What’s With Kenny?

Isn’t Kenny the type of mayor a town can be proud of?

The date has been set for “my” Court Case against the Russell Township’s sign law that abrogates all of our Freedom of Expression by FORCING everyone to display commercial signs in BOTH English and French, whether we want to or not.

To many of my critics, this is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot that I am making worse with a hardline position about something that is as “trivial” as using two languages on commercial signs. To them, what’s the big deal?

There are no shortages of people who are quick to call me a Francophobe and a racist because of my EXTREME position against FORCED bilingual signage.

Here’s the truth – I am not a Francophobe. Nor am I a racist, BUT I AM IN EVERY WAY A RIGHTS EXTREMIST AND HARDLINER.

When it comes to RIGHTS, I simply do not bend when one-group forces it’s will upon others, especially when there is no profound need.

It’s not about signs or language. IT’S ABOUT THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, which many of my detractors can’t seem to grasp.

They seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that those who trample on RIGHTS, first start by taking away little RIGHTS, until they progress to big RIGHTS, it soon becomes too late to stop them.

Ken Hill is the pissant mayor of Russell Township (Ontario Canada) who has used his public office to TAKE AWAY THE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF ALL OF HIS CONSTITUENTS.

If this is not something to be VERY concerned about, what is? If a jerk like Ken Hill can do this, what can a real serious political player do?

Our Ottawa lawyer (Ken Bickley) met with Russell’s legal representation (Friday May 29, 2009), but not with their primary lawyer Ron Caza, who seems to be too busy to show up himself, which makes me wonder how important this case really is to Russell’s very expensive lawyer.

This legal meeting was convened to deal with several issues:

One of them was the joining of Jean-Serge Brisson’s case to mine.

Jean-Serge Brisson is a French speaking Canadian who lives in the Township of Russell, who owns a radiator repair company who changed his message on his commercial sign to FRENCH ONLY.

Brisson is demanding that he has the RIGHT to advertise in the language of his CHOICE, and ONLY in the language of his CHOICE. Anything else in his mind is an overt denial of his Constitutional Freedom of Expression as is supposedly guaranteed in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


The second issue was to get Ken Hill to show up for Questioning on Discovery. The third was to set an actual court date for my case.

In terms of joining Brisson’s challenge to mine, it should be a no-brainer since they are in fact 100% identical.

But, that’s not the way Caza and company see it: As far as Russell is concerned, our two cases are light years apart, therefore, according to them, our two cases cannot and should not be joined.

Bizarre – No? I guess they would rather bill the Township to fight two cases rather than one.

As for Ken Hill on Questioning, he’s like the Amy Winehouse REHAB song: NO – NO – NO!

What’s the problem, since no one likes to hear his own voice and pearls of wisdom more than does mayor Ken Hill, the Russell Philosopher King? Wouldn’t you think Kenny would be the very first person who would want to defend this law of his that has so divided and indebted an entire community?

AFMO (Associaton Francophone des Municiplaites d’Ontario) is participating in this case as an intervener. And even the Mayor of La Petite Nation who is a big supporter of Kenny’s law can’t wait to add his own two cents in Discovery.

So what’s with Kenny?

My understanding is that Caza will do whatever it takes, which could be spending tens of thousands of incremental dollars to keep Kenny quiet if we push this issue with a subpoena.

What does that say about Ken Hill?

Here’s the bottom line: The court date has been set for a 4 to 5 day hearing starting March 22, 2010.

I’ll be there. Jean-Serge Brisson will be there. Our two lawyers (Bickley and Tyler) will be there. The mayor of La Petite Nation will most probably be there. AFMO will be there too.

I also assume Ron Caza will there if he’s not too busy with something else. But, will Kenny be there?

But even if Kenny does show up, it won’t be as a participant, because he doesn’t want to defend his own law. So why should he even bother?

Isn’t Kenny the type of mayor a town can be proud of?

If you’d like to support this case that protects everyone’s RIGHT to Freedom of Expression THROUGHOUT CANADA, with the exception of the nation of Quebec where the unrestricted use of the English language is AGAINST the law, please click on the HOW TO SUPPORT button at the Right Hand Top of this page to see how.

Everyone fighting to take away all of our RIGHTS are doing so with TAX DOLLARS (as usual), yours and mine, while we are doing our very best to wage a Rolls Royce battle to protect YOUR RIGHTS and mine with our very own after-tax dollars.

If these schmucks had to fight out of their own pockets like we do, we’d never have to go to court, because they’d NEVER ante-up to defend their own principles, because that’s how these Something-For-Nothingers are.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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