A World Without A Leader

After more than 100 years of world leadership, the world is for the first time without a leader.

While the world is focusing on Iran, North Korea, the Palestinian/Israel conflict and Michael Jackson, no one seems to be noticing the obvious.

It’s like that old saying about not seeing the 800-pound Gorilla in the room.

After more than 100 years of world leadership, the world is for the first time without a leader.

It was always assumed during the past century and accepted as fact by the world body, that the President of the United States of America is not only the Commander In Chief of the USA, but also the de facto LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.


In just 6 months, Barack Obama has abandoned America’s world leadership in speech and deed. He went on his global APOLOGY TOURS to diminish America by giving undeserved approbation for bad behavior to Europe, Asia, the Arab Middle East and Islam.

He made it clear that the USA will become just another country in the fraternity of nations. The most telling example being what he said about the crisis in Iran at the outset:


I will use one of Obama’s favorite lines: “LET ME BE CLEAR” – Obama has NEVER been a leader. Nor will he EVER be a leader.

A great many of Obama’s supporters, especially in the propaganda LEFTIST media shrugged-off the fact that Obama chose to vote PRESENT in the Illinois State Legislature on just about EVERY contentious Bill that he would otherwise have to take a black or white position on.

This might have been acceptable in Illinois politics, but PRESENT isn’t a position nor is it an option that is available to a US President.

The Iranian pro Freedom Uprising is Obama’s FIRST REAL CHALLENGE.

He could have stepped up to the plate in defense of hundreds of thousands of unarmed people who took to the streets in their demand for Freedom.

He could have simply stated that he was with all of those who were prepared to sacrifice for the principles of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.


What Obama said was so mealy-mouthed that it isn’t worth repeating.

Where President Ronald Reagan stood tall with the Poles who rallied under Lech Walesa, Obama spoke his usual bombastic platitudes.

Where President Reagan challenged Gorbachev to “TEAR DOWN THAT WALL”, Obama made no challenge whatsoever.

It was the British, the French and the Germans who challenged the Mullahs for their horrid response to demonstrations for FREEDOM. It was ONLY after Obama (probably is handlers) figured it out that the American people were upset by his silence on this outrage that he finally sort of ponied-up.

It’s interesting how Obama kisses the backsides of world tyrants, but LAYS DOWN THE LAW TO ISRAEL, America’s single greatest and most reliable ally in the world. Not to mention the only real Democracy in the Middle East.


Worse – What does that say about the people who voted for and continue to support he who will go down in history as the worst President the United States of America has ever known?

And perhaps the very worst of all – We now live in a world where there is a leadership vacuum, when a World Leader is needed the most.

The last two times the USA abrogated its obligation to lead the world (1914 and 1939), only to watch other people make global decisions, the results were two world wars the USA had to finally step into to end.

Does that say it all?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are a very wise man and very well read re world history. I wish you or Bibi Natanyahu were running our country instead of the wussy fellow we are stuck with, hopefully not until 2016.

    Wade Geary, Atlanta Ga.

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