Hero Worship – America’s Inconvenient Truths

What was in it for those Whites to put themselves in harm’s way for people they didn’t know?


The way Jackson died and was sent off says far more about the American Black Community than it does and did about Michael Jackson. And why isn’t he in the ground yet like a normal dead person would be?

If just a fraction of what was said at Jackson’s show-biz eulogy were true, he would eclipse the late and very great Martin Luther King, as the likes of the MOST IRREVERENT Al Sharpton elevated Jackson to the stature of Jesus Christ – the REAL Black Messiah.

I bet that really pisses-off Lord Obama.

The very sad reality to all of this is that the explosion of tripe about Jackson’s racial and social importance and influence just goes to show how deluded a people can be.

The greatest tragedy of all is how the Black Community has simply thrown out enormous sacrifices made by Whites on their behalf. Jackson’s funeral was nothing more, and nothing less than an orgy of self-community delusion.

They’ve forgotten about the White folks who marched with them in the 50’s and 60’s who were beaten, jailed and murdered for standing arm in arm with Black people they didn’t know, and would probably never know, all for the purpose of ending racial discrimination.

What was in it for those Whites to put themselves in harm’s way for people they didn’t know? Obviously not much.

The Black Community seems to take it for granted that they should be admitted to universities and get jobs that better qualified Whites should enjoy, just because of the color of their skin.

And they should have separate awards for themselves based on their BLACKNESS.


The people, who dismissed the White Community as if we are the enemy to all Black people since Jackson’s death, including Jamie Foxx, have done their own people a great disservice.

They have further separated themselves from mainstream American life. They have alienated even more non-Black Americans to the point where many White folk will simply not give a damn what the Blacks have to say, what they want, or what they need.

This feeling of alienation will be the Jackson Legacy to the REAL world. Not the world that thinks a Freak-Show like Whacko-Jacko is God-like because he could walk backwards while moving forward.

It was all just an ILLUSION, since Whacko-Jacko and the Black Community seem not to have ever really moved forward.


Vladimir Putin is the axiomatic leader of Russia. He is what the Russian people love in their leaders. He is TOUGH, SMART, RUTHLESS and an unabashed Russian NATIONALIST.

You’ll NEVER hear Putin EVER apologize for Russia. NEVER!

Putin was, and will always be KGB. Putin is the REAL DEAL. He is a Master of the Martial Arts and an accomplished Geopolitical Thinker. And even though he is “just” the Prime Minister of Russia, he CONTROLS all the power.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to Obama’s mind, Obama’s Presidential equivalent, when in reality, Medvedev is there to serve at the behest of his Prime Minister Putin.

It seems that everyone in the world knows this with the exception of Barack Hussein Obama, who all of his supporters think is the greatest Presidential Genius EVER.

Someone should insert a memo on the real Russian power structure into Obama’s teleprompter.

So how did President Genius Obama feel when Putin sat him down for an hour to hear a lecture on the history of the Cold War? Not too good I’m thinking.

Unlike Western Europe and the Arab countries where Obama was received like a God, in Russia, there was no fanfare. Not even live coverage of his so-called summit where Putin treated the American President like a Little Boy playing well out of his league, which I most regrettably believe to be true.

As for substance and what was achieved in these bilateral talks. Russia did very well indeed. The USA got BUBKES.

I guess not everyone is so mesmerized by the empty vessel called Barack Hussein Obama. Words. Words. And More Words.

Now let me see:

The British leadership has had it with Obama. Sarkozy thinks he’s a Schmuck for “dissing” him on Sarkozy’s invitation to double date in Gay Paris. And Angela Merkel of Germany just wants Obama to stop spending the world into oblivion.

The Chinese are creating a new world currency because Obama’s policies are rendering the Yankee Greenback on the fast track to worthlessness.

Between Whacko-Jacko and his sycophants, and America’s Lord Obama, it’s hard to tell where the delusion starts, and where the delusion ends.

My next editorial, unless something special happens that will change it, will be a personal experience Anne and I had at Canada Customs (Prescott, Ontario) coming back from the USA (July 7, 2009), that has convinced us that our customs people should not be allowed to carry guns.


Best regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We think alike Howard. I have presented the same recommendations, as per item 1, to our mutual M.P. only to be rebuked. He maintains our fear of Islam and Muslims is a “myth”. No hope for Canada while our politicians are prepared to sell their soul to the devil to buy votes. God help us if the Liberals get the majority and pretty face becomes the P.M. P.M.Harper is a stand alone, courageous figure, unabashadly supporting Israel but lacks the will to implement
    the recommendations.
    Ken – Ont

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