Whacko-Jacko – The Sickness Spin-Off

“HE’S OURS” - Proclaimed Academy Award Winning Actor Jamie Foxx.

Now that Michael Jackson is dead, the revision of his life is well underway. But, before I write another word, it must be said that Michael Jackson was amongst the greatest of performers in our living history.

I place a very special emphasis on the word WAS.

What must also be said is that Michael was a poster-boy for abused children including abuse that ended ONLY with his death. I don’t believe Jackson ever really grew up.

The death of Jackson has wiped mundane news right off the front pages of just about every newspaper, as well as what should be lead items on radio and television news, diminishing serious news outlets to tabloid status.

Iran is no longer that important. Neither is what North Korea is all about. We’re not even paying attention to the coup in Honduras, because if we were, we’d be outraged that Obama is siding with the tyrants.

It seems that everything that should be important on a global scale has become so unimportant next to the shadow of Jackson’s death, that they no longer merit attention.

Perhaps the biggest loser is Barack Obama, who all of a sudden has to share the spotlight of media face-time with a dead man.

The other biggest loser is the Black Community, which is once again showing their “true color”, in as much as the disdain they have for the White American Community.

“HE’S OURS” – Proclaimed Academy Award Winning Actor Jamie Foxx.

The MOST IRREVERENT Ministers – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are fighting over the bones of Jackson like two Junkyard Dogs to see who’s going to be the man in the klieg lights to eulogize the now deceased self-made freak.

Let me sum-up Jackson’s life:

He was once-upon-a-time a tremendous entertainer. If he wasn’t a pedophile, he did a great impersonation of one. He was a recluse who had to be surrounded by hangers-on. And he was a person without any sense of obligation or responsibility.

In many ways, his life was a tragedy and a dream. Unfortunately for him, the tragedy was greater than the dream.

The Jackson family might not have the lock on being FREAKS, but they are certainly in the running.

Who but Whacko-Jacko would mutilate his face to be less Black and more White?

In his later years, Whacko-Jacko couldn’t perform on stage without grabbing and hanging onto his crotch. Like that was normal.

His sister Janet, followed his lead by grabbing onto her boob during performances, culminating in her Super Bowl “Wardrobe Malfunction”.

During their earliest touring days, when the Jacksons were just getting going, Daddy Jackson and some of the older brothers would screw bimbos in the room where Michael slept. How’s that for class?

Or how about the physical abuse Michael Jackson endured by the hand of his very sick daddy?

Now it turns out that Jackson’s three children aren’t even biologically his own. Two of them might not even be the biological children of their birth mother. A DNA test will tell. And no one seems to know where the third Michael Jackson child comes from.

During last week’s BLACK ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS, Jackson was eulogized to Sainthood. I wonder who would be eulogized at the WHITE ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS?

By the way, just to give this Whacko-Jacko extravaganza a rest for a few paragraphs, but not really getting off track; the Supreme Court of America ruled on a case where 20 NON-BLACK Firefighters in New Haven Connecticut were denied their promotions after passing a tough exam.

The reason they were denied their promotion was because NONE of the Black Firefighters passed. So, according to New Haven Connecticut, being the best is irrelevant. Working as hard as you can to measure up is irrelevant. BUT BEING BLACK IS ESSENTIAL!

The Supreme Court decision was 5 FOR the Firefighters – 4 AGAINST.

What I want to know, is why any of the Supreme Court Justices would vote AGAINST 20 men who did everything they had to do to pass a course and a test that was the same for everyone who took it, ONLY because Black guys failed?

I would like to know which of these four dissenting Justices would want to have a Dummy Black surgeon do brain surgery on him or her in lieu of a brilliant White surgeon, just to be politically correct and racially “balanced”?

This is not to say that there are no Brilliant Black surgeons, since I’m positive there are. And if I needed the best of the best to operate on me, just show me the brilliance of the doctor and forget about the color.

This simple ‘little’ fact seems to be lost on the four IDIOTS who voted against the 20 Non-Black Firefighters, two of whom were Hispanics.

It all fits into the Wacko-Jacko theme, since being Black to the liberal LEFT means you don’t have to be as good as anyone else, you don’t have to behave in a civilized manner, and racism is just for the other guys.

In death, Jackson might finally find peace. The fawning Blacks will have a Messiah that fits their value system. And there are no White Entertainment Awards because that would be racist.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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