Quebec’s Great Talent For Propaganda

“It is not that Quebec is trying to get out of Canada. It is that they are taking Canada out of Quebec.”

There has recently been a great deal of “positive” spin published in the Montreal Gazette about “prominent” French Quebecers who think it is time to promote Canada within Quebec.


I was born (1950) and raised in Montreal. I watched the progression of French Power in the city and province of my birth, and the birth of my parents.

Many of the people I hung-out with during my later teen years were French University of Montreal students. So I know who and what I am talking about.


So, when a prominent member of the French journalistic class, such as Andre Pratte of Montreal’s La Presse Newspaper starts speaking about some kind of Quebec resurgence in support for Canada, he is as full of crap as it gets.

Did anyone hear or see him stand against the NATIONALIZATION by Canada’s Parliament of the French Quebecois people?

Where was his voice against Bill 101, the ethnocentric Quebecois language law that makes the unrestricted use of the English language in HIS NATION of Quebec ILLEGAL?

Or the laws within Bill 101 that have gutted the Quebec English school system, or the loss of English Montreal doctors who over the century staffed some of the greatest hospitals in the world, or the English speaking business community that has all but been rendered invisible?

Andre Pratte and people like him have no real love for Canada. FIRST AND FOREMOST they are Quebecers. NOT CANADIANS. THEY ARE QUEBECOIS.

Quebecois nationalists like Pratte have used and abused the country of Canada for their own parochial exclusionary benefits during my entire adult life, while sucking Canada dry.

They’ve taken the CHARTER OF RIGHTS & FREEDOMS, and have twisted it into a pretzel to serve their own xenophobic vision of themselves.

I am not a unique EX-QUEBECER. I’ve lost a ton of money and much of my past transitioning from a part of Canada, where I, amongst close to a half million others who were made to feel second-class and unwelcome, left to a Canada outside of Quebec.

There are still about a half million disenfranchised ANGLOS who are either too elderly to leave, too poor to leave, or too invested in Quebec to leave with their shirts on their backs.

I watched the history of the English speaking community wiped clean in Montreal, where our Anglo and Ethnic prominence built one of the great cities of the world, one which the likes of Andre Pratte has all but killed.


Pratte is no dummy. He sees the writing on the wall. And what he sees is Quebec’s cash-cow (Canada) running dry and getting fed-up.

He too reads English language newspapers that write extensively about a recession that might permanently leave Ontario as a have-not province.

He hears and reads about the economic fall from the pinnacle of Alberta. And he knows that British Columbia is so far removed from the East Coast, that Quebec is little more to them than a cute French Speaking Colloquialism.

All of a sudden, the Separatist Parti Quebecois is speaking not of Separation, but more of staying within Canada demanding MORE POWERS.

All of this is because Quebec’s French Intelligentsia knows better than most, that without Canada, their “NATION” would be nothing more than just another French Speaking Backwater.

English Canada is starting to wake up and they don’t like what many are seeing or realizing for the first time.

They’re pissed-off that their OWN Senior Public Sector Jobs are off limits to them because they can’t pass French language proficiency exams, even though English speakers comprise MORE THAN 97% of Canada’s population, excluding the Separatist NATION of Quebec.

They’re pissed-off because English-speaking Canadians are taking a financial beating during this recession, while OUR TAX DOLLARS are still being shipped to Quebec to buy votes for Liberals and Conservatives.

They’re also pissed-off, because to work at Vancouver’s Olympics, a huge and disproportionate number of public employees have to be French-speaking, where less than 1% of the British Columbian population can be considered, even in a stretch to be French.

It’s just like elsewhere in Canada, where French Quebecers who can speak just a smattering of English are being transferred all over the country to fill jobs that are DENIED to Canada’s majority (97%) English population, because the Anglos can’t communicate in a language less than 3% of Canadians use.

More than a THOUSAND Quebecers cross into Ottawa everyday to work for the City of Ottawa because of French Language Imperative, which means, if you can’t pass the French proficiency test, you can’t work for your OWN city government. How’s that for the proverbial kick in the nuts?

Or what about the THOUSANDS of Quebecers who cross into Ontario and New Brunswick EVERYDAY to work in the construction industry, when NO ONE who is non Quebecois can work in the Quebec construction industry?

The people of Canada will not tolerate this CRAPOLA forever, and French Quebecers like Andre Pratte know it. They also know that when the pressure valve that has been suppressing the explosion finally gives, Quebec will NOT be a province the rest of Canada will be fighting to keep within Confederation.


If Pratte and company are scared – Good on them. I really hope they have reason to be.

Keith Henderson, who was the last leader of the Quebec Equality Party once said: “It is not that Quebec is trying to get out of Canada. It is that they are taking Canada out of Quebec.”

There is a great letter written by Kim McConnell, leader of the Ottawa based CLF (Canadians For Language Fairness), published in my letters Section titled: “Quebec – Canada Has Had Enough” (June 21, 2009). You should read it to learn what everyday folk outside Quebec are thinking.


There are hundreds of thousands of young Iranians who have taken to the streets so their voices will be heard. They are risking life and limb to fight for their RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in a country where there are no good guys in leadership.

They are begging the USA (Obama) to recognize their fight, and offer even a shred of verbal support, which Obama won’t. But they are nonetheless still willing to bleed and die on the streets FOR FREEDOM.


Here in Canada, we are losing our Freedom of Expression EVERYDAY.

Between Canada’s sham Human Rights Commissions, the CRTC, voter financing rules, and French Power, our Freedoms are being eviscerated, yet, 99% of the Canadian population won’t even bother to comment on any of what I just wrote, let alone make even the smallest effort to get involved.

I know exactly what the BRAVE actions of those young Iranians who have taken to the streets says about them. But, I also know what it says about Canadians whose silence is deafening, as their RIGHTS are slowly but surely being taken away from them without uttering so much as a whimper.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. As one of your biggest fans, once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve lived in the USA all my life and it’s so sad to see a sitting president run down our home of the brave and land of the free. In all my 67 years I’ve never seen this kind of unrest, lack of direction, lack of doing what’s best for America from the oval office on down the line even to our congressmen and women who let Mr. Obama get away with all this chaos. Becky Snow, Northport, Alabama

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