Obamanomics 101

Obamanomics comes down to making policies because they feel good. Enforce the policies because he can. And then lie about their results because they're abject failures.

Here’s how Obamanomics works:

You create the impression that things are so bad, that if they are not fixed in the most radical way imaginable, they will BANKRUPT the nation causing the greatest misery since the Great Depression of 1929.

You make HUGE oratorical claims that you are able to fix everything, as if everything is easily fixable by words alone.

You blame the entire mess on the last guy, absolving yourself, your Party and specific leaders within your own Party as if they had no influence whatsoever on anything that caused the problems in the first place, even if they enjoyed majority status in both Houses.

Then you pick your scapegoats such as the heads of Banks, Investment Firms, the Auto Industry and Big Businesses – to drag before Congressional hearings for public humiliation.

People just love to see the high and mighty sweat, squirm and grovel, not to say that many of those who were put on the Congressional Rack didn’t deserve the public floggings they got, which makes it even that much better for Obama.

Now you start BAILING-OUT Banks whether they want the money or not. You fire Bank executives who you don’t favor and replace them with executives you do favor. You let some Banks fail while others are saved.

There’s no rhyme or reason to the methods. And there’s no one with real authority to challenge the motives. And when the Banks figure out what the real cost is of taking Federal money, and want to give it back, they’re told they can’t. Now all of a sudden some of them can.

Then you present a Stimulus Bill worth slightly less than one TRILLION dollars that MUST be passed by Congress IMMEDIATELY, without any Members of Congress reading it, or America will absolutely, positively collapse without question.

And after you get all the money, you sit on it for as long as you want, while figuring out how to spend it, all the while paying big interest on the money that is so far doing nothing for America other than demolishing America’s credit worthiness abroad.

Then there’s the budget, yet another fortune that’s rushed through Congress, again without being read.

But this is ONLY the BEGINNING of Obamanomics.

Two/thirds of the American Car Industry is about to fail, so why not BAIL them out too?

General Motors is now bankrupt Government Motors owned 60% by the Federal Government, while Chrysler languishes in bankruptcy limbo waiting on the Supreme Court to decide whether a contract is really a contract.

By the time Obama figures out that he’s bought a pig-in-the-poke, he will have indebted the American taxpayer to well over $100 BILLION on GM and Chrysler, and THEY’LL STILL FAIL!

What about Ford?

If Ford is viable, and still producing and selling cars, SUV’s and trucks without government money and government intervention, doesn’t that shout that there still is an American Auto Industry that can stand on its own?

And what about all the “foreign” carmakers producing their brands in the USA? Aren’t they a part of the American Auto industry too? And if Obama says no, he better discount Chrysler if the Fiat deal goes through, because the last I saw, Fiat’s headquarters is nowhere near the Continental USA.

All of this is just the tip of the Obamanomics Iceberg; since Obama is well on his way to committing the USA to a debt that if not stopped will EXCEED TEN TRILLION DOLLARS.

To service his debt – NOT Bush’s debt. Not the Republican’s debt. BUT OBAMA’S DEBT could very conceivably cost the American taxpayers as much as 100% of their GDP just down the road.

Where is Obama expecting to get the money to cover HIS TEN TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT?

A better question: How stupid can the American people be who voted for this NARCISSIST, and still defend him after all that he’s done in ONLY a few months in office?

When Obama was elected President, I predicted that it wouldn’t take 6 months in office before the people would wakeup and discover who and what they voted for.

According to every recent poll, his popularity is still high, while support for ALL OF HIS POLICIES is falling like a rock.

Soon, when his policies are finally tied to him, his support will also fall to a level never seen before in American politics, even amongst many of the idiots who today still LOVE Obama.

Obamanomics comes down to making policies because they feel good. Enforce the policies because he can. And then lie about their results because they’re abject failures.

When things are REALLY bad and there are no private jobs to be had. And taxes are driving out investment. And you can’t afford to put food on the table or eat out. Or fill your gas tank. Or heat or air-condition your home. But public sector workers who do nothing and contribute nothing are living well, even in retirement; even dumb people will finally figure it out when they stop blaming BUSH and everyone else for Obamanomics.

By then, the Obamanomics hole will be so deep, that it will take a generation or more to dig America out of it. In the meantime, Obama will have inflicted more damage on the USA than all enemies America has faced from its first days since 1776.

And none of the preceding even begins to scratch the surface of the GLOBAL damage Obamanomics and Obama’s Foreign Policies will inflict before the end of his first 6 months in office.

Best Regards . . . Howard

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  1. As always Howard, you are right on the money. We must protect the Western Society and social values which have been developed over the Centuries.
    ……….Bruce Hayes.

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