Teddy’s Gone – Good Riddance

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what this drunk and womanizer purportedly did in the Senate, good or bad, since there was ONLY ONE instant in his life that measured him forever.

I haven’t written an editorial since August 5th 2009.

The reasons:

I really needed to step back and take a breather. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on the farm making hay, and in our beautiful forest maintaining our 5 miles of riding trails.

I’ve also invested a great deal of thought about my next political book and how I’m going to write it. Believe it or not, before I touch the keyboard, I really have to have the book more or less written in my head.

Nonetheless, I’ve decided to take an hour or so away from today’s work on the farm to write this editorial because of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.

I’m watching, reading, and listening to the incredible eulogies streaming-in from all across America, from Liberals and Conservatives alike. To listen, watch, and read what ‘all’ people are saying about this man, would make anyone unfamiliar with him believe that he was one of America’s GREATEST sons.


Ted Kennedy was a son of one of the worst human beings (Joe Kennedy) on earth, who made his vast fortune by dealing with some of the vilest people known, him being one of them.

His ‘sainted’ assassinated brother, President John F Kennedy (JFK) contributed to the murder, wounding and imprisonment of thousands of Cuban patriots who stormed the beaches at the Bay of Pigs to win their nation back from Communist Castro.

JFK’s culpability was cowering out of his commitment and PROMISE to give the brave Cuban FREEDOM-FIGHTERS the air support they desperately depended upon.

Kennedy knew that without the air support, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS’ mission would be doomed.

JFK is lauded for supposedly staring-down the Soviets over the Cuban Missile Crisis, when in fact, the Russians ate his breakfast and came back for his lunch by using the contrived Cuban Missile Crisis as their bargaining chip to have the Americans remove missiles from Turkey.

JFK was also the President who introduced American troops into Vietnam, which the Leftists, Liberals and other assorted Democrats don’t want to talk about.

President Kennedy was credited with the Civil Rights Act. WRONG! It was Lyndon Johnson who was responsible for the final emancipation of all American people.

As for respecting his office and the White House: How about wild sex parties featuring the likes of Marilyn Monroe? All of which was laced with ample amounts of booze and drugs.

As for Bobby Kennedy, also assassinated – I suspect he was just too smart and careful to be caught.

Back to Ted Kennedy:

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what this drunk and womanizer purportedly did in the Senate, good or bad, since there was ONLY ONE instant in his life that measured him forever.

On July 18, 1969, Ted Kennedy ran his car off a bridge connecting Chappaquiddick Island to Martha’s vineyard. He was probably drunk.

In the car was a 28 year-old campaign assistant by the name of Mary-Jo Kopechne.

When the car hit the water and went under, Ted Kennedy swam for his life. Mary-Jo Kopechne was unable to do the same. And instead of trying to save this young woman, TED KENNEDY RAN AWAY.

In essence, Ted Kennedy was responsible for the death of this woman he took to Chappaquiddick for a party of classic Kennedy debauchery.


I will soon be writing about the CIVIL WAR Obama and his thugs are fomenting. As I had written at the start of his Presidency, I believe Obama will be responsible for civil unrest and violence throughout America.

I believed it then – I believe it even more today.

I’m receiving an incredible amount of emails from Americans who are signing-up for Broadcast Email Editorial Notices of new editorials on Galganov.com.

Most of the emails are very supportive. Many are not. And most of the one’s that are negative accuse me of being a racist (anti-Black).

That’s the stock-in-trade of demagogues. If you can’t debate the issues, demonize the opposition.

The fact that a number of Liberal Americans are really pissed at what I’m writing is as good as it gets. They’re getting the message and they don’t like it. GOOD!

Until my next editorial:

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. YEEHAW……GO Canada…….. LOVE it when our IDIOT-IN-CHIEF/MUSLEM TERRORIST-IN-DISGUISE git’s his sorry ass whipped!!!!!!!

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