9/11 Is Not A Day Of Service

Today – 9/11 is NOT a Day of Service, as Obama wants us to believe. It is a DAY OF INFAMY that should never be forgotten, and NEVER confused with anything else.

At 8:46 this morning (9/11/09), Anne and I lowered our flags (US and Canadian) to half-mast.

After a tear-filled moment of silence, we came into our home and lit a 24-hour candle that will burn in memory of those who died, those who were injured, those who lost loved ones and friends, and those like Anne and myself who will be forever scarred by this vicious attack on FREEDOM.

As Canadians, we witnessed our best friend being brutally beaten-up for no other reason than being America. We watched the horrors inflicted on the American people by savages who would make the earth a much better place if they weren’t part of it.

We watched Islam attack modernity and the fabric of so much that has been good in the world, at great sacrifice by the people of the United States of America.

I am deeply hurt that Canada’s National Newspaper, the National Post didn’t even mention 9/11 on its front page. Nor did it run ANY meaningful stories.

I was deeply offended by President Obama who couldn’t find the time to be at Ground Zero to show his respect for the victims and the city that was the primary target for hate filled Moslems. Especially, that during the Presidential campaign only a year ago, he had MORE than enough time to be at Ground Zero and walk down the plank for his campaign photo opportunity.

It is true that he made a moment’s appearance at the White House this morning, and then a mealy-mouthed speech at the Pentagon that lacked his usual bombastic and inspiring rhetoric.

I’ve seen this teleprompter President deliver far more inspiring speeches to grade-school students.

Instead of inspiring a nation with a hardened commitment to defend America and America’s values at all costs, and pay the greatest tribute to all of those who defend America and FREEDOM, and a warning to the enemies of FREEDOM that America’s resolve is as firm as tempered steel, Obama chose rather to speak about 9/11 as a DAY OF NATIONAL SERVICE.

In the manner that Obama has toured the world apologizing for America, especially to the Arab and Moslem world, I have very little doubt in my mind, that this President is amongst those who believe that 9/11 was in part America’s fault for the way many self-hating Americans perceive the USA as having behaved poorly on a global scale.

I watched FOX News as the names of those who perished in Shanksville Pennsylvania were read aloud to the ringing of bells with every name read, while wiping away the tears streaming down my cheeks.

As I wrote in my last editorial concerning 9/11 (9/11 – A Scar That Will Never Disappear. Tuesday – September 08, 2009) I WILL NEVER FORGET. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE.

Today – 9/11 is NOT a Day of Service, as Obama wants us to believe. It is a DAY OF INFAMY that should never be forgotten, and NEVER confused with anything else.

9/11 is the day that Islam attacked FREEDOM. And the day America changed forever.

When remembering 9/11, the people of the United States should also remember what it was that made America GREAT, before Obama and his cadre of LEFTISTS decided to change the nature of the greatest country on earth.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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