The Tipping Point

I don’t care who you are, at one point; just about EVERYONE is capable of reaching his or her TIPPING POINT.

A TIPPING POINT is best described by the old proverb: “THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK”.

When I was a high school student way back when in the early 1960’s, two guys I knew got into a hallway fight.

One of the combatants was Max, a very happy-go-lucky and EXTREMELY gentle person who by choice never stood out. Max was built like a medium sized Bull Dozer, and strong like one too.

Then there was Grant, the High School Football Quarterback who excelled at everything, who purposely stood out like a shiny new penny.

He was also one very tough guy who backed down from no one. NOT EVER!

Other than remembering that the fight was just outside the boys’ bathroom, I don’t recall exactly how it started, other than it was Max who really didn’t want to fight and tried several times to walk away with dignity.

Until that very moment, Max had NEVER been physically confronted by anyone, let alone involved in a fight of any kind.

Like most high school fights, before the blows started to fly, the belligerents did their tough-talk (mostly Grant) with fists at the ready, while they sized each other up, each waiting for the other guy to make the first move.

And like everyone else who was there, I figured poor Max was going to take a pounding. But, knowing that Grant was really a decent guy at heart, he’d stop beating-up on Max the moment Max would submit.

Then it happened. WHAM!

Max clocked Grant with such a tremendous right punch to the eye, that it ended the fight almost as soon as it began with blood gushing down Grants face from a huge gash over his eyebrow.

And because of his gentle nature, Max didn’t throw another punch on his bloodied and weakened foe. It was over. And everyone including me was stunned by the outcome.

What surprised me most was not that Max was able to hit Grant with such force, since we all knew how strong he was: IT WAS THAT MAX HIT HIM AT ALL.

The skirmish outside the boys’ bathroom started over nothing, and ended when Max reached his TIPPING POINT.

I’m telling you this story, because when Anne (my wife) mentioned to me the other day that in her opinion, our society is reaching a TIPPING POINT, my thoughts went all the way back to that high school fight.

I guess that one-punch-fight left an incredible impression on me.

The fact that such a gentle person as Max could be pushed to the point that he struck first, almost out of the clear blue, and with a ferocity no one had ever expected he was capable of, was in itself stunning.

How many times have we heard about that “quiet family guy” who keeps a nice house on the street where he lives, and is quick to offer a helping hand to his neighbors, who all of a sudden goes ballistic and murders his boss and coworkers?

I don’t care who you are, at one point; just about EVERYONE is capable of reaching his or her TIPPING POINT.

How much more do you think the working, law abiding and taxpaying class will take before we reach that TIPPING POINT?

How many more government intrusions that tell us how we should live our lives will we tolerate?

How much more sky-high taxes will we be willing to pay caused by IDIOT bureaucrats and politicians who spend OUR MONEY as if they won it in a lottery?

How many more bailouts and government takeovers of private businesses will we stand for?

How long will we accept a court system that is so far out of the reach of the common person because of obscene costs, yearlong delays, and ACTIVIST judges, that there is in fact no real justice?

How much longer will we in Canada tolerate a group of bureaucrats in the guise of Human Rights Commissions whose bloated salaries we pay, who tell us how much FREEDOM we should be entitled to have in order to express ourselves?

And how much longer will average Americans accept Supreme Court Appointments of someone like Sonia Sotomayor, who is a self admitted pro-feminist racist, anti-White in terms of equal opportunity, and a judicial activist who thinks her instincts can replace the Constitution?

When do you think the average small business owner will no longer be willing to pay exorbitant salaries AND PENSIONS to union and government workers that are greater than most of their own salaries, especially since MOST entrepreneurs will NEVER have a pension they could really live on?

How much longer do you think the silent taxpayers of our society will be willing to pay for every ENTITLEMENT the government can conceive?

How much more complaining and DEMANDS from the Something-For-Nothing Group will the real contributors of our society endure before we all SCREAM enough is enough?

How much longer will the average taxpayer be willing to listen to the “wisdom” of the Elitists, Academics, Entertainer types and all other non-creators of jobs and wealth before we all yell SHUT THE F*** UP?

How much longer will the majority be willing to twist itself into a pretzel to accommodate every minority?

In Canada, we’re turning ourselves inside-out while denying Constitutional RIGHTS and jobs to the English speaking majority, while trying to accommodate less than 3% of our French speaking population (excluding the nation of Quebec) just so politicians can get elected, and keep the Ethnocentric Separatist Nation of Quebec within Confederation.

In the USA, no Party or person could be elected if they don’t bend their knees to the Black and Hispanic communities who contribute the least to the American Dream, even if this acquiescence is harmful to the USA.

Sometimes, the TIPPING POINT is as sudden as it was with Max. But, most of the time it is more like the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. One straw at a time until that last straw becomes a burden too heavy to bear.

Or that nice neighbor who seems to have all of sudden snapped, when in fact, his or her explosion was probably years in the making.

Either way, when we finally reach that TIPPING POINT, the world as we know it will explode with a fury unlike anything any of us in this modern age have ever experienced.

Just like Max who stepped so far out of character to harm another human being when he was pushed too far, we too will step out of character and unleash our fury upon those who have pushed and are still pushing us too far.

History repeats itself – THAT’S A FACT.

The best example of a society that reached its TIPPING POINT to the great detriment of the elitists, was the French Revolution between 1789 and 1799 when monsieur Guillotine delivered quick and satisfying justice on behalf of the masses who had simply had enough.

And that’s not the only time the people have risen in violent defiance to those who pushed too far. The politicians, bureaucrats and all others will do well to pay attention to history.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Does anyone think our government will stand up against the moslems? When OBAMA wrote his book it states clearly that if he will have a choice, he will always come down on the side of the moslems. I think he is clearly demonstrating it now. He pretends to be hard on the ISIS group, but the bombings are few and far between. He will not let the military loose and take them out. As he said, he wants to be able to “contain them”. That to me means he wants them to continue their slaughter.

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