Palin – A Very Public Mugging

Sarah Palin sets the bar so high for most women, that many women resent her for it.

When Sarah Palin EXPLODED on the scene, she was the very best thing that happened to a miserably run Presidential campaign led by a lackluster John McCain.


Anne and I have several beautiful, ambitious, caring and capable women-friends who are in their early 40’s, who hate Sarah Palin with a passion. So much so, that even the mention of her name is enough to set them off.


It amazes me that these women who are relatively Conservative in their own lifestyles and political bent could have such a visceral disdain for Sarah Palin, when in fact, Palin embodies much of how they live and want to live.

When I question them about their hate-on for Palin, not one of them had a real reason. THEY JUST DIDN’T LIKE HER.

To me, not liking her is not a reason. Why didn’t they like her? What didn’t they like about her politics? Were there any scandals or misuse of funds and power they knew about? Was she a bad Governor?

What was it about Sarah Palin that turned off these exceptional women-friends of ours? None of them could say.

I think I know the answer:

Sarah Palin is GORGEOUS: She is pretty enough to be a beauty queen. But she doesn’t have the beauty queen air about her.

Palin is AGGRESSIVE: She is so aggressive that her basketball nickname was ‘Sarah Barracuda’.

Palin is NO-NONSENSE: She says it like it is, and does what she says. She doesn’t suffer fools easily, and gets the job done.

Palin does MAN-STUFF: Sarah Palin goes out into the Alaska wilderness and hunts. She rides a ‘snow-machine’. And she fishes for the big catches.

And beside her stunning good looks, there isn’t an ounce of ‘girly-girl’ to be found in Sarah Palin.

Palin’s GORGEOUS FAMILY: Besides being a hockey-mom, Mayor and State Governor, Sarah Palin raised what appears to be a beautiful family. And in spite of her daughter’s pregnancy with the inherent media blowback, Sarah Palin did what any GREAT MOM would do; she gave her daughter 100% support.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our women-friends hate Sarah Palin ONLY because of jealousy. Sarah Palin sets the bar so high for most women, that many women resent her for it. SHE’S NOT ONE OF THEM.

Then there are the republican INSIDERS who hate Sarah Palin to the point that their hatred is near toxic. WHY?

This one is easier for me to answer. The Republican Party stopped standing for real Conservative values after Ronald Reagan left the stage. Today’s Republicans are all about FOLLOWING the polls rather than leading the way.

Most of today’s Republicans are political cowards and opportunists. Just like Canada’s members of the so-called Conservative Party.

Sarah Palin LEADS.

She is a real-deal Conservative who is quick to state her beliefs and stand by them. She is a far GREATER challenge to the Republican INSIDERS than the Democrats they compete with for the public trough.

I fully understand and appreciate why so many Republican Insiders hate and fear Sarah Palin. If I was one of them I would too.

Then there’s the LEFTIST media, which relishes in Character Assassination of strong willed and principled Conservatives. ESPECIALLY CONSERVATIVE WOMEN!

Is there a better target for them in all of America than Sarah Palin, since there are no other strong-willed and principled Conservatives of stature willing to come forward?

The media has treated Palin HORRIBLY – WORSE than they treat rapists and child abusers. In addition, she wasn’t just abandoned by John McCain and the Republican Insiders after the election, they sniped at her in anonymity like the cowards they are.

And even after going back to Alaska, they couldn’t leave her and her family alone. So Sarah Palin has decided to fight-back.

Her resignation isn’t about quitting. Nor is it a retreat. SHE’S PISSED, and she’s about to do something about it.

She’s had enough of the weasels taking every type of cheap shot they could. If they want a fight, Sarah Palin’s decision to leave her elected office to stand in the open square unencumbered by political obligations to take-on all comers is the fight that’s coming their way.


I don’t share all of Sarah Palin’s fundamentalist views such as her policy on abortion. I am not a hunter. And I don’t think God should ever be brought into public life.

But, with all that said; unless something scurrilous about Palin really comes out; if I was an American, I would support Sarah Palin’s run for the White House in every way I could.

The USA needs her unfettered American CAN-DO attitude. And so does the world.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Anybody that thinks you can negotiate with Muslins, has to have a screw lose!!! We need to do what’s necessary to protect our country and our allies. It’s going to be ugly, but far less ugly now, than later. Wake up Washington with your vote next month!!!
    Winston Gordon, Austin, Texas

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