser program, they’ll stick with it until the people either wise-up and throw the schmucks out, or when there will be nothing left but a dead industry producing products few want to buy, financed by the people who don’t want to pay.

No full-court government program of which I am aware, past or present, really shows just how incompetent, out of touch, and dangerous an out of control government can be, then this government takeover of the automotive industry.

I am utterly convinced that we could wipe out our deficits and national debts almost overnight, if politicians were turfed out and replaced with honest business managers who didn’t have to pander to anyone. There’s that much money in the system if it is properly appropriated.

Just as an aside, but still on topic: I am very disappointed in the likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and other so-called Conservative talk-show hosts who shill for Government Motors by endorsing their products.

Either you are for government intervention in private industry, or you’re not. You can’t say it’s bad for the government to take over parts of private industry where they don’t belong, and then take TAXPAYER government money to advertise and promote their products.

We are very much in need of a social revolution the likes of which we might not have seen since the original TEA PARTY in Boston in 1773. And sooner rather than later, it is going to happen again.

And when it does, it will not be kind and gentle. It will not be a group of Patriots dressed like Indians just throwing Tea into the Boston Harbor. It will be a lot more than that.

If I was the government, I wouldn’t be so cavalier. I wouldn’t be so dismissive. I’d be very concerned, and in search of a much better way to represent the interests of the people.

But I’m not the government. THEY ARE. And they couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the people really want and really need. Their day will come. The writing is on the wall.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Way to go Canada, get that oil flowing to the working class people, Thank You.

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