Yet Another Photo-Op

I hazard to guess what this latest photo opportunity cost the American people in terms of real dollars spent and future promises to the murderer of North Korea.

As I’m watching on television the “HEROIC” return of the two American ‘journalists’ of Asian heritage from the jowls of a North Korean prison, a world of questions are going through my untrusting mind.

1 – These two women work for Al Gore’s television broadcast. Where was Big Al the self described inventor of the Internet in all of this?

2 – What were they doing so close to the North Korean border while in China, that they crossed into it, to be taken prisoner?

3 – If the President of the USA (Barack Hussein Obama) didn’t authorize the negotiations between Kim Jong Il as we are all lead to believe, what gave former President Bill Clinton the right to be a freelance President?

4 – Why did the North Korean Madman Kim Jong Il release these two women? Certainly it couldn’t be just for a photo-op with Clinton. Nor could it be for PR to show how nice a guy this murderer really is, since he doesn’t care what the world thinks of him.


5 – Who paid the freight to get these two women out of the nightmare of their own making?

6 – Did Clinton give up his time and expertise for free? I doubt it, since the Clinton’s feed on the public purse. They certainly are NOT givers.

7 – Who paid for the Jumbo Boeing Business Jet that flew to North Korea and back?

Here’s my reality: I don’t believe anything the government does or says without absolute verification. They are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be untrustworthy.

I truly believe this entire affair was just another “Hail Mary” pass to give Obama something to crow about – Something with which to take off a bit of the pressure.

Obama tried to change the mood somewhat with his STUPID Beer Summit that made Crowley (the cop) look like a fool. The Black university Professor (Gates) whose claim to international fame is that he feeds off the Black Woe-Be-Me Industry, look like the guy you simply LOVE TO HATE. And Obama look like the arrogant self-centered Schmuck he really is.

While all the media is CENTERED on this GARGANTUAN diplomatic SUCCESS that has everything needed to CHANGE the focus of the world, so you’d believe from the hype, we seem to be ignoring a few little things like:

1 – Iran is moving closer every day to getting the BOMB.

2 – Russia is building one of the world’s largest and best-defended military ports right next door to Israel in Syria.

3 – North Korea still has the BOMB and the missiles with which to deliver it.

4 – Iraq is on its way back to the pre-pretend Democracy days.

5 – The Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan are kicking the crap out of NATO troops who are at the front of the action (Canada, Britain and the USA) just like they did to the Russians.

And now the British (Gordon Brown) are demanding a game plan from Obama. Do you remember Obama calling the Afghanistan War the “GOOD WAR” opposed to Bush’s ‘BAD WAR’ in Iraq?

6 – Israel is being squeezed by Obama and Hillary Clinton like a Jaffa Orange, while the failed so-called Palestinians are given a free-ride.

One of my readers sent me a US Consulate Link that describes Jerusalem as an EXCLUSIVE Palestinian area with NO MENTION WHATSOEVER to anything Israeli or Jewish. WHY’S THAT?

Here’s the link to see for yourself –

If there are enough distractions created by a failed Presidency just into its 7th month, perhaps the DUMMIES who voted for this travesty might not focus on their near bankrupt economy.

1 – Or the failing Healthcare fiasco.

2- Or the doomed Cap and Trade swindle.

3 – Or the takeover of 2/3rds of the American Auto Industry.

4 – Or the Stimulus package that stimulated nothing, but has driven up the debt by a TRILLION Dollars.

5 – Or that the American debt is 4 times larger now than it has been from the time of George W Washington COMBINED.

6 – Or the no-longer discussed Union Card-Check that would have taken away the secret ballot.

7 – Or that the US Dollar is in freefall.

8 – Or that the “SAVED” banks are either not saved, or are taking Americans for the ride of their lives.

9 – Or that his army of Czars, are amongst America’s MOST Leftist Bad-Actors who share a commonality in incompetence.

10 – OR THAT THERE IS HYPER INFLATION AROUND THE CORNER courtesy of JUST 7 months of GROSS Obama mismanagement.

I hazard to guess what this latest photo opportunity cost the American people in terms of real dollars spent and future promises to the murderer of North Korea.

But what’s the difference, since a photo opportunity for ‘Lord’ Obama is worth any price. Just ask the sycophants who wet-themselves just at the mention of HIS name.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Russia has been holding Europe’s feet to the fire for far, far too long. This should give Europe reasonably priced oil with no restrictive strings attached.

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