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Where was the media in a full look at Kennedy’s life? Where was the FAIR AND BALANCED reporting FOX News Network so prides itself in?

My email folder is overflowing with American communications and new people signing up for Broadcast Email Editorial Alerts. While a few of the emails are dunning, the vast majority are VERY SUPPORTIVE.

Many of the letters I’ve received from new readers couldn’t believe what they read on vis a vis the Kennedys, not ever hearing, nor in some cases remembering the drowning of Mary-Jo Kopechne.

Many of them were oblivious of the Kennedy family’s horrific record of immorality at all levels, even though in my last editorial (Teddy’s Gone – Good Riddance, August 27, 2009), I didn’t even scratch the surface about the Kennedys’ collective and individual depravity.

But the Kennedys are not who or what I’m writing about. As far as I’m concerned, Ted Kennedy and the rest of this rotten lot do not deserve one more stroke on my keyboard.


In the Boston Church, from where Kennedy was eulogized, laid a monster who years ago left a young woman to die in his submerged vehicle. There laid a man who participated in multiple booze and sex parties along with young members of the clan. Some father figure huh?

A few years ago at a party at a Kennedy Florida compound, a young girl was raped by TEDDY’S nephew, only to have the nephew beat the charges in a typical Kennedy way.

The sex, groping, booze and misogynist stories about the Kennedys, but specifically about good old TEDDY are boundless. Yet, laid in that Church with high level Priests and all other “servants” of God fawning around him, you’d believe that a finer man never walked upon the surface of this good-earth.

I’m particularly disappointed in FOX News, which also carried wall-to-wall coverage of the Kennedy funeral, including a retrospective of the man’s ‘glorious’ life, such as cute Kennedy anecdotes and his passion for sailing.

All of which was more than enough to make me shut-off the television.

Juan Williams, the FOX News on-staff LEFTIST, said on the Chris Wallace Sunday Morning Show (August 30, 2009) that Kennedy redeemed himself over the years, and that we shouldn’t speak poorly of the dead.

OH YEAH? Would Juan Williams NOT speak poorly of Hitler, Stalin or Bin Laden? Or how about Jim Crow and the other American Slave advocates, since Williams all too often portrays himself as a Black man first?

I’m not suggesting that Ted Kennedy is comparable to any of these men, but where do you draw the line?

Just because someone is dead does not whitewash the bad. Nor does it embellish the good. IT DOESN’T. You take the whole package. Good, bad, and even indifferent.

And if the bad outweighs the good . . . So-be-it.

Ask the family of Mary-Joe Kopechne about the wonderful life of Ted Kennedy. I saw a great many interviews with Kennedy-lovers, Democrats and Republicans alike. But I did not see or hear one interview with someone from the Kopechne family. Why is that?

Where was the media in a full look at Kennedy’s life? Where was the FAIR AND BALANCED reporting FOX News Network so prides itself in?

I’m a huge fan of Conservative American Talk-Radio: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, John Gibson, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Glen Beck and a host of others.

These are the ONLY people who say it without the PC filter of the MAINSTREAM Media.

The ONLY other place where real opinion and the ugly truth can be disseminated is on the INTERNET.

Obama taught America about the importance of the Internet in today’s world of politics, which is a lesson that was not lost on people everywhere.

To Obama’s great consternation, the Internet that was such an invaluable tool that helped put him in the White House, is the same tool that will help people like me get him out.

There is no wonder why the MAINSTREAM Media is in freefall. Why television stations, newspapers and non Conservative Talk-Radio are facing financial ruin.

The answer is simple – The people want and demand MORE.

People who care, are sick and tired of being spoon-fed a steady diet of media crapola. They no longer want to be led around by a compliant media sucking-up to the political-fixers and the advertisers who don’t want to be associated with anything controversial.


The way the funeral of Kennedy was handled by a fawning media, where entertainment and news are blended into one, was a demonstration of reporting that adds to the demise of the MAINSTREAM Media, and the beginning of a NEW media that owes nothing to anyone other than honesty and integrity.

One day, sooner rather than later, media owners will wake up to the new reality of the Internet, unrestricted Talk-Radio, and a new form of competition they have never before encountered.

When that day arrives, there will be a whole new political reality from the media desk to the desk of the legislators. There will be more people like me saying the kinds of things about the Ted Kennedy’s of the world that should have been said, rather than what was said by the slobbering sycophantic dribble we’re spoon-fed by a compliant media with an agenda all of their own.

That day cannot be too soon.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Way to GO, Canada ! ! ! Now if only Canada can get rid if the leftist, the French Radicals, and the Arabs, it would surely be a better country. (And you’re leaving Canada, Howard?)…

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