Three And A Half MORE Years

How could one be “clear-thinking” and vote for a guy with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE at doing anything but getting elected?

Obama hasn’t been in office for 6 months, and he has done everything opposite to what so many “clear-thinking” people who voted for him were expecting.

But, writing “clear-thinking” people in the same vein with those who voted for Obama is an OXYMORON, if ever there was one.

How could one be “clear-thinking” and vote for a guy with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE at doing anything but getting elected, and still expect that the person you voted for would be able to handle a myriad of real-life issues?

How could such a huge majority of Jewish Americans vote for a guy who attended a viciously anti-Semitic Black Liberationist Church for 20 years, whose race-baiting Preacher (Jeremiah Wright) never missed an opportunity to tee-off on ISRAEL and Jews?

Obama promised during his campaign that he would still the waters and calm the winds. He would make the world once again LOVE the USA. He would close GITMO. He would pull all of America’s troops out of Iraq. He would speak with the leadership of Iran without preconditions.

He supported the good “winnable” war in Afghanistan, and promised to get the rest of the world to pony-up with more support and combat troops.


But mostly, he would fix the US economy and create FOUR MILLION JOBS. And he would reduce taxes for 95% of the population.

Now that the Messiah In Chief is the President of the USA, what has he so far accomplished?

1 – The waters and winds are far less still and calm since he took office, then they were when President George W Bush and his Cabinet governed from the White House, since under Obama no one in the global community knows what to expect.

2 – One has to credit Obama’s extraordinary mental simplicity to LEFTIST ignorance about the love affair he was going to restore between the rest of the world and the USA, since THERE NEVER WAS SUCH A LOVE AFFAIR.

The world hated the USA even after America saved its bacon in World War One, World War Two, the Korean War, the Communist Wars (Vietnam) in Southeast Asia, and the Cold War against the Soviets.

Because of massive international jealousy against the USA, the world has ALWAYS hated America. If Obama wants the world to stop hating America, all he has to do is continue along his path of reducing this once GREAT NATION to the same incompetent level the rest of the world is satisfied with.

3 – Obama promised to close GITMO by January 2010. I guess he should have first thought about where he was gong to be sending the TERRORIST prisoners, since no “real” country wants them on their soil INCLUDING the USA.

4 – About pulling all of America’s troops out of Iraq: I don’t think so, unless he really meant he would be pulling them all out of Iraq by some time in the not too distant future, like 2020.

5 – It’s fascinating to see just how unstable Iran is while people riot in the streets over what many are calling a sham election result that brought the Iranian Madman Ahmadinejad back to power.

With whom in Iran is Obama going to be speaking without preconditions? Even if Ahmadinejad is toppled, so what? The real power lies with the Ayatollahs. Perhaps someone forgot to put that message on one of Lord Obama’s teleprompters.

6 – Now that he has made his European Apology Tour, how many more fighting troops has Europe and NATO committed to Afghanistan?

NONE? – That sounds about right.

7 – Just with the tone of his MAGIC VOICE, the Savior Obama was going to solve the Israel/Palestinian conflict because YES HE CAN. In reality, he’s done-in the phony “Peace Process” perhaps forever, by putting Netanyahu’s back up against the wall.

In response to Obama’s COMMAND for Netanyahu to accept a Two State Solution, a shared “International” Jerusalem, and cease ALL Settlement construction, Netanyahu came out with his own clear Palestinian Policy Statement.

Israel will accept a Two State Solution as long as:

A – The Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish Nation.

B – Palestine will be completely demilitarized.

C – Palestine will surrender all rights to the sovereignty of their airspace.

D – Palestine will cease all violence and the promotion of violence.

E – Existing Settlement expansion, especially around the perimeter of Jerusalem will continue.

F – Jerusalem will NEVER be divided and will ALWAYS be Israel’s Capitol.

Just like everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, his Israel/Palestinian policies were incomplete and platitudinous, but enough of a threat to force the hand of Israel.

And now that Netanyahu has answered Obama’s fuzzy demands with a clear policy of his own, what’s Obama going to do next? Cut Israel off? Arm the Palestinians? How’s Obama going to get himself and the USA out of the box he built for himself and his country?

8 – As for the US economy – It’s a mess and getting worse.

Obama quadrupled America’s long-term debt to the point that it will surpass TEN TRILLION DOLLARS. He has nationalized two/thirds of the US car industry becoming Ford’s single largest domestic competitor.

He has screwed-up America’s independent business, banking and financial system, not to mention the sanctity of commercial contracts and obligations.

He has created a situation where the rest of the world (China) is no longer willing to buy US financial instruments, and is considering changing the monetary standard from US Greenbacks to something else.

As for energy – Because of his STUPID-ASS GREEN policy, America will become even MORE energy dependent upon people who hate the USA.

Obama’s social promises cannot be met without raising funds, increasing taxes, or by PRINTING vast amounts of additional money, all of which will create an avalanche of inflation doing unthinkable damage to the poor and working middleclass who voted for him.

As for creating FOUR MILLION JOBS – America will be lucky if his policies don’t lose them 4 million more jobs.

And I cannot forget to include that this great conciliator has already pissed-off the leaders of France and England – ALL OF THIS IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS.

Imagine what he will do in the next three and a half years? I hope that the “clear-thinking” people who voted for him are real proud of themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I cannot say a word, I’m speechless simply because you said it all, and “SPOT ON”! We all take a back seat to your intellect and insight, and I couldn’t be more grateful that we have you to share that intellect with us, as you do show us the way always. Thank you friend for a articulate and meaningful editorial!

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