McGuinty Is An Idiot – A VERY BIG IDIOT

I am watching in HORROR as our governments slap on MORE regulations, MORE taxes, MORE debt, and MORE restrictions to our Charter of RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.

I propose that no one should be able to serve as a head of government who does not have a REAL business background. NOT DIPLOMAS, DEGREES, and TITLES, but REAL honest to goodness ownership experience.

Or, at the very least, someone who has sold things, built things, served things, delivered things, fixed things, or provided food. In general, someone who has provided a real-life product or service in order to earn an “unentitled” income without guarantees paid by the State.

Unionists should NEVER serve in government. Nor should the social advocates of the Something-For-Nothing Bunch. If they can’t bring anything REAL to the table, they have no right to be at the table.

Unless you’ve endured countless sleepless nights worrying about product development, costs, quality, sales, delivery, customer services, making payrolls, collecting receivables, covering payables and paying DAMN taxes, YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD A GOVERNMENT.

I’m writing about EVERY schmuck in a government management position who has NOTHING TO LOSE by making decisions based on a ZERO first hand knowledge basis. They’re NOT qualified!

I’m writing about every small to medium sized businesses, where EVERY decision could be do-or-die with egregious PERSONAL consequences for the owner(s). They really know what it’s all about.

These are the people who understand the REAL world of managing an economy.

More – These are the folk who carry our entire Free Enterprise System upon their already overburdened shoulders. They wake wondering if they will eke out a living today and earn enough money to make their payroll tomorrow.

Will they be able to meet their tax obligations? And how in the hell will they ever be able to plow through the mountains of bureaucratic government RED TAPE and suffocating REGULATIONS?

These are the EVERYDAY people who make it all work. They are the country’s single largest employer group.

I contest without hesitation that a MON & POP ownership of a Convenience Store knows more about running a business, than any piece of self-centered crap government leader will ever know.

The Americans are CURSED – YES CURSED, with a Barack Obama IDIOT whose claim to fame, was that he was a once-upon-a-time a Community Organizer, whatever the hell that is, and a Congress that passes TRILLION Dollar laws without reading them.

But I’m a Canadian living and working in Ontario.

As much as what happens in the USA affects us in Canada and around the world, there is not much I can do about it, other than write editorials in the hope that if enough of us (Conservative Bloggers) keep hammering away, it will make a difference.

But in Canada, I have a vote with a ways and means to actively advocate for the lawful overthrow of our leaders and governments: From municipalities, to the province, to the country.

I am watching in HORROR as our governments slap on MORE regulations, MORE taxes, MORE debt, and MORE restrictions to our Charter of RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.

I am DEVASTATED that so many STUPID people vote for Parties that will form governments that are determined to MURDER our Free Enterprise societies in the belief that government control is BEST.

We, small to medium size business owners who are amongst the most productive people in the country, who pay 90% of the costs to run this country, have literally NO SAY in who runs the nation and how the nation is to be run, since the Something-For-Nothing Bunch outnumber us by an inconceivable margin.


Thursday (July 17, 2009), the IDIOT I refer to as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, announced with GREAT PRIDE, that after spending BILLIONS of Ontarians’ tax dollars in addition to the BILLIONS of tax dollars Canadians in general spent to buy GM (Government Motors) and Chrysler just to keep them solvent, he, the Ontario IDIOT IN CHIEF, now wants to give purchasers $10,000 ‘gifts’ to buy a Government Motors Chevy Volt.


Isn’t it enough that EVERY car Government Motors produces is paid for with our tax dollars? Do these IDIOTS really think that our tax dollars should also pay $10,000 to people to buy a specific car?

If you think I’m PISSED, think about Toyota that produces the most energy efficient car on the planet. Think about Ford working overtime to improve on their already great energy efficient cars. What about Honda, Nissan and others that manufacture and assemble quality vehicles in Ontario?

Imagine paying bloated car assembly worker salaries like Ford is forced to, to operate Ontario plants, just to know that the competition is the combined federal and Ontario governments they support through their own enormous payroll taxes?

If I was Ford or any of the others who operate on their own money in this sick environment, I would seriously consider mothballing my Ontario plants and move to a part of the world where their competition isn’t the government.

Look at your newspaper. Have you ever seen so many full-page auto ads for GM? Why not, since it is we the taxpayers who are paying for them? How’s that fair to the competition?

If I was them, I’d move where there are fewer bureaucratic roadblocks, much lower taxes, and a workforce that is willing to work for a fair and reasonable income based upon productivity.

But this isn’t just about the automotive industry in Ontario. IT’S ABOUT EVERYTHING. It’s about obscene public sector pensions and a sickeningly bloated bureaucracy. It’s about entitlements supported by runaway taxes, and a system that rewards mediocrity.

I left Quebec in the year 2000 to move to Ontario where one could still work and make a reasonable after-taxes living, where the bureaucracy was a pain in the ass, but still manageable, where no one gave a thought about Freedoms guaranteed through Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

After all, the restriction of rights, the imposition if high taxes, and an active policy of socialism was a Quebec problem, but, here came McGuinty to level the playing field with Quebec, making Ontario that much poorer for it.

Like the USA, this country needs a social revolution NOW, or all will be lost. I am not kidding. I am not exaggerating. And I am not being an alarmist.

I am telling it to you like it is. Our governments will bury us if we don’t bury them first. Let’s all get onboard and support a REAL Conservative express.

Let’s put-up our voices, bodies and money to fight every LEFTIST who is stealing our country in order to make it a failed socialist state that in the long run will not survive.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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