9/11 – A Scar That Will Never Disappear

For those who want to “find” some deeper meaning in 9/11, they are cursing themselves and their country to a future 9/11.

I received a frantic call from one of my sisters at 8:46am, September 11, 2001. She was yelling into the phone:

“A plane just smashed into the Twin Towers – It’s on fire.”

She was so distressed, on the border of being hysterical, that the rest of her conversation was nearly incomprehensible. And how could she not have been, since her only daughter worked as a junior manager straight out of university for the Marriott Twin Towers Hotel.

I ran to our 62-inch television to see the horror-show for myself, listening to the CNN anchors report that “it looks as if a Cessna type airplane has just crashed into the North Tower of the Twin Towers.”

I’m not an expert on aviation. Nor am I an expert on architecture. But I have flown Cessna airplanes, and I’ve been to the Twin Towers. And it was clear to me that the plane sticking out of the North Tower was no small plane.

As I watched this madness, like everyone else who was tuned-in, I saw the second plane making that sweeping turn headed for the South Tower. The CNN anchor said: There must be some terrible mistake with air-traffic control, because here comes a second plane.”

And at 9:03am, the unimaginable happened as the South Tower erupted into Perdition.

From the moment I turned on the television, I knew that the plane hitting the North Tower was no accident. And when the second Tower was hit before my own unbelieving eyes, I knew that FREEDOM was under attack.

What has stayed with me over the past 8 years since this September 9, 2001 Day of Infamy, has been the initial response of our North American Media, specifically their refusal to believe that this was a predetermined attack against the USA.

Instead, they reported that a Cessna sized plane hit the South Tower as if by accident. Then they said there must be a terrible problem with air-traffic control as the second plane made a direct approach for the second Tower.

The American people, as reflected through their media, REFUSED to believe that America was under attack, even though the battle was engaged before their own seeing eyes.

I don’t fault anyone for this willing disbelief; since it was at that time inconceivable that anyone would declare war on the USA, least of all launch a major attack on the soil of the Lower 48.

But that’s what happened. Therefore, the NEXT time there is an attack on mainland USA, there should be no questions whatsoever in the minds of any Americans about the nature of that attack.

At seconds past 9:03, when the second Tower erupted in flames and smoke, I sat on my sofa with tears welling-up in my eyes. This was the first time in my life that I was mentally numbed, not knowing exactly how to react.

At around 11:00am, I left our home where we lived at that time in Alexandria Ontario (about an hour from Ottawa or Montreal), in search of an American flag.

From that day on, Anne and I PROUDLY and prominently display the Stars and Stripes beside Canada’s Red Maple Leaf at the circle of our long driveway, both flags clearly seen from our country road.

Like every 9/11, Anne and I will go out to our flagpoles just before 8:46am. And at precisely 8:46, we will lower both of our flags to half-mast. We will then go into our home and light a 24-hour candle to burn in memory of the day America was attacked.

Like MILLIONS of others, we will both be plenty teary-eyed as we pay our respects, remembering that horrible day.

At noon, we will go back outside and change the weather beaten summer-worn US Flag with a brand new STARS AND STRIPES.

It pains me that too many Americans have already forgotten what the meaning of 9/11 is all about. Because, if they remembered, they would have NEVER voted for the likes of Barack Obama whose closest pre election friendships were with SELF-HATING AMERICANS, the likes of the Black Liberationist preacher Jeremiah Wright, and domestic TERRORIST Bill Ayers.

Instead of NEVER FORGETTING who attacked America, and why they REALLY attacked America, today, too many Americans including American centrists are looking introspectively at themselves for being somewhat responsible for the heinous actions of others.

When America’s President tours the world numerous times to APOLOGIZE for past American behavior, he is grinding the memory of the victims of 9/11 further into the dirt.

When the President of the USA made his very first international address to the Arab World (Al Arabiya), and then a few months later he addressed the Moslem World from Cairo to declare that America is NOT a Christian country, and how the Palestinians are treated, is akin to the Holocaust, he is providing comfort and approbation to America and FREEDOM’S worst enemies.

Eight years have passed since that mournful day. When I think about it, it seems as though it happened a lifetime ago. But, on the anniversary, it seems as though it happened yesterday.

The images of mayhem, smoke, people jumping from shattered windows to escape the searing heat, the Towers coming down one after another with the smothering cloud of dust and debris filling the streets of Manhattan are forever branded into my memory.

Any American who does not remember the DAY, just as it happened, or changes the focus from what and why it happened to anything else but the TRUTH, is besmirching the memory of those who died, while paying great disrespect to all those who lost loved-ones, and have been scarred physically and emotionally.

For those who want to “find” some deeper meaning in 9/11, they are cursing themselves and their country to a future 9/11.

As long as Anne and I live, we will fly the US Flag along-side our Maple Leaf. As long as we are physically capable, we will lower our Flags to half-mast on 9/11, and then light our 24-hour candle.


Please take this for it’s true feelings from a Canadian Jewish Atheist:


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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