The Founding Fathers Could Never Have Foreseen Obama

If the world is lucky, and enough American people come to their senses over the summer, the next three and a half years of Obama might be survivable.

Now that the majority of Americans are finally realizing what kind of a Dufus they’ve elected to the Presidency, and those who know it but will NEVER admit they know it, what happens in the next three and a half years?

How can the world deal with a LAME DUCK Presidency just six months into office?

Everything this President has touched has turned into crap.

In less than 6 months he’s spent more money than ALL PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED from the time of George W Washington, indebting the USA to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars and still counting.

Because of ‘Lord’ Obama, the American dollar will fall in value to the point that there is serious discussion about a new International Benchmark Currency amongst the Chinese, Russians and other world traders.

Once Obama’s chickens finally come home to roost, which will indeed be sooner rather than later, THREE things will happen.

1 – American DEFLATION on hard-goods products such as cars will lead to fewer profits and chronic unemployment.

2 – Along with DEFLATION of hard-goods consumer items, Americans will simultaneously be hit with massive INFLATION on products necessary to life. We already see it in the cost of food at supermarkets.

3 – To finance Obama’s extravaganzas, the Treasury will have to either raise interest rates substantially, or print MORE money, one or the other is an unavoidable recipe for disaster.

In addition to this, Obama’s policies have scared the daylights out of most small to medium size businesses, which are the engine to the American entrepreneurial economy and job creation.

People who own these companies have no idea what to expect from this anti-business Snake-Oil Salesman, resulting in fewer small to medium sized businesses that are hiring, expanding or even starting-up.


In less than 6 months, “He Who Can Walk On Water” has proven to the International Community that he is indeed a schmuck whose best international talent is apologizing for America’s history, while NEVER acknowledging America’s successes that are far too many and too significant to count.

He went to the Moslem World to not ONLY apologize for America yet again, but also to DECLARE that America IS NOT A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.


Considering that more than three quarters of all Americans consider themselves to be Christian, why would Obama say such a thing, especially since the SECULAR RULE OF LAW governs the USA, where religion doesn’t even come into it?

I won’t repeat what I’ve written in the past about how REAL world leaders see this International Light-Weight. But I will write about how Israel sees him.

Israel is the MOST America dependent country on the planet. Other than the USA, there is no other nation willing or capable of offering the type of support Israel needs just to survive its vicious neighbors.

Without the American commitment to Israel’s survival, we would be witnessing a second Holocaust. Of that I have absolutely no doubt.

So what does it say about Obama, his policies and his “team”, when Israel essentially tells him and them to take a flying leap, even after Obama makes it clear enough that Israel better toe-his-line OR ELSE?

It says that Israel is far more frightened of what will happen to itself if it acquiesces to Obama, than what will happen if it does not. NONE of this is lost on Israel’s many foes.


Obama waded into this Gates (Black Harvard Professor) versus Crowley (White New Haven Cop) fiasco for what seemed to be NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER.

But, from my perspective, plenty of good has come of it, since I am convinced that Obama has finally been outed for being a RACIST who looks down on White people, especially establishment White people.

It wasn’t enough that Obama attended a viscously racist BLACK LIBERATIONIST CHURCH for TWENTY-YEARS, where the preacher’s (Jeremiah Wright) stock-in-trade was demonizing White people, slandering America, and promoting hatred toward Jews and Israel, to convince Obama supporters that here was a man who was not at all as he passed himself off to be.

Michelle Obama has lived an extraordinary Fairytale American experience, which 99% of all women, INCLUDING White women would never surpass, said during the election campaign: “until now (her husband’s nomination) in her entire adult life, she was never proud of her country.”

Or that: “In 2008 – America is a downright mean country”.

Obama threw his White Grandmother who raised him under the bus when he said: “She was a TYPICAL WHITE WOMEN who would cross the street when she saw a Black man.”

It’s interesting that he had time during the campaign to go visit White Granny when she was ailing, since it made a fabulous photo opportunity, especially when he was shown jogging, but he didn’t have the time to go to her funeral AFTER he won the election.

And now we are witnessing Obama’s STUPID intervention in a race issue of HIS OWN CREATION, his and that imbecile Harvard professor who is famous for nothing else but FEEDING on the self-pitying you owe us BLACK VICTIM AMERICAN INDUSTRY.

This contrived non racial issue is indeed a spectacle to behold, that says just about everything that has to be said about Obama and the idiots who STILL support him.

In essence, in just six months, Obama has created what seems to be a nearly impossible process to reverse, of emasculating EVERYTHING that has made the United States of America the GREATEST nation the world has ever seen.

He has race-baited from the get-go. And he has divided America like no one has seen since the Civil War.

Congress will break for their August vacation giving Senators, House Members and the voters a great deal to think about.

If the world is lucky, and enough American people come to their senses over the summer, the next three and a half years of Obama might be survivable.

If not – I shudder to think of the consequences.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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